how does defense work?

how does the defense mechanism work?
If I wanted to run defense mods on a character should I prioritize defense percent or flat defense? I see nowhere when modding a character for what that effects, I don't even see where it shows how much defense a character has, so how does this work.
How do i know if a character has high defense?

what should i look for when modding for defense?


  • When modding, if you can't decide flat number or percentage, if they have a high number for that stat before modding, go for the percentage but if they have a low base stat, go for the flat number.

    Generally speaking, I go for the % over the #
  • that is what i typically do, but how can I know to go for flat numbers or for percent if there is no base stat to look at?
    In this case because i can't see the stats, what should i look for?

    This post what I know to be the best source of knowledge on defense.
  • Based of that like I gathered that most characters don't have a high percentage base defense number. So most times for defense you want to get flat numbers correct??
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    Based of that like I gathered that most characters don't have a high percentage base defense number. So most times for defense you want to get flat numbers correct??

    Pretty much.

    Armor (and Resistance, but I'm just going to say Armor because that's what I was looking at most when I had to figure all this out) is gained in low amounts off gear and, usually, Strength. Even a character with high Armor, like 5s, actually has a pretty low flat value. So, using totally made up numbers here, if you have a character with 120 armor and give them a mod that has +12 Defense on it, then you've functionally increased their defense by a lot more than that little +12 number would make you think.

    EDIT: UUUGH, I said that bad. +12 has a higher effect than you would think on a character with low Armor. Because of diminishing returns, a high armor character will get more benefit out of % increases.

    But, ultimately, just stack it and see what happens. You can make some real beefy bois.
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    As a secondary stat you just about always want + defense if that slot is above 5.

    Here is what happens when I up a +9 defense slot mod to + 18 defense. No other stats on this mod effect it.

    Armor from 43% and resistance of 22.5% to. 43.4 and 23.3, respectively.
    Now, starting with the original mod and swapping to 1 with 1.5% defense gives 42.7% and 21.7.
    So 1.5% defense on my G9/10 ST Han a 1.5% defense mod is worse than +9 raw.

    A + 18 raw is significantly better. When I swap that + 18 mod out for.a +12% defense primary cross I get 43.94 and 22.5.
    So resistance benefits far more from + defense than % defense, and it took a lot of +% to increase my armor better than a +18 defense mod.

    Moral of the story is raw defense increases your total defense more for the use of the stat slot. I would not use +% defense ever intentionally unless I was already trying to stack it on the same mod as a +.defense one like on my Ewok Elder. On him I just want health speed defense defense % and tenacity.

    Finally, when I go ahead and just drop those 2 health mods and swap them for.2 maxed.defense type.mods ar.or is now 45.6 and resistance 23.7. Only 1 of those mods had a +defense % of 1.5 so total increase of 23-25% defense.

    I would argue that once you are in the 40% + or - 2 armor range you should reallly be trying to make sure your health and protection are 25k each at least for a g10 tanky tank. The reason is that and extra 5% damage reduction is going to take your 40% tank from a 6000 HP hit to a 5500 HP. You could probably use those stat slots to increase that tank's health and/or protection far more in that slot.
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    Very few characters have high enough Base Defense for % bonus to make it worthwhile. Highest base armor is Fives at 717 and 1% of that is 7 armor only. It’s much easier to find flat Defense bonus higher than that. Next highest is 602 just for reference, so a flat 6 Defense bonus already covers that.

    Go to then click on Character Stats, click on Defensive, then sort by Armor, you can see all their base Defense numbers there.
  • Thank you all for clarifying that for me!
  • Got a stormtrooper sitting at 53% defence before unique or leader bonuses.
    It's 79% if the team comp is right but you loose so much other stats it's not all that worth it.
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