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Brought this up on the bugs, and I see two or three posts a day about it. If you have it you know what I mean where the game blocks all external sound. So lets comment here enough to actually make this something they focus on and fix.
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  • Same, does this to audible even while controlling it though android auto on head unit.
  • It's kind of a feature. Helps limit my time in-game by preventing me from playing if I'm listening to something.
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    It doesn’t really affect me, but it should still be fixed. However, CG seems to be too busy messing up Conquest and nerfing characters to do anything about it.
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  • It isn't just background audio apps that are impacted!

    Audio - background audio apps, audible, Spotify etc just won't play when game is running
    Video - if you try and screen record the game quits (hmm means I can't capture the bug)
    Phone - if someone calls when the game is running the game quits

    If you are in a battle (TW/GAC/Arena) and someone calls you (or you wanted to grab video), it crashes the game battle over loss recorded.

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  • Yea this broke a few updates ago, and they seem to not care. Add another to the 5 year old QOL pile.
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    @Natetiffer I think the issue of the game quitting (when someone calls you or you open another app) also depends on the actual phone, the phone's memory and how they handle background tasks. It is quite annoying, but I've had to ignore several calls because I know the game will crash if I answer them. I have a Motorola One Zoom.
    However, I've seen some I-phone 12 users reopen the game with no issues after hours of inactivity and after opening other apps.
    Definitely annoying, but I don't know if it's the game's fault.

    The sound issue, though, is probably on a whole other boat.
  • It never use to happen but you have a fair point! I just have lumped all 3 things in the same boat, but maybe there's more than one boat ;-)

    thanks @Zumwan
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  • @Zumwan or I could buy the Asus ROG Phone 5s which has Game Genie "Game Genie is one of the most advanced gaming enhancement app in smartphones"

    I also remember playing SWGOH whilst on the phone on more than one occasion (don't tell the wife) so there's definitely a new bug! But I know phones are complicated machines...
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