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  • With the new road ahead, theory craft, strategies, and farming are all completely ruined.

    Theory craft: if you can't counter a gl with a non gl, it completely destroys all theory Craft in character. We spend countless hours diving deep into these tools, learning about them, and finding how we can use them to counter other teams such as with gls. This ruins all of that fun and hours we spend playing the game and finding new crafts.

    2. Strategies are completely destroyed. All it is going to be now is a "my gl is bigger and better then yours". If you have more gls or a better gls, that's all that matters.

    3. What is the point of GAC if you can't beat your opponent if they have one more gl then you. This also means that if you don't have a gl ans they do, it's an automatic lose. How fun and full of strategy...

    4. Farming? Yeah so there is no point in farming any characters that don't lead to a gl now. So farming or getting your favorite toons/squads is pointless.

    I'm done, quiting this until they change this road ahead. This is destroying the game and not making it fun and only a toxic game.
  • Skip those changes.. If you need to make changes just require a gl to take on a gl. You can for gac place your gl on defense but still use them in offence.
  • AlexanderG
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    ReyVsMando wrote: »
    they were probably just waiting for a big release which the players really wanted like the lord vader concept, the idea which was created more by the community than by them to try to hide the whole internal ***show in a hype conserve to try to sell that new "road ahead".

    they may feel thin and slim all the time if they want to play dark side themselves while a big dark side character gets released. rainbow bless.

    Agreed - I think the nerfing of the current in-game Vader is supposed to be softened by the announcement of a GL Lord Vader. I don't think the former would have happened without the latter.
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    Kipps wrote: »
    Al these nerfs stopping non GL counters will just end the game. So everything will just be a GL count... this is the WORST possible thing these fools could have thought of. What the hell happened to balance? Might as well give a huge sale then end the game. Or is this a last ditch effort to milk

    You put it quite eloquently. Even a baboon would have more sense than to release this RA. A pot smoking monkey would have more sense than to:

    1) Bring a new capital ship with "insane" requirements before releasing remaining FO and Resistance ships
    2) Kill GAC, SA and TW in one stroke
    3) Nerf hard farm toons like GAS, Wat, Malak, etc
    4) Make Thrawn irrelevant
    5) Make BB (2'000 kyros) and Raider "initial" requirements for LV
    6) Release R9 when 90% of people do not have R8 and people still struggle with stun guns, stun cuffs and droid callers

    I am heading to the play store to do the one thing which is in my control now to show my displeasure.
  • I really like the new format, I think the video it's a good idea, but this roead ahead man, it makes me almost quit the game. This is the worst thing that could ever happen to the f2p players, and even to some pay to play. First thing, introducing relic 9? Relic 8 is really hard to get, and it's still a "new thing", and now you are adding relic 9? Plus nerfing the only counters almost every f2p player has to fight oponents in the GAC, or to get the max crait in the Conquest and getting relic 8 materials. Nerfing Thrawn, Vader, JKL, GAS, Tambor, etc it's the worst thing to do for the f2p AND pay to play players. All of that It's a hard hit. The good hit it's the new Maul (finally!!!), Lord Vader and some of the requeriements. In terms of in-game I find to trouble with having to farm the Bad Batch for Lord Vader, I mean they're pretty awesome (with the expcetion of Omeeega),.the Tusken I get it, it was obvious but Relic 5? That's too much, Relic 3 tusken was fine for a GL Req. What I also thought it was a really nice idea was the Speed GA, I would love a GA mode where I could fight my friends, and I think that would make the comunnity happier, after this road ahead. I hope you change your plans about nerfing these characters, you did it for the long term game health but with this changes I think that most players will quit playing, and krakens will stop spending that much (except AhanldT01, he'll still pay for all of your vacations)
  • All I'm gonna say is I hope you guys know what you are doing because changing that many characters and getting rid of non GL counters is gonna make people leave
  • A refund from r8 to r7 is a joke. They should be refunded to g1 or not nerfed.

    Luckily I made my Vader counter work with toons I already had (dark Bastilla and darth revan for arena and random empire I already have for gac) so didn't gear anything special for it.

    Still annoying that it won't work in the future though
  • There's really not anything I can add to what everyone has already posted except my support and agreement that these changes are not for the betterment of the community. The greed is overwhelming.
  • dhwo
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    Well…it seems that CG has now completely fallen for the whining of the Krakens „I have spent so much money to get a legend at the day of the release and it can be countered without a legend „.

    Thanks for nothing CG…by doing so you have successfully achieved that my spendings (dolphin) will be going to f2p until the impact can be seen „in the flesh“.

    All the best to you and your shiny Krakens…you can consider yourself to be part of an elite.
  • Can I just say that the comments on "greed" strike me as funny.

    I don't support the current direction of the game as announced in the RA any more than the average commenter here, but CG is a corporation. They exist to make money. Programmers, whether they love Star Wars or not, have to eat and get health care, and maybe even rent an apartment in a high cost of living city.

    CG isn't any more greedy than the people who make Palmolive or Crest or bluetooth speakers or books.

    This is how capitalism works. If you want a game made by people who don't want to earn as much money as possible for the longest time period possible, then start your own nonprofit & see how far you get.

    To be clear, I'm not in favor of greed, but there's literally nothing CG has ever done that couldn't be done by the average middle manager anywhere in the USA.

    This is capitalism. It's how capitalism works. If you hat capitalism, okay, fine. There are other economic systems of organization out there which you could try. But if you work at a for profit corporation in a capitalist economy, or even if you just support them by spending your $$s on books and bluetooth speakers and toothpaste, you're making yourself look just a little silly screaming about greed here.

    There are things to criticize about this RA. One of those things is not how CG is abnormally greedy. They're a capitalist company in a capitalist system doing what capitalist companies do. You won't get anywhere by trying to make greedy into some uniquely antiCG insult.

    Make more effective arguments and maybe we can change things. Stick with yelling, "Greedy!" and nothing will.
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    Yeah, look, I appreciate that you tried something new with this road ahead, and I’m not saying never do a video again—but, please, if you do a video again, put all the information in the text post.

    I’m sitting here at a Wendy’s having a nice lunch and enjoying the bit that I was able to read but I have no idea what to make of the changes as a whole because I have no idea what is being done with defense, why it’s being done, or what this means for anything. Now I get to spend the next couple hours running errands with no idea what’s actually going on in the game.

    So by all means keep the videos, it’s good to have faces and voices deliver news. But at least give a summary of all the new information. Thanks!
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • MaruMaru
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    Does these changes raise the importance of defense primary and secondary mods in any meaningful way or does it just apply for relic masteries?
  • Artumas
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    I hadn't thought of auxiliary toons for the counters. Take Bast, for example. I took her to G13 to help with the JKR+JKL counter to SLK. Then, because she was already G13, I boosted her to r5 to fill a team for cPit.

    If the JKR+JKL doesn't work, I'd much rather she be set back to G12+5.

    This just blows.

    Which part of this that actually matters is getting nerfed again...?

    JKL should be hitting SLKR harder than before with repulse, he'll hit KRU/FOST pretty much just as hard, if not harder, with the true damage and armor pen. He's not losing the Blind OR AoE stun, which are pretty much the 2 biggest parts of how that strat works.

    The only 2 commonly used counters that are getting unusably nerfed are Thrawn-based Rey counters and most likely Imp Troopers vs SEE (Though this one isn't as guaranteed to be completely dead, it's just guaranteed to need a complete revisit to the comp at a minimum. ...and they can be used against so many other teams that it really isn't "making the team worthless" unlike the thrawn-based ones, minus specifically vader.)

    The majority of these changes really aren't doing what people seem to think they're doing.
    And half of them have alternatives that are commonly on most people's rosters that they just don't use because the current versions exist. I mean, really, how many teams can counter SEE again? Wasn't that this forum's entire point for why SEE was a bad GL ever since he came out?
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    A refund from r8 to r7 is a joke. They should be refunded to g1 or not nerfed.

    Luckily I made my Vader counter work with toons I already had (dark Bastilla and darth revan for arena and random empire I already have for gac) so didn't gear anything special for it.

    Still annoying that it won't work in the future though

    Besides being needed for gls, you know why this is the case? There's only handful of people that's in the position, that they can even do it easily manually. Just drop it 2 relic levels and thousands enter the fray.
  • With the implementation of relic 9, it would be nice to see easing the stun gun farm and allowing g12 for toons with less than 7*. With this gl and non-gl Tiering, it seems only fair for early and mid-game players.
  • So now that the express intent is to segregate GLs and make them immune to not blatant cashgrab characters… are we going to see GAC matchmaking updated to keep those of us without a GL from encountering those with a GL or are we hanging up our hats and losing out on more rewards?
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    Here is a high-level summary of my reaction to these changes as a player who has been here since almost the start:

    -I like the fact that the bounty hunter faction is finally getting a capitol ship (it is a shame it wasn't Hondo though)! Now if we could get additional ships for all factions that would really help flesh out the current fleet options since there aren't enough ships now to go around for each capitol ship.

    -Could Slave I get a rework? That ship has almost no synergy with the existing breach mechanic and it's stats are so old that it is practically useless even with a r8 pilot.

    -Relic 9 at the end of August seems way too soon in my opinion. Even many high GP roster players have perhaps a handful of relic 8 characters currently so this seems way too early to put another hurdle for competitiveness in my opinion.

    -I really like the changes to make galactic legends more like mini raid bosses. It is ridiculous that there are years old characters which take 1/20th of the effort to build whom can negate galactic legends. That really cheapens the hard work that players have put into the galactic legends in their rosters.

    Other changes I think I will need to see more details regarding before I can make an informed opinion. Overall though I do like general direction that things seem to be moving based on trying to rebalance some seriously broken game mechanics.
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