• 169-642-728

    Spender!! Add me for strong heroes
  • Hey folks,


    Lvl 59, very active daily player, trying to add a few more allies to finally unlock Vader.
  • 957-153-395

    active , looking for allies! , lvl 27
  • Add please. Daily player. Higher levels to help me out would be great.
  • 145-333-536 playing daily
  • Lv 42 and rank #6 on PVP now . Don't know why . Looks my server #1 is over 49 #2 is Lv 44.
    Add my code pls: 198-657-395. Thanks
  • Lvl 56
    Daily player
    Rank 700 - should try harder!
  • Hi Guys,
    I have been sending requests out now since this started to try and unlock these achievements for Vader, well I just saw this thread and was hoping more are in the same boat as me lol, so my question is where do I find my code to post here and maybe we can all help each other out.

  • Go to Allies menu and look at the top left. Your ally code will show there.
  • 526-297-934

    I play every 10-18 hrs. Very activ player
  • Zombie wrote: »
    Go to Allies menu and look at the top left. Your ally code will show there.

    Thanks, found it, here is my code and I am level 54.

  • 516-289-515

    Active player level 35 and growing
  • Hey guys! I am only level 32 as I just started 36 hours ago, but I have been playing a ton. I am looking for high level allies to help me grind to level 60. Code: 673-883-852
  • Xyo
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    edited January 2016
    Level 58 925-327-551 Sidious 6* & Lumi 5*
  • Name says it all... New player but growing at an exponential rate... Any and all players please feel free to add and may The Force be with You!!!

    34 posts Member
    daily player looking for allies
  • 593-874-955

    Level 47, top 20 in arena daily.

    Would appreciate 2-3 level 60 adds to help with mission progression :) Thanks!
    Guild: ALL YOUR RNG ARE BELONG 2 US - 1 opening currently. T7 raids, 5:30AM UTC Guild daily resets, have room for dedicated players. F2P Welcome. Recruitment Post
  • Hoat
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    418 935 186

    L57 daily player

    The normal Level 6 and 5 purple equipped chars all at 3k+ (e.g. Sid, JC, Lumi, Dooku, Chewie) and working on final shards to up Han, Daka in next few days.

    Ideally looking for high level players to help me out on some of the later level tasks who have different L6 chars to mine (e.g. Po, Baris, Phasma, IG86, Fives, Kenobi).

  • new player lvl 21 very close to 22
  • 274-188-442

    play daily
    Marshawn Lynch lil baby stiff arm
  • 828-561-562
    Level 57
    Rank in top 10 daily
    Looking for strong players higher level
  • I play everyday all day long..literally. My ally code is 346-758-582
  • oTradeMark
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    Level 44 Active Daily Player.
    Ally Code: 754-257-592
    Possible Leaders: Phasma, Chewie, Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Maul, Leia, Qui-Gon Jinn

    I'm looking for allies who are active daily players who are either low level players (1-39) or high level players (50+). My reasoning behind this is to maximize Bronzium credits earned. When someone borrows your leader you both earn 20 Bronzium credits so low level active players who will borrow my leader are wanted. If you're a high level player you will likely not borrow my leader, however I will always borrow the leaders of level 50+ players daily if they are available to select from the borrow menu so you will earn an additional 20 bronzium credits each day being my ally as well. - Gaming Guides | oTradeMark - YouTube Channel | Team iNstinct - Guild
  • 199-913-449

    Level 55 Active Player
  • Started 4 days ago - level 31 already. 874-992-451
  • r2steve2
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    Started last week, now routinely #1 in arena on my server. Level 47 and climbing, active daily.
  • Neco
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    Now I'm 43 lvl, looking for allies of high lvls
    (I have already had there a lot of low levels allies, I don't mind it, and I happy if I could help them, but I also need someone higher, than I am now).

    My daughter is 48 lvl

    (Many thanks to Ferg and Ishtar for their heroes)
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  • Saitama
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    Level 53 active. Prefer players around my level :smile:

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  • Thanks Guys!

    Just about 9 more to go and I can mark 1 more of the achievements towards Vader

  • Ong
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    Lv - 59 / 60 in still 1/2 Days
    Power 20k
    Prefer High Player 59/60lvl.
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