Territory War Ties [Merged]


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    1. As a couple guys posted... and sorry leef ... but game theory suggests it's better to go full out offense and guarantee a tie then chance going full defense and only maybe getting a win but also opening yourself up for a loss.
    you've gotta point me in the right direction here, i'm not familiar with game theory. I'd love to see why game theory suggests it's better to go for the draw in this scenario (loss and tie having the same rewards).
    There's a chance that opening yourself up for a loss will result in other guilds gaining rewards at a faster rate than your own guild. So more rewards will destributed, but certain guilds will get relatively less rewards, making it better to always go for the draw. Is it something like that? Geniuly curious, but too lazy to reseach.
    Anyway, i stick to my stance. Going for the tie is doing yourself and others a disservice. I'll take faster individual progression over potentially less relative progression any day of the week in this game. In general i'm in favour of more "free" resources being poured into the game.
    An argument could be made that it's more fun to always tie than to potentially always lose, but i personally would rather take my chances and have fun and challenging TW's instead of knowing before hand that i'm going to tie. An argument could also be made that this argument outweights the more resources argument, wich i personally don't think it does.

    It has more to do with preventing the other guild from getting 1st place rewards. It sounds like people would rather force a tie to make sure that other players don't get higher rewards.
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