More PvE Bounty hunting

I'd like more PvE stuff in the game, because Pvp always gets taken over by whoever has the biggest wallet. Comment or read if you'd like!
I had one idea for bounty hunters where every week or so you get posted a bounty (character) to hunt after and then you have to use your bounty hunters to search different planets that they may be hiding on. You could have like a max amount of planet searches a day (maybe even just One per bounty Hunter) and if you go to a wrong planet you have a fight or whatever with a possible clue towards where the toon you're looking for is hiding based on star wars lore or simple rewards like credits, gear etc. There's plenty of planets they could use and people with good knowledge of star wars lore would gain an advantage.
Then the rewards could be shards for whoever you caught, or whoever you used as a bounty Hunter. Maybe credits, gear, crystals whatever.

A simple example would be like a 5M credits bounty on jedi knight Luke and you have a week to find him and defeat him with 1 planet search per day, clues could be like (abandoned rebel Base) so it would be narrowed down (that might be too Easy a hint I dunno) and then the quicker you catch and defeat him (within the week) the more shards you get. If you find him but lose the fight then he could move to another location. Doesn't have to be a new character but that would be cool too!

So what do ye think? just an idea but I'd love to see it in the game


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