3 year anniversary event..... why no announcement?



  • Two years ... two full zetas. It's an elegant solution.
    Go Pens!
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    My “wish list” for an anniversary present would be a 1-time chance to strip every mod off of every toon for free and let us rebuild each toon the way we want.

    I'll pay credits and remove manually if the increase the mod cap for me to actually it!
  • Two years ... two full zetas. It's an elegant solution.

    And 40 omega
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    Considering half of California is on fire right now, they may have other priorities.

    I highly doubt they are fighting the fire or in danger or burning....

    The office was closed on Friday due to air quality issues from the fires. It is a very wide spread issue and let's no minimize its effects on the people and places near there.

    Two hundred miles away from there and alot things are closed through next Monday and they are less than 50 miles. Air quality is unhealthy for everyone
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    I really can't believe this community sometimes. People are losing homes, loved ones, possessions, have been evacuated, been suffering longer commutes, etc. and you guys are asking for an updated post/announcement? How about you sit patiently while people are actually struggling with real life $#!t and chill out?
  • It's sad about the fires, we've had our fair share in Australia over the years. Really hope everyone stays as safe as possible.

    Pessimistic but logical view about global rewards:

    These gifts are given to everyone. This means you get no advantage over anyone else. I may be wrong but most people want to excel in a game such as this to get ahead of the pack and stand out. If that is your goal, don't stress about global gifts. They do not align with your goal.
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    this one is closed.
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