Where can I find the refund policies for SWGOH transations?

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I think due to lag, I accidentally purchased Omega shards when I was trying to purchase my gold currency items that had just refreshed. I am not farming Omega, I don't care about Omega. I have a pretty set path of how I play.

Anyways, I was told to contact EA support as they had helped others who experienced this and they received partial refunds which is not great but a lot better than losing 1200 crystals for something you don't want.

EA support said it was not possible to refund the crystals, or remove the shards. I guess I am irked because it feels like others have received some help for this exact scenario and I am not, I guess it feels arbitrary or discriminatory.

Is there a place somewhere that explains in-game purchases and refunds. I am sure it needs to be listed somewhere and I am just not finding it as I have never had to look before. I have come across a bunch that were in the technical help section but all the responses there said to contact EQ support for options available or that it was possible but it had to be within 48 hours. The time between it happening and when I contacted them was all the time that had elapsed from me finding the contact information and talking to players, maybe 20 minutes.

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  • Unfortunately, EA’s customer support won’t be much help. But I’m not sure if there is actually some way you can get a refund of crystals, as I’ve never bought anything with actual money in the game, or have accidentally purchased something from shipments.
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  • I had this happened to me twice, but because of glitches in the GUI where I 'clicked through' the 'FREE' button on bronzium packs into the crystal packs behind them. EA support basically said "too bad so sad our game is full of bugs lol" and sent me on my way. I'm F2P, otherwise I would have gone to the Play store/ App store to sort that out.

    My closed thread post on it:

    I was purchasing bronzium packs with ally points and the UI glitched, and brought up the Omega 12999 crystal pack, which is directly under the UI element to purchase additional packs with ally points. Purchasing bronziums with ally points involves repeatedly pressing the lower right corner of the screen, and is incredibly tedious. Before I noticed that the pack had changed colors, I saw 7 shards of Omega and realized that the UI must have glitched, it allowed imput in the same location under the top layer, and purchased the Omega pack. I did not want these shards. I have never purchased any other shards of Omega. I would like to have the 7 Omega shards rescinded and my 1299 crystals refunded. This is the second time I've experienced this UI glitch, and on a different device. The UI really should be fixed or a pack that requires a second step of confirmation in a different location put in it's place, as the bronzium packs are currently the only way to spend ally points and the proccess of repeatedly tapping the lower right corner of the screen is required of every player should they wish to use this free resource. It should not put them in danger of using $10 worth of premium currency to do so.
    Anyone else experience this issue?

    And before Kyno locks this thread: A ticket has been submitted to support, but this is the second time I've experienced this across two devices, and the devs need to be made aware of it. It is something all players are at risk of experiencing, since we all have to use ally points this way, and it's not worth CG paying their support team to resolve these tickets rather than just have the devs fix this error, change the GUI for ally points/bronziums, or most appropriately, allow us to open bronziums in bulk.




  • Oh wow @WookieWookie that would be so frustrating! I am sorry that happened to you.

    So, basically what I am hearing is that many people have experienced poor customer service, I guess that isn't something they value and that is the way it is lol, and I can probably infer that the people I know that received a refund were because they were big spenders. There probably isn't anything in writing anywhere, hmmm.

    This experience has negatively impacted my experience and my perception of this game and it's leadership. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and helping me make a decision.

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    You can find the refund policy and steps at the bottom of the Forum Guidelines.
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