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Greetings Holotable Heroes!

We at Capital Games are happy to finally bring you Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Version Update 9! This version update includes the BRAND NEW, anxiously awaited game mode: TERRITORY BATTLES! Along with new iconic Characters and improvements, we're excited to share this amazing new adventure with our amazing community! Read below for details on the update.

As of Monday 8/28, we are still rolling out the update to Apple and Google stores. You can check to see if it is available and download in manually. When we've populated the stores world wide, we'll be updating all users to this new version!

A special thank you to all of you, our supportive and passionate player base. Together, we make this journey truly heroic.

Fight on!
@CG_RyDiggs << Version Update 9 MEGATHREAD>>

UPDATE 8/29-The daily login character for September is: Captain Phasma

After sneak peeks, overviews, and copious amounts of community strategizing, the wait is over. Territory Battles launches onto the Holotable! This is an epic, multi-phase battle, pitching the entire collection of characters and ships of every guild member against a progressively challenging, living battlefield. Territory Battles is restricted to players level 65 and higher.

You can read our deep dive on the Territory Battles feature here, some highlights include:
  • Territory Map
    All the player's units (characters or ships) can be deployed to a Territory, advancing progress toward earning stars in that territory and allowing select units to be used on missions in the Territory.
  • Dynamic Updating
    An activity log updates showing the contributions all players made to the Territory either through deploying units or completing nodes on the Territory.
  • Galactic Power Visually increases
    Whenever a player makes an investment in any unit, the players Galactic Power will visually increase.
  • Combat Mission
    Battle where players earn additional Territory Points toward the Territory based on the number of encounters completed.

  • Territory Deployment
    All the player's units can be deployed to a Territory, advancing progress toward earning stars in that Territory and allowing those units to be used on any missions in the Territory.

Galactic Power is a new way of gauging the power of your collection and is very important in the Deployment Mission in Territory Battles. Galactic Power can be viewed in a variety of locations including when activating or upgrading a unit, in the Unit Inventory HUD, and in the player profile.

Guild Galactic Power is the sum of the Galactic Power of all guild members. This can be viewed in the guild home HUD and in a new leaderboard under Territory Battles.
A second leaderboard has been added to display the guilds with the highest stars earned in each Territory Battle. This reset monthly.

We encourage our players to invite more players to their guild to get the most out of Territory Battles! To make this easier, the ability to join an ally guild has been expanded to allow searching for a guild using a variety of criteria such as guild name, members, and Guild Galactic Power. In addition, players can search for guilds and send an invite request without leaving their current guild.


• Rebel Officer Leia Organa
• Captain Han Solo
• Hermit Yoda

New characters make their way to the Holotable in Territory Battles. We offered the playerbase a sneak peek at their kits and abilities already, so if you need a second look, clicking the names below should lead you to each character’s respective Character Strategy guide.

Rebel Officer Leia Organa
Captain Han Solo
Hermit Yoda

Alongside these familiar faces come some exciting additions to Territory Battles:
  • Imperial Scout Droid
  • Snowtrooper Commander
  • Snowtrooper Ops

Gear XII update has arrived in Galaxy of Heroes! You will need Seven Star characters to use Gear Level XII; Gear Level XII can be purchased in the Guild Event Store. Alongside the newly unlocked Gear XII update, we’ve added 8 new gear pieces to the game. The new gear is a significant increase in the amount of power from Gear Level XI and also increases your overall Galactic Power with each piece.
• Mk XII ArmaTek Armor Plating
• Mk XII ArmaTek Bayonet
• Mk XII ArmaTek Tactical Data
• Mk XII ArmaTek Visor
• Mk XII ArmaTek Wrist Band
• Mk XII ArmaTek Cybernetics
• Mk XII ArmaTek Multi-tool
• Mk XII ArmaTek Medpac

Also arriving to the Holotable are some new Gear XI pieces. Make sure to collect these pieces as you progress towards Gear XII.

Mk 6 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage
• Light, Normal, Stage 9, Mission 4
Mk 4 Zaltin Bacta Gel Salvage
• Dark, Normal, Stage 9, Mission 3
Mk 9 BioTech Implant Salvage
• Dark, Normal, Stage 9, Mission 4

Captain Han Solo shards are now available on Cantina Battles (Battle 7-D).

For a limited time, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) is available in the Shard Store. Additionally, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) will be farmable in Fleet Shipments.

Cassians U-Wing has been added to the Fleet Mega Pack.


We are removing the Daily Crystal Booster from the Store effective 8/29/2017 for Android and iPhone users. Any Daily Crystal Boosters purchased before 8/29 will yield their full 21 days of crystals. We are reviewing alternative formulations of the booster pack and hope to bring it back in the future.

Prepare for Battle Bundle
Power up your Rebels and get ready for TERRITORY BATTLES! This one-time bundle includes several pieces of fully crafted gear, ability materials, credits, training droids, and Hoth Rebel Scout and Hoth Rebel Soldier shards.

Bundle Contents include:
• Character Shards:
o Hoth Rebel Scout (x55)
o Hoth Rebel Soldier (x55)
• Credits: 4M credits
• XP Droids: 45x Tier 4
• Ability Mats

Hoth Rescue Pack- Captain Han Solo
Power up Captain Han Solo! This daring Rebel support unit risks his life to Revive units and Daze enemies, and will aid in TERRITORY BATTLES. Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Captain Han Solo and may award up to 330 SHARDS!

Pack Contents indclude:
• Cards: 1
o Captain Han Solo 5-330

Hoth Rescue Bundle- Captain Han Solo
Get 40 shards of Captain Han Solo with the Hoth Rescue Bundle! This daring Rebel support unit risks his life to Revive units and Daze enemies, and will aid in TERRITORY BATTLES. (Maximum of 1 purchase)
Bundle Contents include:
• Character Shards: Captain Solo (x40)
• Credits: 150,000
• XP Droids: 15x Tier 4
• Ability Mats


• Updated the Splash Screen to include Territory Battles.
• In extreme circumstances where there is a disconnect between the game store and the catalog, if the game fails to get the correct price of anything in the store, instead of defaulting to the USD price in all regions, the store will now default to the text “TAP FOR PRICE”. This will reveal the correct price in the pop-up confirmation to purchase.
• The “Retreat” button has been updated to say “Forfeit” in situations where something is lost for taking that action (ex. Loss of Squad Arena Attempt)
• The resolution of an image in the 2x events popup (from Cantina Home) has been increased to make the image clearer.
• Raid rewards no longer require a client restart to appear in the inbox.


• Fixed an issue where a red screen was flashing during the game loading sequence.
• Resolved a problem where battle animations have a slight delay.
• Fixed numerous asset download/network errors – which displayed as 104.0 Errors.
• Reduced hitching in combat and fleet combat – which was primarily impacting Android users, but will resolve any issues on both platforms.
• Fixed a number of crashes on lowend devices (particularly those introduced by Update 8.1).
• Fixed crashes that occurred when Emperor Palpatine uses the Power of the Darkside AOE attack.
• Optimized memory overhead on iOS and Android.
• Resolved a few issues where the game would hang or get stuck in a loading loop after Galactic War.
• Fixed an issue where the find for MK4 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage was sometimes causing a loading loop.


• Fixed the bug where the Challenge countdown timer stopped updating in realtime.
• The chat hitbox is now dynamic based on the width of the preview rather than a static width. This was particularly problematic with Thrawn as Lead in the Forrest Moon event and with full Ewok squads in Phase two of the Heroic AAT.
• Fixed an issue where the Home button on Android dev ices would cause certain screens (like the character skill upgrade window) to overlap. (Note: This will not fix all instances of this issue, but specifically the ones caused by the Home button.)
• Fixed an issue where tapping on "SIM" in Challenges when there are no Sim tickets on the account prompted players to purchase Cantina or normal energy and tickets.
• Fixed an issue which should prevent the appearance of a negative credit value when trying to upgrade mods.
• Resolved an issue where the Galactic War chest icon appears on Hard nodes.
• Fixed an issue where the art for the Bounty Hunter Challenge briefly replaces the images for other challenges on the challenge screen.
• Fixed an issue where guild icons would appear incorrectly in the “Ally Management” screen.
• Fixed an issue where the energy icon is offset on 4:3 devices.
• Fixed an issue where the Tip Ticker in the Store will flash rapidly.
• Fixed an issue where not all hits, critical and normal, would show on the screen at once. This was particularly noticeable with Wicket’s “Forest Ambush” ability.
• Fixed an issue where “Last Activity Time” updated when a player is attacked in Squad Arena. The “Last Activity Time” should now only update when the player takes action.


• Admiral Ackbar: Fixed an issue that could cause “Rebel Coordination” to fail to call an Assist.
• Clone Sergeant Phase I: Critical Chance from "Concentrated Fire" will now stack with other sources of Critical Chance.
• Emperor Palpatine: “Let the Hate Flow” will no longer affect damage-immune targets.
• Ewok Elder: "Tribal Healer" will no longer heal Sith allies under a Darth Nihilus leader.
• Hoth Rebel Scout: Turn Meter gain from “Bold Maneuvers” will now correctly use one chance roll for all allies, instead of separate chance rolls for each ally.
• Fixed a text error in Talia’s special ability “Water of Life” at level 1 says “All other allies recover…” instead of “Each other ally recover…”
• Fixed an issue with Jyn Erso’s “Rebel Counterattack” description in German which implies that more than one Rebel can be revived.

Again, from all of us here at Capital Games, we thank you the community, for matching our passion and support for this beloved game.


Development Manager for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
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