Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    JKW House Stark
    125M GP

    UK based, currently 125M GP 49/50
    Competitive, not crazy hardcore, but expects/wishes everyone to progress
    Working on becoming HSR ready, p1 cleared, p2 cleared, p3 20%, running T5/6 at the moment.
    Organised. 40*DSTB
    Raid times at 1930 and 2000 UK time (currently GMT +1) for HPit and HAAT.
    Sith Raid launches as soon as the previous ends.
    Expects players to get 600 most days, but all of us work, and understand if there are RL issues.
    Chilled out, fun, stable group of players.

    One team for HSTR is madatory, and work in progress on next one.

    So if you are interested feel free to contact us, we might have a place for you.

    We are waiting for you!

    Active only, please!
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    A Heroic Sith Guild

    171M GP
    44 Stars LSTB, 46 Stars DSTB
    Ranked 13 on TW Leaderboard
    7 TW wins in a row/90% winrate last 2 months

    Raid Times:

    hSR: 7pm CT (00:00 UTC)
    hAAT: 7pm CT (00:00 UTC)
    Pit: 6pm CT (23:00 UTC)

    Looking For Players With:

    2.9M+ GP
    All Required Characters for TB and hSR
    Highly Active in TW both offense & defense
    Top 50 Arena Average

    Reach out to me on Discord: @Jedigunnie#1775
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    The United Without Limits Guild Family is Actively Recruiting
    Tired of the leeches and freeloaders in your current guild? Want to join 299 other like-minded Star Wars fanatics, who also happen to be dedicated SWGoH players? Want to join a guild-family that literally hosts the largest Discord resource on how to farm the heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, and has more than half it's members already getting those precious Traya shards?
    Well, then... your search is over!
    The United Without Limits Guild Family is searching for SWGoH gamers just like YOU !!! We are a six guild family, spanning the US and Europe, looking for players of the following levels of development:
    For UWOL_Dagobah
    [our 115 million-GP US hSTR-Prep guild]:

    + late-game players,
    + capable of 600, daily,
    + 2.25mGP or more,
    + with a developeding hSTR toons-roster,
    + with ReyJT already acquired.
    For UWOL_Mortis
    [our 100 million-GP Development guild]:

    + late-game players,
    + capable of 540, daily,
    + 2.00mGP or more,
    + with a developeding hSTR toons-roster,
    + working on ReyJT for her next release.
    We also have two elite guilds, and, one casual-guild.
    None of our guilds "force members to spend real-world currency," nor do we place unreasonable demands on our guildies. We are a "meritocracy by design," where everyone does their part! We are well organized, knowledgeable, and giving.
    We're looking for dedicated late-game players, capable of following Territory Battles and Territory Wars orders, for all of our guilds. But, we can only accept Level-85 players, and, an active & properly synced profile is also required.
    If you're a former guild-officer, we're definitely the home you've been looking for. Most of our members are former officers, too!
    So... if you're an late-game player, and, think you have "what it takes," then, visit or UWOL Recruitment Center, on Discord, at:
    >>> <<<
    We look forward to seeing you there.
    Discord ID: Hellenix #3201
    SWGoH Guild: United 'Merica (Officer)
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    Failure Is Not An Option is Recruiting

    Failure Is Not An Option:

    @finao is a 151M HSR guild currently looking for 1 member, we are currently farming HSR (4-5hrs completion time) and achieving 43LSTB Stars and 45DSTB Stars. Raid times are between 8pm-10pm ET

    Our requirements:
    3.0MIL GP+
    600 Raid Tickets Daily
    Active Discord
    JTR and other HSR teams such as:
    P2: Phoenix, Kenobi Swamp
    P3: Chex Mix
    P4: Nightsisters

    If you are interested or would like to know more you can find me at: Link:, Ally Code: 697-253-674, or on Discord via username: cmjstota#4083
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    House of the Bark Side does heroic rancor and HAAT with t6 sith. We have 58 mil gp with 36 out of 50 members. I'm an officer for the guild in charge of recruitment. We are patient and willing to work with players who want to get stronger. All we ask is for participation and to be active. If you want han and kenobi shards the opportunity is right here we are open join.
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    We can make that run in Less than 12 parsecs :)

    We are recruiting for 1 spot

    Guild Power: 152 Mil

    TB LS/DS 44/42 Stars

    HSTR twice a week.

    PIT & Tank Raid are FFA when the raid starts. We have a 12 hour zero damage period and the raid auto launches.

    We raid at 7 pm CST.

    Discord Required. 600 daily tickets. We are a mature guild and have a laid back fun atmosphere.

    Looking for 2.7 GP and higher. Heroic Sith raid capable teams.

    Ov Wan
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    Conjugate Knights is seeking 10 new members!

    We are a 3 guild family, Conjugate Alliance run by Longtee
    Conjugate Elite
    Conjugate Equilibrium
    and Conjugate Knights

    Knights is our newly established 60 mil GP developmental guild where we need 10 active daily players.
    We'd prefer players lv 85 and minimum 1 mil GP but will consider others if part of a group
    We are looking for 600 tickets daily and normal guild participation, we also use Slack for communication
    We'd also like you to have a synced account
    Heroic PIT, HAAT, and STR t4 (Will go up) raids regularly
    The purpose of this guild is to develop the teams necessary for hSTR, which Elite and Eq have on farm, and progress as a guild with the opportunity for advancement to the upper guilds

    Please pm here or join the Discord recruitment server
    My Discord Jade#2064
    Thank you for considering us!
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    We are 'The Legacy of the True Sith Empire'

    Come join phase two of our growing galactic family!
    'There is only Pässion'

    We just recently began our newest endevor, our first sister guild, in what we hope to continue to grow into a strong community! We have The heroic pit raid and tank raid on farm. Entry level is 65 so come get your raid Han and General Kenobi shards and take your arena squad to the next level! We have great veteran leadership and a discord channel full of helpful resources! If your interested in joining an awesome growing community send me a message on here or send me an ally invite in game! We look forward to growing our guild together with you all!

    Ally code- 113-666-399

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    New Balkan Hope 140Mil GP Guild

    Trazimo 3 ili vise igraca 2.5mil+ GP (kvalitetan roster)

    -hSith na farmu (4-5sati)
    -TB 42/44*
    -600/600 je OBAVEZNO
    -TB/TW/RAID aktivnost OBAVEZNA
    -Discord za komunikaciju i druzenje

    Budite deo drugog balkanskog hSith guilda, sve sto trazimo je vasa aktivnost i posvecenost!

    We are looking for 3 or more playeres with 2.5mil+ GP (quality roster)

    -hSith on farm (4-5 hours)
    -TB 42/44*
    -600/600 is MANDATORY
    -TB/TW/RAID activity is MANDATORY
    -Discord for communication and fun
    -Raid time 7/8pm CEST

    Become a part of a rock solid hSith Guild, all we request from you is to be active and dedicated!

    Contact: DarthStanojko #4169 Darp#9162
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    Mando Mercs117
    Reset timer is EST

    We are currently reorganizing our guild after a large purge.
    You would be expected to participate in all Territory Battles & Wars. If you are inactive for 15 consecutive days you will be removed.

    We care about the development of the guild we expect our members to follow rules/orders of raids, wars, and battles set by our officers. We donate and share information often and hope this practice is shared by all new members.

    No minimum player level/GP or character requirements, we welcome all committed players.

    You can find Guild Recruiter: Sabine Wren on
    Line app
    Ally Code: 373-197-335
    Discord: Sabine Wren #6220
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    New Balkan Hope 140Mil GP Guild

    Trazimo 3 ili vise igraca 2.5mil+ GP (kvalitetan roster)

    -hSith na farmu (4-5sati)
    -TB 42/44*
    -600/600 je OBAVEZNO
    -TB/TW/RAID aktivnost OBAVEZNA
    -Discord za komunikaciju i druzenje

    Budite deo drugog balkanskog hSith guilda, sve sto trazimo je vasa aktivnost i posvecenost!

    We are looking for 3 or more playeres with 2.5mil+ GP (quality roster)

    -hSith on farm (4-5 hours)
    -TB 42/44*
    -600/600 is MANDATORY
    -TB/TW/RAID activity is MANDATORY
    -Discord for communication and fun
    -Raid time 7/8pm CEST

    Become a part of a rock solid hSith Guild, all we request from you is to be active and dedicated!

    Contact: DarthStanojko #4169 Darp#9162

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    Come home, do not wander around!
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    *Ewokolypses Own, part of the Ewokolypse family of guilds.*

    • US East coast schedule, but we have members from all over.

    • We run and complete HPit 3x/week, and HAAT 2x/week, they are launched throughout the day to ensure they are accessible to each player across all time zones. HPit is an easy-farm status for us with HAAT taking a little longer as to be expected, both HPIT and HAAT have 24hr join windows in which members can post a 0 to ensure we all earn rewards. We’re still building necessary STR squads, and we complete STR 3 in good time to not waste tickets. Bonus raids will be undertaken as and when we can launch them!

    • TB 20-24*. TW over 50% win rate in the 50M+ GP bracket. TB and TW is low as we don’t have strict requirements for them.

    • Guild requirements:
    1. Have a Line account and contact myself (Line ID: BattledKnight) to get added to the Ewokolypse family of guilds chat rooms.
    2. Ensure your in-game SWGOH name matches your Line ID so we know who we’re talking to and who to contact.
    3. Produce the maximum of 600 daily raid tickets, which is easily achieved by spending earned energy daily (a few easily achieved energy refreshes may typically be needed).
    4. Contact somebody if you will not be able to produce 400-600 daily tickets (vacation, work, IPAs won a drinking contest against you, etc.) we are easy going and appreciate RL kicks in hard sometimes.
    5. For HPit, if you can completely solo all 4 phases with a single team (what we refer to as a solo run), which nets a score of ~10.4 million, please wait one additional hour after the raid starts to post your score, so others can get their shot (make sure to start your run just prior to raid start).
    6. In STR, make 3 daily runs at it. Even auto-running 3 teams is much more useful than not participating at all

    "Members who fail to participate in guild events, get their daily tickets, or be responsive on LINE CHAT may be removed from EO. We love all our members, but our guild is only as strong as the least active among us" BBEight, former EO leader.

    • We have no minimum level or GP requirements. We prefer raid ticket production over large character rosters (although both is good).

    We currently have 36/50 members, and are looking for at least 10 active players but welcome as many applications as possible.

    Below is our SWGOH link. Please contact me if you’re interested in joining the Ewokolypse family.
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    Revans Remnant
    93 mil GP

    We’re looking for good, solid, active players 1.5 mil GP or above. We are extremely active and participate in all Guild events.

    We run hPit and hAAT 2-3 time per week and T5 Sith once a week at the moment.
    We are USA CST based with Guild reset at 6:30 pm CST (11:30pm UTC) but also have multiple international players in our Guild.

    We have spots available for a single player or if you have a small group of friends (2-3), we may be able to fit you in.
    Guild requirements:
    1. Active contributor to all Guild events.
    2. Discord mandatory
    3. Active daily to help generate raid tickets.

    If you’re interested please feel free to contact myself our our recruiter.
    Ilinso#2272 (that’s a capital “i” and lowercase “L”)
    Ally code:
    Ilinso: 624-542-756
    rockwrench69: 523-832-131
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    Guild Get It On is looking for 3 active members to fill our roster.
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    Dr Evazan Cosmetic Surgery is recruiting! - 93M GP - Prep for HSTR

    - If you addicted the game this is the place for you. We are a fun group of people and most of us have family and kids. Casual guild and just require people to play daily and contribute with raids and TB/TW.
    - Our main focus and goal is to get to HSTR. We are clearing T5 easily on a regular basis currently. Once the lower health changes go into effect we will move to T6 and hopefully HSTR shortly after.
    • 1.7 M GP
    • JTR or fully prepared to get her at next event.
    • 2M damage on STR raid. (When we get to HSTR manual attacks will be required)
    • Create an account at
    Discord is strongly recommended, but not necessarily required. Hop on, say hi, and an officer will reach out to you.
    • hAAT and hPit both auto launch at 7pm EST with a 24 hour join period then FFA.
    • My IGN is MasterJediSkywalker, send me an ally invite and once I accept I can invite you to guild. My ally code is 273-468-789
    • My SWGOH.GG page.
    • Dr Evazan Cosmetic Surgery complete rules posted here -
    Happy Hunting!
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    Hey guys,

    We are a central european guild and we are still searching for some active members to join.
    The most of us are German speaker's, but actually they all do know to communicate also in English.

    Currently we are 36 members having a GP of about 33M.

    We are playing this game for fun! Or with other words there exist no strict rules, but one: Be active and have fun.

    We do have a discord account, but if you use it is one you.

    What can I write more.... Get in touch with me and I answer your questions.

    My alley is 223-867-353.
    You prefer discord: OpiEnu#3794

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    Hello all, Soli2de is an active guild and is looking for new members who can participate in territory battles and territory wars.

    GP: 57,000,000
    territory battles light side: hover at 20 stars
    territory battles dark side: hover at 22 stars
    territory wars win % 75%+

    We run a heroic Rancor and HAAT (tank takedown)
    Sith Triumvirate is tier 4

    Discord is required. we have an active, very friendly, and very knowledgeable discord. More than willing to help members grow and be strong players.

    Please be active and able to participate in TB and TW.

    Raid Han and General Kenobi shards are in your future if you do not have them yet.

    any questions my discord is dawgpound101#5801

    ally code is 471-756-419

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    Spaceballs - 112 M GP

    6 spots open. starting to tackle Heroic Sith, HRancor and HAAT on farm (0 registration period)

    No drama group.

    We need 1.5M GP minimum accounts with JTR and Chex Mix ready to go.

    Check us out on Discord
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    Come join The Awakened Heroes and topple HSTR this September!

    We are an international guild preparing to conquer Heroic Sith upon the next release of JTR. We are a 120M GP committed guild looking to progress in all aspects of the game!

    We are looking for 1-4 active members to join our team and help us complete the guild.

    We are looking for:
    - 2M+ GP
    - At least one HSTR ready team, ideally working toward others
    - Active (600 daily, TB, TW, etc.)

    We are at 37-40* in TB, with other Heroic raids on farm. Raids run at 5pm EST. Currently running T6 Sith but plan to adjust to Heroic Sith in a few weeks.

    Guild reset is at 5:30pm EST. For more information contact me here, or @Buffems#0625, @RhilJosefaMargos#0769, or @Baniss#1158 on Discord.

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    Hallo deutschsprachige Suchtis!
    Die Legion Westfalen hat aktuell 2 Plätze frei.
    Wir sind eine, wer hätte es gedacht?, deutschsprachige Gilde, die sowohl den Rancor als auch den AAT heroisch durchzieht, der STR läuft abwechselnd auf T4 und T5. Unsere Gildenmacht liegt bei 75 Mio und sollte durch deinen Eintritt um mindestens 1.2 Mio steigen ;)
    DSTB & LSTB kriegen wir mit jeweils 25 Sternen hin.
    Grundvoraussetzung für dein langfristiges Verweilen in unserer Organisation des Wahnsinns ist deine Bereitschaft zu kommunizieren! Die Legion tut dies hauptsächlich über Whatsapp, wir unterhalten aber auch einen Discordserver:

    Für einen groben Überblick kannst du dir das Legionsprofil unter
    Für Fragen erreichst du mich auf Discord unter [LW] OGA49#3949
    Oder auf Line unter

    Ich und der Rest der Legion freuen uns auf euch!
    Bis bald,

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    Our daily active guild is looking for new members.

    Our requirements are :

    Daily activity
    Help out when requesting
    Deploy daily and battle for extra points when ever possible in Territory battles. ( N/A for players new to the game who don’t meet event requirements)

    What we do:

    We do heroic Rancor, normal tank, and sith raids ( ticket permitting )

    We have a 24 hr join period on the Rancor to give everyone enough time to join
    No join period in the tank and sith raids currently

    We prefer level 65 and over, but will take lower daily active players. New players are welcome.

    Contact me here if interested.

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    -Primal Alliance
    -Uk based
    -1/3 of the guild is US based (mostly East Coast)
    -45/50 active members
    -28 k tickets
    -GP 90 mil
    -All Raids have 24 zero damage period
    -Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
    -HAAT 2 times a week
    -Sith Raid - Currently doing t4/t5 and prepare for hstr
    -Raid times in est is (2 and 5 pm)
    -TB 34* ls/ds
    -Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
    -Discord: frtpskn#0937
    What we are looking for:
    -JTR team or at least 2 HSTR ready teams. is must
    -Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
    -GP over 1.5mil
    -People who are willing to communicate
    If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Minions of Chaos

    We are building and looking for active players! We are regularly running Heroic Rancor, HAAT, T4 STR.

    We would like to get back to our usual numbers for TB and TW and we need YOU!

    @AtticusMD#9965 or DM me here.
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    Greyzone United GzU is looking for members!

    we are a midgame guild with currently 45 members and 52 million galactic power. most of us are from germany or austria, so we mainly communicate in german but we welcome every active player.

    territory battles: 20-23 stars average
    territory wars: 70%+ victories

    Rancor T7: 2-3 times a week
    AAT T7: ~2 times a week
    STR: actually T4, may become higher after changes to the raid

    we offer discord and would appreciate the usage.

    absence (if longer than about 1 week) should be communicated to the guild because we try to get rid of inactive users to free the space for active ones.

    my ally code is: 194-119-971

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    The Guild of Lollipops is recruiting. We are a small guild that is looking to grow and accepting committed members of all levels. We are friendly and help each other.
    • 6 active members (4 of which are over lvl 80)
    • 2.8 mil GP
    • PST timezone based
    • Regularly complete T2 Sith Raid and T4 Rancor Raid
    • Regularly complete 5 stars in Territory Battles
    • No player requirements, just be active on a near daily basis
    • My ally code: 219-894-621

    We look forward to having you join us and build our guild!
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a mixed nation guild, very kind and helpful and we are recruiting again. All heroic raids are on farm. No alliance guild. We have 133M+ GP and 41* last LS TB. 42* on last DS TB.

    We are looking for active players, level 85 and good GP (2,7M+, TW ready roster). We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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