Moving targets

"Earn 45 stars in a single 'Hoth: Rebel Assault' Map"
"Earn 48 stars in a single 'Hoth: Imperial Retaliation' Map"

This is definitely the goal of my guild. We are highly organized and work hard at all aspects of the game. The guild has a bunch of dolphins, however, the whales are few and far between. My concern is that as new characters are added to the game, they are also added to platoons. This means that our ability to finish the entire map keeps moving further away. We improve, but the requirement to complete the map changes too.

This is unlike any other part of the game. The difficulty of the HAAT or the Rancor has not changed since release, and while that leads to other issues it at least represents an attainable goal for all guilds.


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    There is only one realistic way. Have enough spenders in guild.

    Or a theoretical F2P way: Order everyone to hoard crystals as much as possible. And everyone sticks to the order. As a new character is released, 1~3 person get assigned for maxing out the character. So your guild has at least 1~3 7* characters of any kind. And platoon missions luckily didn't require too much new/impossible characters. 45*/48*! :p Easier said than done!

    Or another F2P way is to max out every attainable characters so you can do most of platoon mission & develop key characters to the max & mod them well so you clear all combat/special missions even without the help of maxed platoons
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    I understand you point but the way you are stating this is not true. As you improve you are getting closer to more stars. TB is a pure numbers game, yes platoons help (a lot) In mission completion rate, the points that are lost can be made up by just straight up GP.

    I am not trying to comfort you or justify anything, just want to be clear that they did not move the goal posts, they are still at a fixed numerical position that can be reached. They did move the starting point back.
  • Similar to what Kyno said... the fact that CG keeps adding characters (which even F2P players will eventually get starred/geared/modded/etc.) means that your guild will eventually have enough raw GP that simply deploying everything will be enough to get awarded the maximum stars in each TB (without filling even one platoon, or doing one CM). That may be a long way off for most guilds, but that's the reality of the current reward structure of TB's.

    Keep grinding. Every upgrade is added GP in the quest for more stars.
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    It’s not really true that it’s unlike any other part of the game. Arena is also a moving target, as was old gw (and it continues to be for lower level players).
  • Hnnn, I suppose you are right. Enough GP and it can make up for the difficulties in completing levels when platoons aren't completely filled.

    @Liath arena is also certainly a moving target. My up and down history is certainly evidence of that.
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    Liath wrote: »
    It’s not really true that it’s unlike any other part of the game. Arena is also a moving target, as was old gw (and it continues to be for lower level players).

    TW too, we very rarely have things the same way each time. This is not in EA control, but they did set it up to be open like that.
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    We had a FO-Ex in our platoons, and I was a bit surprised at that. But it's the new norm really. Fortunately no other part of the game penalizes you for not having a specific unit, save for maybe Hero's Journeys now.
    But the one that really annoyed me was the need for 8 DTs and 6 Shores in yesterday's phase, when there is a combat that requires Veers/Snow, with Veers locked as leader. There were a bunch of Magmas and Storms as well but at least no one was sad to part with them.
    I'm happy that at least the first 3 stages of TBs are pretty much gimmick-free.
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  • I agree with the OP that the continuing restructuring of platoons to add in characters who are not yet attainable, without paying for them, is definitely hindering the progress of a lot of guilds to increase their star count in territory battles. However, I think this is necessary for the continuing success of the game. Yes it'd be nice for my guild and I to max out stars in territory battles but then these events become like the rancor and HAAT. They become the same short window of time to play and then just waiting for the rewards in your inbox.

    The real issue I have with platoons is that most characters never see use in platoons so it is hard for me to justify adding in the new First Order characters when I think I have seen maybe three Poggles in platoons but we need 20+ Deathtroopers.
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    We needed 8x FO Executioner in P5 and I didn't even count the toons you need to pay for in P6. Platoons simply became a new way to milk the players. KRU and his ship, new FO Tie/ Pilot and now FOE. With every new toon we will fall back further and further. Free toons we farmed only for the platoons (like Bodhi or other useless ones) become more and more unimportant again. Sooner or later weaker guilds won't will be able to fill any platoons at all in P5/P6. :D Pretty much a slap in the face for F2P players. Again.
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