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    The solution of giving points for successful defense is the one i am leaning to. Or add more squads for defense instead of 25 per sector.

    Not a fan of adding more squads per sector. Eventhough i like it, it also means it's going to be more timeconsuming, especially for the high GP guilds.

    I agree. The two best options are to either award points for defending an attack or to use remaining gp to determine a winner.

    Remaining will give a leg up to the guild with more GP to start with. Least GP used would be better imo.

    Mhh... if gp calculation would be the ONLY thing implemented rewarding higher gp left would just advantage who starts with the highest, but rewarding the lowest used wouldn't solve the problem. A guild could still set fake defenses and then conquer all opponent's territories, triggering gp calculation and winning because of cheap defense.
    Unless you calculate gp used separately for attack and defense.
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  • There’s a thread - where you get banners for defensive holds. So instead of 10 and 20 banners. You could get 1 or 2 for successfully defending.
    I like this because I feel a defensive hold is a more prideful stat lol

    This would be a great tiebreaker!

    I tried to link the thread but it still has to be approved. Look in player/guild events- “territory wars”
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    I don't see most matches ending in a draw

    FYI, all 4 guilds in our alliance finished their matchups with a draw. I’m pretty sure that if you ask around, I’m willing to bet almost every guild from 120M GP and higher fought to a draw with both guilds clearing the map.

    It may also be the case for lower tier guilds because they also have lower tier opposition, but a ton of matchups will be fought to draws.

    If anything I think you're being quite conservative with those numbers, my own Guild is in the mid 90s and it was obvious from very early on a tie was inevitable. :) We have tied, with only 41 of our 50 members attacking and several of us have our strongest squads held in reserve.
  • Absolutely the best idea I have heard. Hope they listen to this
  • I prefer giving 1 point for a defensive win (seeing that Your team won on D is the most satisfying part for me).

    My next choice for tiebreaker would be highest GP assigned on defense. This would encourage teams to try and set the strongest defense possible. It seems like the biggest risk in these setting too strong a defense. If you set too weak a defense then you can probably clear anything that’s thrown at you on the other side.
  • Our guild balanced defense/offense while our opponents only had a strong front two sections. We cleared their board and their still working on our top half. Even if they clear our board, they have no chance of catching up.

    I feel it should be the +1 banner per successful attempt. I don't feel it should diminish cause in some cases that might mean not getting any banners. +1 will mix it up, guaranteeing far less ties.

    Also I would love it if we can view how well our defense squads did. Like stats. I'd wanna knew if a certain combo held off multiple waves.
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    Not sure what GP this issue will kick in but we were in the 40-45m band and no way were we going to fill defence slots and have enough left. It needed proper thinking about. Other guild had far lower defence (too low, luckily for us). They may clear us (different timezone - doesn't look like it though). Anyway, the way it worked for us is, I would think, the way it is intended to work. The implication of this is that the mechanics are basically ok but the caps are too low for higher level guilds though I would just be guessing where it becomes a problem. The downside of raising them though, as others have pointed out, is more time consumption.....
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    I think a PERFECT option would be to have each guild "deploy" their remaining toons into the opposition's territory upon a full clear. These are the leftover toons that haven't been used on offense or defense. Think of this in similar terms to what you do in TB after doing platoons and combat missions. This would be a barometer of your efficiency as a guild, but also shouldn't have the effect of making less powerful guild members gun-shy with experimenting with fights with their under-powered toons along the way (whereas the previous example citing number of toons used would have that very effect). This would still, in theory, give the advantage to the guild that has more GP to start, but could very well swing in the other direction if your guild is defeated frequently in battle. (Note: I was impressed with the matchmaking for TW and I feel as though MOST guilds were matched to a guild within 1 million of their GP). Also, we know that deployment is already a mechanic that the devs have used before, and I believe that would make it a more feasible option than some other equally appealing ideas (i.e. sudden death matches, extra territories popping up, etc).

    Would love to hear feedback on this! Have a great one, ladies and gents :smile:

    Our rival guild was 6M GP higher than us.
    That means we would never be able to beat them with your method.

    No it doesn't. If you set up defense squads that made them use more of their GP to take them out, you could win. And the system above makes more sense than my efficiency post earlier.

    They still could win, but they would be starting 6 mil in the hole. Plus they probably can’t set up as strong of a defense because they don’t have the stronger teams.

    Granted, a team with 6 million more in GP should win if played the same under any method, but the deployment method is a double whammy where the weaker guild is punished twice.
  • In the event of a tie, guilds will compete in an all-against-all staring contest
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    More simple approach that will add some depth into decision put defense squad is adding 1 banner point to defense squad that survive attack. (each time).
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  • +1... at least I still have my sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Yes, points for defense would be great. And any kind of counter showing how many battles it survived. Simple solution.
  • Adding banner points for defence would likely stop draws. For high GP guilds though it is still likely both sides would still eventually clear the other teams board. Be good if it was a challenge to achieve this as well.
  • +1
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    Another more statesmanlike solution: if a guild clears the map as second party the guild decides to stop the fight and just let the other guild win because there is no point in taking something away from them if there is nothing to win. Good old European style!

  • Another idea is awarding a bonus of like 2-3 zetas or omegas or a single whole gear piece for clearing map. And if both teams clear map they both get the bonus. Then there's a REAL incentive for guilds to stay engaged and go for broke... I get the 2nd place tie thing really I do... I agree with it really and this is my preferred idea, a bonus for clearing the map. Plus I can see peeps losing interest in TW faster than a debate on the dust mite collections of Ben Stein & Ben Carson... if theres no incentive to clear the map.

    As far as both teams getting 2nd place... picture this... a grassy field, a moonlight night, 2 samurai meet each other and know death is the only way they are leaving... both charge, a flash of steel, all goes red, each samurai is mortally wounded, but each has to much pride and honor to let the enemy see him die by the enemies hand... so they both commit seppuku simultaneously...

    Thus both get 2nd place... but get the map clearing bonus.
  • We tied but honestly I am okay with it. Like I would much rather tie than have it be decided randomly.
  • I am not alluding that it should be decided randomly, it could be fastest to capture the flag, fastest to clean up the whole map, ... any other criteria.
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    Yup we tied also. Like everybody else, I’m ok with a tie, but you have to award both guilds with winning prizes and not give each guild losing prize boxes, like your going to do..
    being in a 140m guild and facing a 140m guild and clearing out the entire other guilds massively geared and synergized teams; just to get a loss? Doesn’t make any sense. Give us wins on ties if we get max amount of points in a TW
  • Another option is which guild used more or less GP on defense. Or which one had more defensive wins.
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    Yup we tied also. Like everybody else, I’m ok with a tie, but you have to award both guilds with winning prizes and not give each guild losing prize boxes, like your going to do..
    being in a 140m guild and facing a 140m guild and clearing out the entire other guilds massively geared and synergized teams; just to get a loss? Doesn’t make any sense. Give us wins on ties if we get max amount of points in a TW


    BTW we also tied...
  • We should have 3 types of Rewards:
    1/ Winner
    2/ Tie
    3/ Looser.
  • 1 point for each defensive unit surviving attack
  • I like the idea of +1 for a defensive hold. I also agree that in the case of a tie, both teams should be awarded first place prizes. At a very minimum it should work out like most other games/sports where the first and second place prizes are added up, then divided by 2 and distributed that way.
  • 1 point for each defensive unit surviving attack

    Yes, surviving a wave of attack could grant points such that the most efficient team wins. That's an idea.
  • Yes, please award points for a hold! We have a squad that has now held through 7 attacks so far, that should be rewarded
  • We tied as well, we both deserve the 1st place prize and not the tie prize. Kind of lame.
  • Ties are never going to award 1st place to both teams because it creates an incentive for both teams to collude and just agree to post awful defenses.

    There does need to be some kind of tiebreaker mechanic though.
  • It will be interesting to see the reaction people have when they realize that the TW achievement for “first victory” will not be possible in the current format as most guilds will be tied always. Lol
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