Can't get in the game, again [MERGE]


  • Same.
  • See headline
  • Same here, another problem for this game, yet the dev team saying that everything is resolved..
  • 4 times in 3 weeks I'm going to miss payout due to server errors. It's costing Crystal's that I have had to use to refresh battles because the game kicks you out during battle
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  • They have to know what's causing it at this point. Always at the same exact time and unfortunately it's at a key reset. I guess they are unable to fix it.
  • Same sadly either 2.0 or check your connection which was fine until reset.. restarted didn't fix anything
  • Will I ever catch my fleet PO again? Or will the game run one day without error? It would be nice.
  • Why every time in Europe at PO time? @CG_Carrie
  • same here, today even more than yesterday.. pretty sure my ship progress was not registered. finished the battle and then the game just had a circle of death... when I finally managed to restart I was still at the same place as b4.
  • I can't get into the game
  • This is what, the 4th time in 2 weeks they've had "connection issues"? . My first attempt at logging in gotnthe "you aremnot connected" error, then the 2nd time, took about 10mins of loading screen and i get the "blah blah blah you must of had another device logged in in the past 24 hours" error.
    Can we feed the hampsters some halloween candy and actually fix this #$%&, because its really becoming annoying, and the piddly "compensation" we get in mail isn't cutting it anymore.
  • Once again, as with everytime a TB is coming up, I can’t get into the game or get immediately thrown out of it during the hour leading upto my arena payout. Anybody would think that you’ve not run these before or something.
    If it wasn’t bad enough that the structure of this game now seems to be entirely P2W, with no content aimed towards those who spend less than half their months wages on this game; three to four times per month this **** happens either before a TB or inbetween phases and I can’t get any decent amount of crystals to attempt to catch up with those who can afford to just buy victory.
    Probably serves me right for being born in the UK. Having the one arena payout time that doesn’t get shafted everytime there’s a TB was probably too much to ask. Maybe we’ll get some more ‘compensation’ which gives us less crystals than you caused us to miss out on, woo.
  • Alinoe
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    Same issue for all my guild members. I bought gear then get kick, whrn i log again gear wasnt purchased but it's blocked like it did..
  • Atlas1
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    Also can’t play. Going to miss my noon bonus energy..,.
  • same
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  • Same here, whole guild is either locked out or continuously getting booted out. Definitely not a connection error as it would be quite some bad luck for everyone in lots of different places to suffer that at the same time.
  • Is it just me or has the game connection over the past few days been awful?
  • Glad it's not just me then. They really need to fix these issues.
  • my payout!!! Nooooooo, not again :'(
  • Can they please cancel TB for a few weeks and just send us the rewards? Then do some proper software engineering and work out what is causing the problem, and fix it once. They're just patching over the problem, clearly, and it's badly affecting my enthusiasm for the game.
  • Samsies.
    Go Pens!
  • Same here, I probably also lost some energy too.
  • You are not alone
  • CCyrilS
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    Can’t criticize developers or moderators. They will warn you. Speaking from experience.

    He wasn't talking about devs or mods...
  • I've run into the same issues, but it looks like it is fixed now.
  • AIWA
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    me too
    Gibst du jemandem die möglichkeit zu fliegen, dann musst du **** rechnen das er fliegt!
  • AGAIN??!!??!!
    Come on, this is not cool
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    nvrmnd down again
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  • Seems to always be my Payout as well. GMT. What's up?
  • It is payout time!!
    Get better Server, or stop payout time.
    This is ridiculous.
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