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A quick question for the smart people of this forum

Is there a HAAT team that can solo the raid without characters such as:
Hermit Yoda
Young Han Solo


  • YKMisfit
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    I don't believe so, no. There are only a handful of teams that I know of that can solo the raid, but all of them use at least one of those characters.

    If being able to solo the raid is really that important to you and you don't have any of them, I would recommend putting together an Ewok team capable of getting 7* C3PO the next time he comes around and going with the JTR Resistance team to do it in the future because it's probably the most accessible team to build with the widest range of uses (does very well in the sith raid too).
  • Waqui
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    Nightsisters (Talzin lead) kan solo p2 through p4. That's over 40 million.
    The ABC team (Ackbar, BB8, CLS, Thrawn and Asajj) can do over 30 million (all of p3 and p4 and a chunk of p2).

    I don't believe, you can solo all of it without any of the characters on your list.
  • The easiest way, for lazy people : use only CLS for phase 1, target Grievous and use auto mode, escape before enrage mode. Phase 2 : use a resistance or whatever you want to let 50% or about left. Than use the ABC team. That's a pretty easy way to kill HAAT solo. That is not a solo team, but a solo raid ,)
  • The hardest bit of that plan is finding 49 guild mates who will play ball whilst you do that.
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