GK ship bugged

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So while completing my grand arena I have came across a bug while cleaning up my second battle on GK ship he gave undying loyalty to his allies, this did not disappear I had rex with red health and **** assisted multiple time’s showing 20/30k damage dealt however he still had undying loyalty the whole team finished with the buff still attached?

Has anyone else cane across this?


  • Ni_K1aus
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    Hans Millienum Falcon *
  • Monomer
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    Haven’t seen it with Rex, but yeah it happens. I’ve only seen it with Anakin’s ship. It’s been a known bug for months though, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on it being fixed.
  • I’ve seen it a few times in arena with various ships as well, not just ani.
    As I recall the buff usually expire after the correct amount of turns, so it is possible to win, but obviously much harder when there are immortal ships for a few turns.

    Old and known bug.
  • Sanderzas
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    it's because unending loyalty disappears when the ship goes to 1 health, but if the ship already is at 1 health, that ship cannot go to 1 health so unending loyalty stays on that ship
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