[MEGA] Road Ahead: July 2021


  • No I need to bump all my Sith from R8 to R9...
  • Road ahead….. how about you all fix the TW match making.. 109 GLs vs 54 GLs. Not worth even playing. Oh wait I forgot CG you all got stuff like R9 to input.. disregard my sensible fix comment and carry on with the stupid…
  • Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    TVF wrote: »
    Didn’t realize the whales wanted to do the extra grind feats?

    Not only do we not want to do it the fact that we now have to reshuffle ALL OUR MODS, figure out how to rebalance our rosters for EVERYTHING while being expected to buy new toons (they have a hard time balancing the game? Are they kidding?!).

    If you were a whale you would have hotutils and not care about buying new toons. Press X to doubt on the "we" part.

    Read my earlier posts - I am a whale - I am at least $30K in probably more. The only GL I do not already have is Lord Vader and the only ship is executrix.
    Executrix is a newbie capital ship Mr whale.

    blahblah Executor. Skipped getting it this month one last time. I refuse to be forced past the top 20 in ships because it's a wall of executors but by then at least I'll have 9 more toons to Relic 5+ at the same time. My shard has SOME people who are polite about camping with something else after they collect but not nearly enough.
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