Why do you punish players for building a team?



  • Today I got stopped at Node three. Yes, Node three by a full geo team with a level 85 brood alpha leader.

    My two best teams got completely wiped. I can understand a clone team at nodes 6 or 7 since it’s a new team they have to make them good in order make people chase them…I get it.

    But a full geo team that I can’t touch at Node three….

    At this stage GW is the only engaging part of the game…every other aspect is login…sim stuff for 5 mins til energy is gone…login again later and spend energy down again…takes under 10 mins then there is nothing left other than GW…then I get stopped at node three.

    Another day, another less than stellar SWGOH experience.

    I realize GW only takes maybe 30 mins to fight all fights manually, which I do to try and learn the character mechanics, but cutting that to 5 minutes is lame game mechanics.

    I have tried to follow mod guides while modding many of my characters and I level them enough to open all the stats then I stop, primarily limited by gold and mod selection. I’m sure I have a few of my Phoenix characters with lower level mods - but it didn’t seem like they were crucial to redo at this stage. I could be wrong though.

    Is there a particular mod site that is better than others?


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    Yes, some times you encounter teams for which you don't have a counter. It happens until you have built a variety of teams for different situations. Depending on the strength of the two teams empire teams can sometimes beat geonosians.

    I don't know which modding guide you followed, but maybe it's time to get a better understanding of mods. It will help you in GW. Don't underestimate their importance.

    Also, it will be worth the investment to gear up some scoundrels to improve your credits income from credit heists. Boba Fett is still an MVP there and bountyhunters and ST Han are required to unlock some legendaries later. The earlier you're able to beat the top tier of credit heists (there may be some level requirement as well) the more return you gain from your investment.
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    Ok, thx for the info.

    I’ve been looking at the mod guide on swgoh.gg I believe.

    My empire team couldn’t touch that geo team but it’s not all that great yet.

    I have leveled boba fett to 7 stars and geared him ok along with jenga, cad, lando, and. Think ig88. BH is low and defiantly needs work but I have 3 starred the highest credit heist I can access at 79 so I think I’m going in the right direction there.

    I need one more ship to level 5 (working on boba or Jengas, whichever hits 5 stars first to be able to do fleet 3 for zetas.

    I feel like I’m on track but I just hate getting shutdown almost daily in GW since that’s really where I spend most of my time during the day.

    Working on a Jedi team as well, got yoga unlocked last night at 5 stars.

    Thanks again for the help.
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    If you can complete the highest tier of credit heist available at your level you're good in that regard. Working towards beating the zeta materials challenge is good too. However, you still have room for significant improvement by moving your mods around. A few examples:
    Yes, an offense set is great for Ezra but you can assemble a much better set from mods on your non-phoenix characters (including an arrow with speed primary stat and a cross with offense). Zeb has much more use for your potency primary cross than Kanab. In general you should use your mods with speed secondaries on your Phoenix.
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    I think the solution is to advise newcomers to not rapidly Star up their characters. I wouldn't advise pushing beyond 4 or 5* until you get your initial squad to gear 7-8. This would keep the GP of your main squad down and keep the gear level of your foes down below gear 7 and 8 also. [...]

    Terrible advice. I wouldn't recommend that since:

    A. Holding back the development of your main team will hurt you in arena(s) and other game modes and delays your unlocking of your first legendary characters (whether it's EP/Thrawn, Padme, GMY or...).
    B. You can still complete GW most days if your main team and tactics are good.

    Just saw this reply. Sorry for the late response xD

    A. If player has a team like Phoenix in the first place they are likely not going to do well in Arena anyways. They will just get steam rolled by Bad Batch, Seps, Bastila led Jedi, Nightsisters, and just about any capable team. Also holding back on UPGRADING star level, does not mean you cannot farm the shards for the characters.. you just hold off on purchasing the upgrade until you are a higher gear level.

    B. Legendaries cannot be unlocked for the most part until G7 or there about anyways.. so again,.. holding off until G7 to do 7* won't harm that either.
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