Relic Amplifiers, The Gear System & Our Next Update [MEGA]


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    Dear @CG_SBCrumb,

    Why cannot I benefit from the much higher rates of exchange from the Scavenger? Just because I have already geared characters who have used the crafted piece, I cannot take advantage of the exchange rate for the crafted gear. Please allow us to craft gear even if a unit does not need it.

    Wat needs it at g4, if you not having him already - you'll have a chance.
  • Not just destroying their console bussiness.... What Will fall down faster... R.I.P EA :'( XD
  • Relics arent gear. They just use gear. Make you collect salvage like gear. Then collect another type of salvage from only cantina or you can whale out. Hmmmm ... sounds like someone is trying to pull a fast one.

    At least I can rest assured that CG would never lie or attempt to mislead me. They are always looking out for my best interests and want only to build a better game. They would never lie to us in order to make more money.
  • ^ really? **** please. ****. It’s all about money. History shows with this game. I love seeing how trash it’s become. From game reviews to forum to YouTube. It’s all negative. I still can’t believe no official word has come out apologizing or giving a plan to fix this disaster
  • CG is trying to make this a kraken vs kraken game as that's all that will be playing the game soon.
  • This is way yoo soon after g13 and WhyTF are there only normal mode double drops?? They were always for both Hard and Normal, this is just torture!!
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    Unfortunately I don’t yet have a g13 toon thanks to recently gearing up my Padme.

    So on the back of that and weighing up this update including how it’s super charged certain characters (GG for example). I’m basically going to slow grind F2P my way to g13/relics and if along the way I get bored out of my brain then I’ll be proactive and uninstall SWGoH.

    The positive is that I see this update as a perfect opportunity to make a clean break from the game and stop wasting so much time/money on it.

    I think if you're gearing Padme, you're on the right path. Right now, the highest value characters are those that can be used in both arenas and are tailor-made for Geo TB (including the upcoming LS version). No meta team fits that description like Padme does. 3 core characters of the ideal squad arena team are also the backbone of an upcoming meta fleet, and relics give insane stat boosts to ships. I believe this will pay off in the long run.
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    This is way yoo soon after g13 and WhyTF are there only normal mode double drops?? They were always for both Hard and Normal, this is just torture!!

    To farm large amounts of gear on 10 energy nodes so you can take your most importat g12 characters to g13 and/or craft the higher-end relic scraps that require equally high-end gear. Now is not the time to farm shards. Everyone who runs HMF in fleet and, like myself, doesn't yet have Han and Chewie at g13 needs to get cracking.
  • I could imagine the CG and developers are celebrating in a high end restaurant with US$ 1-2mil in pocket and shouting, Yesh Job Milk Done!
  • It was just a matter of time. As soon as whales can't beat strong f2ps anymore, they just add another pay 2 win layer. As soon as this new pathetic stuff will become accessible to the most, they'll add another layer. And so on and so forth.
  • Came here just to say that the new Relic system is an absolute slap in the face to all players. It's been too short since G13 was introduced. We haven't seen a new raid in well over a year, there are many game modes that have been dead (most events, including screwing their duration back from 2 to 1 day. Galactic War, which you just sim every day. It used to be a fun and challenging mode and could really use an update with increased rewards) Why not spend time on making ACTUAL content, instead of a new gear tier? I really think you lost your minds here and only think about all the cash you can earn. Nobody asked for Relics, we asked for more CONTENT!

    It's not a slap in the face of ALL players. It's a slap in the face of all the f2ps that were trying to catch up, a pat on the back of the whales that were just waiting for something else they could buy to be stronger than f2ps by using their wallets.
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