Galactic War is way too difficult now.

So I updated the game this morning and the first thing I did was play a Galactic War match. ...Since I dig this part of the game. Normally I make it to the 6-8th battle before I am defeated by characters way above my level. This time around though I'm pulverized by the 3rd match due to fighting Characters I normally face late in the stage. This is getting just a tad bit ridiculous.


  • Yeah I noticed that I got destroyed by around battle 7 when I was generally 2nd or 3rd to last battle before I run out of chars.
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  • New record for me!!!!!! Node 8 5 fully geared 7* stars!!!! Any chance your coders just forgot this part of their screw up?
  • I saw a change 5 days ago , when I found (in the middle of GW ) the team gear maxed, stars more and each 5 level higher to my player. It is possible to try to win, but this win will eat 4 my chars . If I do not have any sense additional chars , the continue of GW is not possible.
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    I have been posting for a few weeks about this. It seemed right for about a week at the end of January...I was struggling to get to the end fight and usually losing there but that's the idea of a progressive challenge and made victory much sweeter! However, it seems to be back to its usual crap shoot now. Today as an example...I'm level 61 with a pretty good team considering I'm a tight **** ftp type...
  • Battle 7 was full team of epic geared 70 and 71 level toons!
  • 2 days ago was the first time in 2 weeks I didnt finish GW. Yesterday was a tough one for metoo, I just barely finished with 3 toons out of my whole roster left standing.

    Yes it's gotten more difficult now. But now more than ever, strategy is key to a win.
  • In the last 3 days GW has been very difficult for a lev 70F2P as me, too. Facing maxdps-teams since battle 5-6 is really hard.. i can complete it, only because i have many toons leveled up, but for a newbie of this game i think it's impossible.. and obviuosly i have 9-10 toons maxed because i ve completed lots of time my GW.. in this way Capital Games is increasing the gap between new players and older ones..
  • What happened to GW? I was soundly defeated in Battle 3. By that I mean wiped out in second round. I have a well rounded team and a deep bench. NO combo would even come close to surviving! This has never happened in 2.5 months of daily play. I've never had a complaint with the game until now. Always thought GW was fair and competitive. I won some and lost some. But this is absolutly ridiculous! Please adjust this. Thanks.
  • I'm at Level 66 and use 7* Lumi (leader), 7* Sid, 5* Chewie, 5* Poe, and 5* JC. Haven't lost GW since level 60. Tanks taunt while Lumi and JC heal. It got harder yesterday, but still very beatable for me. Today, my hardest battle was a group of level 62-63 with 5-7*. Seems random - would be nice to know how the battles are chosen.
  • The power of your opponent seems very random. Once my third battle had like a full level 70 team while the fourth a team of only level 55s
  • Whatever they did to Galactic Wars makes me not even want to play anymore. It used to be beatable with strategy, but now the other teams are so ridiculously overpowered you can't even strategize before getting killed! I'll have to figure out how to use this retreat function that everyone keeps talking about...
  • My team:
    Leader: Captain Phasma, the extra attacks are very nice
    Darth Sideous, the Heal Immunity his basic attacks do is often a game changer. Like when some of them is down a lot and is Heal Immune, the opposing team wastes their heal abilities doing nothing
    Luminara: excellent healer and also high damage
    Jedi Consular, also for the healing.
    Old Daka: In some way the most Important character because she can raise the dead, heal, and her basic attack stuns.
    They are all about lvl 68-70, Luminara, Sid, JC is 7*, Phasma and Old Daka 5*.

    My strategy:
    First kill Darth Sideous if it's present, getting Heal Immunity yourself is sometimes really annoying
    Second: Kill Old Daka, so she can't raise the dead.
    The rest kill them in order of damage they can do to you.
    Whenever some of your characters die, use Old Daka's resurrection ability. If it fails, RETREAT!
    That way I sometimes win the entire GW with a single 5 character team.
    It can be really tedious but if you persist you usually succeed. Just keep trying and trying until you beat a level without losing a single team member. There are times when you are against an extremely strong team, like all maxed out characters. In that case I usually swap my entire team with other characters and let them fight to death, weakening the other team and then finish it with my base team. This of course doesn't always work but this strategy is pretty good for me at least.
  • It is hard, but not impossible. Well some days it can seem so.
  • It seems that it got harder. At least its not reslly fun anymore to have the last 7 battles with full 7 stars and lvl 70 typical sid lumi poe phasma and dooku oponents or similar builds
  • Its funny cuz its true
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    I own almost every toon in the game. Half leveled up over 50's, others not far behind. Over 10 different formidable teams to compete with and I can't finish Galactic War unless I use the retreat like 40 times and even then I still get stuck.
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  • This is true, please fix this!!!
  • Yep . I was beating GW towards early February until this update came out. For the acid be I'm at 23 of 50. Now GW opponents are 5 levels higher more stars and way better equipment - can't beat it at all anymore it's ridiculous! I complained and EA responded by saying "We can't help you, bring it up in the forums".

    As per all other replies to this topic, I'm not the only one who thinks GW is now impossible. Is anything going to be done? If so when and if it takes a long time what about compensation? Players not just myself were working through GW daily. What about all the war tokens, shards, ability mats and other goodies we are now missing out on until this gets sorted!?

    GW is no essentially impossible - EA what are you thinking, please sort out this mess. Thank you

  • Weird thing is I've had the opposite experience. It's now easier. I had only won 3 times before the update and was frustrated after nearly 2 months, since then I've only lost 2 times and once I attributed to poor strategy of saving my best players to the end but not having anyone to back up the fallen at that point. I play my best the entire time and sub when and if I lose one with another good one. I use different characters now as well...
  • I'm level capped and my GW opponents don't reach 65 until the last series of chests.

    Old GW started off 5 levels from your level at first challenge. GW is not harder you just can't use the same strategy of playing off the retreat function anymore.

    It's mostly character based now. If you have enough characters you can clear it daily.

    3rd clear in a row
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  • Tusnal wrote: »
    This is true, please fix this!!!

    There is nothing to fix. EA want your money and nothing else
  • Level up and it will get easier. At lvl69 now and just beat my 26th GW in a row. I never see any enemies above lvl64.
  • Whatever...I'm level 61, TRYING not to waste anymore money on this pointless crap. Because the farther you get, the less your money does for you and the more powerful other opponents get because you start going up against the people who have spent ALOT! GW - 6th fight - opponent lvl 70! ****!? Obviously I never even killed one of the characters. Lvl 40 On my other account? (no money spent, so of course you know who I use) first try, swept thru GW NEVER EVEN USED A HEAL!
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    Level up and it will get easier. At lvl69 now and just beat my 26th GW in a row. I never see any enemies above lvl64.

    Na man, I am a level 70 and so are 8 of my characters. I agree with what most are saying;

    Since the last update early 2016. When this went live, I have the same issue. I was enjoying things, even when I was around 100 PvP Squad Arena. But I was able to finish 80% of my Galactic War marches.

    Now four chests into the Galactic March I am being smashed by opponents. One team can often take out my entire "A" team all level 70 and even take out my "B" team around 65-68 level EASILY. Kind of takes out the fun of it really. Most of my "A" team have level 6-7 Attacks and Abilities with Level VII gear. Suddenly this is not strong enough for half a march.

    This really needs to be changed to make it fun again.
  • I have has possible to finish (this time) GW: one before last. 2 chars 5 levels higher, 1 char 4 levels higher, 1 char 3 levels higher, 1 char 2 level higher, more stars and max gear .
    My team A killed 2 oponents, team B killed the rest 3 and roughed up strong, started last battle. To kill 4 chars in the last battle I used this roughed up team and next C team.
    The last left Fives and I have next my D team to fight - the strongest char had 10 levels less possition in compare to Fives. And this team killed him without lost any char. (I do not have good opinion about Fives and I will never farm him)
  • I just hit 68 today. I have 7 Lumi, 7 Phas, 7 Sid, 5 Consular, 5 Talia as my A Team. A scattering of 50-somethings in the back ranks.

    My 6th battle today is against all level 70, 7 Lumi, 7 Phas, 7 Sid, 6 Kylo, 6 Consular. Not much chance of beating that. And If I do, there's another team like that a couple battles on. Its been like this since the last update, and to make it worse, their DoTs will kill me, but mine won't kill them. Haven't won, or even got very far in GW since the update. I used to be able to get a lot farther along, or even win the GW before. Not anymore.

    Makes it hard to rank up the characters if you can't get the rewards and you can't get the rewards without ranking up the characters.

    I really like this game, I like collecting the characters. But when it's too hard to get anywhere, the fun dies quickly.
  • I just hit 57 today. on my 8th GW match i'm up against a full team of level 70, 6/7* toons. ****??? i have absolutely no chance whatsoever. This needs fixing otherwise this game just got killed off pretty quick.
  • Finally saw what you're talking about. Lost my first GW today after 26 wins in a row. Full team of 5-7* lv70s in the 7th stage. Changed my arena squad yesterday for the first time since I started playing this game - maybe that has something to do with it.
  • I was beating GW every other day. This was alright for me since I felt I didn't strategize as well some days. But now I sgruggle to even gain 400 gems to even purchase a character. Halfway through GW I'm fighting 70s and before I even get to hit I've already lost 2 of my characters. I've tried weakening them with lower leveled toons then switching to my high level, but this doesn't work for me since it takes my full high level team to kill 1 enemy character
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    I'm 100% with you. Ever since the update I haven't been able to make it past 7. The developers keep saying it's supposed to be hard, a challenge utilizing your entire roster. There is a difference between challenging and impossible. I am a fresh 62. My 5th battle today was 5 66's, all gear level 8 with the exception of one at 7, and 2 stars and a 6. I havent attempted it yet, but aside from sending a suicide squad in an attempt to snipe the 4star darth maul, i dont see myself making it past this. Even if my team Makes it through in what shape will it be in to continue? And if my top team can't do enough damage than how is this a test of my full roster? Depth of roster doesn't matter when the team im going against can wipe the entire squad in 1 turn regardless of what 5 i send against it

    Update** with gratuitous use of the retreat button I was able to make it to battle 8 where I now ran into (keep in mind I am a brandddd new level 62) 3 70's, 2 66's, all 7 star and gear 8. You've gotta be joking EA. Please tell me how any manipulation of my roster is going to get past that. Even with a full roster at battle one.. Let alone 8 battles in after that squad killer crushed half my A team in fight 5
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