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Do you have topics you wished were covered in the New Player section of the forums? Do you have suggestions for ways to improve the New Player section? Are there things you dislike about the New Player section? Please post your suggestions, Feedback, ideas, and constructive critisism here and help us improve this section for all players, both New and Old.
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  • I don’t understand the guild at all apparently. I hit my 600 everyday and now I am not getting guild tokens is there something I have done to Change a setting or something?
  • SouperStr wrote: »
    I don’t understand the guild at all apparently. I hit my 600 everyday and now I am not getting guild tokens is there something I have done to Change a setting or something?

    600 is for raid tickets. Guild tokens are for guild activities (changes each day and pays out at certain time )
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  • Suggestion for new player section: explanations of all the buffs/debuffs.
  • AnnerDoon wrote: »
    Suggestion for new player section: explanations of all the buffs/debuffs.
  • Sunnie1978
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    SouperStr wrote: »
    I don’t understand the guild at all apparently. I hit my 600 everyday and now I am not getting guild tokens is there something I have done to Change a setting or something?

    600 refers to raid tickets that you contribute to your guild for opening Rancor and Tank raids. Raid tickets are earned by using energy in light side, dark side, cantina or mod holo-tables.

    Guild tokens are earned based on daily guild activities. The daily guild activity changes at your guild reset, so starting at guild reset for the day: Sundays are Cantina Energy, Mondays are Light Side Energy, Tuesdays are Galactic War nodes, Wednesdays are Hard Nodes, Thursday are Challenges, Friday is Dark Side Energy and Saturdays are Arena battles. There are Different tiers for the daily guild activities, your guild must reach tier 1 to receive guild tokens, and you must have above a 0 for you to receive guild tokens
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    Not sure if there is one, but if you can post the minimum gp/gear lvl/ability lvl for 3 starring 3rd tier of mod challenges from first try. Preferably all of them xD
  • Sunnie1978
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    Hi @X3ina , the Gamechangers have videos on the mods challenges, with gear, toons, and tips to 3* all the challenges. This playlist from Warrior is one of the most recommended lists of videos on mods:
  • There are some characters I want in the game: Supreme Leader Snoke, Luke Skywalker (Ach-to), Porgs, Jabba the Hutt, Rotta the Hutt, Padme Organa, General Hux( First Order Dreadnaught (Hux's capital ship), General Leia Organa(Resistance), Chancellor Palpatine, and Chancellor Palpatine (Exposed) hope some get added in! :)B)
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    Hi @ItsMooseMilkFNA .The best place to list ideas of features and characters you would like to be added to the game is the feedback section of the forum. Here, devs monitor threads and suggestions related to their area of game design. The devs may not respond, but many characters and features that have been requested through the feedback section have been added to the game in the past.
  • Any clue when the Bounty Hunter Galactic Bounty might come back?! I'm waiting for tier IV to get the Zam Wessel Quest... thanks!
  • Sunnie1978
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    Nope, the return date has not been announced yet. The events that have been announced can be found here

    Please note that this list is usually not the full list and additional events get added to this list once the devs announce it.
  • I played this before but I can't get my old account back I had a four star kylo Ren can someone please help me?
  • KYLO_REN02 wrote: »
    I played this before but I can't get my old account back I had a four star kylo Ren can someone please help me?

    You are probably better off with a new account, quite frankly, depending on your player level. If you had unlocked the arenas then you are better off with a new account for sure.
  • Yo I’m a simple fella who has been playing for like a month.i have found this game is highly criticized and me being of clear faith I always like to give something the benefit of the doubt but I am slowly and painfully being seduced by the next shard... the next achievement... the next level...
    I might add that I am currently at 160 dollars or might even be at 200 now in packs and crystals... I bought the grandmasters pack and I realized I should have just **** it up and bought the hyperdrive bundle but for some odd reason i feel as if I’d feel the exact same if I had done that and probably stuck feeling like there should have been “a lil more” in it... and me I haven’t gotten any luck with shards through the store credits and the free card they give you ever so many minutes... anyhow I feel as if certain players that actually log in daily and attempt to play should be individually tailored a little better.. I have no scoundrels so I watch event after event ease by with no chance of playing without what??? You guessed it - buying a faction pack or some crap... I HAVE NEVER EVER BOUGHT ANYTHING EVER ON AN APP OR GAME EVER!!!! So I feel highly letdown in a way. And not to mention telling my wife it was worth every penny... so I know as an adult now it’s all about the $$$$$$ and how many people you can get to play or pay so hats off with the seductive allure of the game and characters but f you for not throwing a little more in to spice newbs up or is folk that actually EARN their money sweat and tears... I want to think a game one day will exhaust all others of their merit and actually carry the Star Wars logo with more integrity and pride... #SHOULDhaveLISTENEDtoTHEhatinASSreviews-MISTAKEiMADE,againHAPPENitWILLnot
  • *or us folk - correction
  • i would like to add a comment. Star Wars is badass!! We are definitely heading in that direction in the future.. so I say to my fellow man this. It is inevitable for the world to change as it is inevitable for it to stay the very same. Dark and light sides exist as does the force itself. The only reason that the force does not reside in us openly is simply to do with how much of a dark network or evil has already been created and is in perpetual motion as we speak. We were born in to it and as the day passes we contribute to it willingly and without much notice. Understand that the web of darkness is so spawned and outward that it even resides in our individual minds... the dark side shows it’s dominance by this being. In order for the light side ever to gain foothold and begin to balance this ever so unbalanced world, we must rid ourselves of these bonds - fury - rage - hatred - envy - jealousy - and regret. To their own yes but carry the same meaning and purpose they all do. We all breathe the same air. We all are subject to the laws of the universe and since the universe is the only thing left that man hasn’t “conquered”, then the universe we must obey. Each person must begin sacrificing themselves to these truths and slowly we will begin to understand the force and how much it resides in all of us. Luminous beings we are - vessels only are our bodies. -grandmaster yoda and padwon SighBowReign
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    I would like to see more in-game explanation on guilds. I apparently joined a player made guild without realizing that there are introductory guilds. I left because I couldn't keep up with them and was shocked to see the intro guilds. Things started to make sense to me after that.

    I don't know if it's just me or if this happens to other players. On mobile I can't paste my copied Ally codes from here. Thats a big nuisance for me. It's just a QOL thing. If not that's ok.
  • not really sure where to post this. i'm an old player, but new to the forms. noticed that Luke dose not get the love he deserves. so I thought up several ideas for new character skins for him.
    1. Luke: Red 5, plus Luke's X-Wing. (should synergies with Wedge and Biggs in normal battles as well as fleet
    2. Luke: Jedi Knight. (stronger version of "Commander Skywalker")
    3. Luke: Grand Master - from episodes 7,8, and 9. (blend of Old Ben and Yoda)

    p.s where is "clone wars General Kenobi"?!!
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    I'm a early-mid game focused theory crafter, the type that start multiple accounts for experiments, and ditch them when they reach end game. Been doing that since the launch. I'm new to this forum though.
    A suggestion here, it'll be better if a bit more new player data can be made public, especially those about arena and fleet shards, and impacts of the the hyperdrive bundle in numbers.
    Would also love to see a separate feedback section for new players and early game content.
    Also want to mention that not a lot of veterans often visit the new players section.
  • I'm an early gamer only at 1.3M and I have a major issue with the way that Grand Arena begins, before entering. So, I recently was introduced to Grand Arena and this weekend was my first win among the league of 8 chromium players (lvl 8 or 9?). I was excited. So all day today, I was working on my players, farming, spending money, all while watching the Grand Arena home (login) page, i.e. watching the player lock timer slowly wind down from 13h to 1h to 13min.... when I flipped back (at 4:01pm CST), little did I know that the "Player Lock" timer is a misnomer.

    I thought PLAYER LOCK meant locking my characters levels.... not LOCKED OUT of event. I have a PhD in Molecular Biology. If this isn't clear to me, then it's not clear to MANY new players.

    I highly recommend a TIMER that isn't so ambiguous as to what it is counting down.... put the time in/on/near the ENTER button.

    thank you.
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