Yet another - ENOUGH FOR REY? - Thread

Hope you aren't completely p'd off by the question already. Yet - do you think I can unlock Rey with this squad?


  • MajesticMoose41
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    I would say their gear levels would suffice but it may be a little harder for you. Would be easier if both your Finn and Rey were G11 and Vet Chewie around G9.

    You need more speed on chewie (shoot for 160+ on chewie) and your Rey needs more dmg output. You want to try and shoot for ~3000 base physical dmg. Your Finn, Han and BB8 all look "ok"
  • You’re fine. I beat it with g8 vets, like a g9 Rey/Finn and don’t remember it being particularly hard.
  • Kol8Ajawa
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    I plan to beat the event with as little investment into the required team as possible. I stopped at G8 on all of them, but I do have enough gear hoarded to get them all to G10 if needed. None of their abilities are maxed and range from level 3-6, also with enough ability materials saved to omega the important abilities as needed. None are level 85 either but I also have enough credits to max their levels as needed. Will report back after the event here to share what I found to be the absolute minimum for me to beat the event. I REALLY want to avoid putting a zeta on Finn but do have 2 Zetas saved that I want to put on RJT as soon as I unlock her.

    Team as it stands now:

    I've also already created mod loadouts with my best mods for each phase. Their currently equipped mods are just random junk.
  • Wrotton
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    Get BB8 As high of a gear level as possible. Also scavenger Rey would be a good candidate for a higher gear level

    Put arena mods on the team
  • MuCuS
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    I also stopped at G8 across the board. I can take Rey and Finn to G9 if I need to put I don’t want to do that if I can help it .
  • You certainly CAN do it. It might take a few shots though. Nice thing is it lasts a week so if you fail on day 1 you have 6 more to gear up. I would focus gearing finn and rey mostly since they have the most use later.
  • Is it possible with g7 veterans?
    Others better geared...
  • I would have the vets at Gear 8 AT LEAST. Gear 7 for any of these events is probably close to impossible.....unless your speed is at 250 but I would think that's unlikely at G7.
  • Dont want to invest on vets. Bb8 at g12 and finn and scav at g11... hopefully those can carry the fight. I will find soon 😅
  • Speeds 254 bb8
    197 Finn
    222 Rey
    Vets unmodded right now
  • Jtr is supposed to start in 2 days but we cant even see it in the events
  • I am also waiting on the JTR hero event...
    When I go to the website there is no event listed for JTR...
    Hope they are not stopping the event...
  • Is it normal for Rey to not be in the event tab yet?
  • the event will show up in game about a day before. this is NORMAL.
  • the event will show up in game about a day before. this is NORMAL.

    Okay only reason I asked is CLS was up there for like 3 to 4 days before it went up
  • Thanks for your help guys!
  • Should be good. More speed always helps.
  • So I just unlocked her. Ended up giving G9 to Finn and Scavenger Rey and the rest at G8. Also gave all the omegas to Rey. Level 85 on Finn, Rey, and Chewie. Level 65 on Han and 70 on BB-8. Used my best arena mods and got it after 4 tries once I made those upgrades. It was definitely possible with all of them at G8, got very close several times but after 10 tries I got impatient. Good luck everyone!
  • Thanks for your help guys!
  • Just got her, g9 finn/Rey, g8 chewy/bb8, g7 Han. Put about 190 speed on chewy, 180 on finn, 220 on Rey. No omegas on Rey, Finns basic and chewy unique (50% health steal) omega'd. Took 3 tries tier V. Bb8 is needed other areas of the game but useless here, Han is expendable, but chewy was a big player here. My scavy Rey only had like 2400 dmg, so Idk where the 3000 is coming from...
  • Yup vet Han I only had at level 50 with gear 5 but vet chewy was gear 8 and borrowed a speed arrow mod
  • Finally got my JTR today.
  • Same. Just got her. Didnt even have to put mods on my g7 vets. Strong finn and rey carry you through.
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