Beat 7* Thrawn with this G8 team!


  • Ezra is obv the most important toon in the team, but chopper is full on god mode. That dude has saved my butt more times than I can remember. I don't even have sabine unlocked lol. Chopper is a beast
  • I did it without ezra and chopper at G7 :)
  • Thanks for the recommendation of going straight after Deathtroopers as much as possible. Thrawn fractured my Ezra and I thought I was finished, but Ezra survived while Sabine did the pummeling. Once the DTs were gone, used Zeb to restore protection and stun. 7* Thrawn is now mine! Thanks again for the encouragement.
  • So no one has completed this without level 85 squad right? Because I've completed both Yoda and Emperor at levels 70 and 74 respectively.
  • So no one has completed this without level 85 squad right? Because I've completed both Yoda and Emperor at levels 70 and 74 respectively.

    With these guys you want to be around level 80 so that you can omega all of their uniques. I personally leveled to 82, all G8 with Kanan G7, all uniques omega'd, no Sabine, arena mods. Focused potency on Zeb and called him for most assists to stun, stagger, and daze, which turned the tide in my favor.
  • This thread gives me hope.

    I have all their Omegas, gear 8, and they are all level 85. Just waiting on Hera to get to 7 star, which will happen no later than Wednesday. Was planning on using Sabine, but apparently Chopper is the way to go for most people

    I read all these comments too. Thanks for ALL the input, plus the OP.
    CLONE HELMETS!! Now let's get Sabine her epic helmet.
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    I did it with all gear 8, level 85, all uniques omega'd and some others omega'd.

    For anyone worried about speed mods, with semi-decent 5 dot mods you don't need it if you're using chopper. My speed totals were:

    Hera: +44
    Chopper: +4
    Zeb: +25
    Ezra: +33
    Kanan: +9

    Mods are still on them.

    Also, my kill order was DT-DT-ST-STC-STC-Thrawn. Do what works for you with the Stormtroopers; if one is debuffed it may make sense to stun it with Zeb then take out someone else. But the DT's have to go first.
    My Hera was fractured first but I kept her alive with taunts.
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  • Does anyone know if this can be done at level 79? I've omega Ezra and kanan and I have decent mods on all members. All squad is 7* including Sabine. But I'm out of omegas with no way to farm them because again I'm only a level 79. Help!!!!!

    Yes, it can. It might be very, very difficult, but it's possible. A member of my guild is level 78 and maybe has one Omega on Ezra and that's it. He just got Thrawn to 7* today.
  • I did it without ezra and chopper at G7 :)

    What were your speeds?
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    Not trying to steal OP's thunder or anything, but if someone would like to see a video, I ran the same g8 team with my best mods (speed stats in video's description).
    I have not touched Phoenix after that, so if you would like to see their gears/omega, take a look at my profile

    I did not focus on anything beside speed and it worked on the first try. I tried with Sabine instead of Chopper, but Chopper's heal/taunt/dispel are more important.
    Sorry, I'm not really youtube savvy, there's no sound for some reason.
  • I have still Problems dont have the mods so they are Always first and best i coud reach was to kill one death and the stormtrooper
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    Zeb's too weak for me at G8 and Kanan for that matter.

    The trooper taunt is a major holdup.

    I got down to the man himself but of course he's superpowered then, so he can flatten everybody with fracture and if you lose Zeb........

    Maybe in 3 months unless there's a way of gaining two levels and 6 pieces of Phoenix gear in a week......aside from all the monies of course.

    Oh and omegas. Haven't got any of those left either.

    In short I think I could do it but I haven't the patience to keep plowing through the trash mobs to get to him every time. It's not like I can do anything with him anyway.

    Obviously it seems the RNG is being a kittening kitten if this can't do it. Nothing I can do about speed, been trying the last 3 weeks to get above what's there.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF

    Just beat him with this squad. Ezra g9 (reluctantly after like 25 tries), rest g8. Unique and Ezra basic all omega'd.

    Took like 50 tries, but when I finally got it I had all 5 toons still alive.

    Originally Ezra had like 220 speed, Hera like 180. Switched some mods to give Ezra 210 and Hera 190. Upp'd here's protection (she was my squishiest toon and I was doing best when she was killed first, but without her revive I couldn't survive long enough).

    Zeb has like 55 tenacity, but honestly, I ended up not trying to force the stun on Thrawn and instead just tried to keep everyone's protection high (using Zebs, kanan, and choppers specials, and using Ezra to call Zeb for assists).

    Now my thrawn is 7 star, and cause I saved up, is g8, level 73. When I get him level 74, I have a stun gun with his name on it to push him to g9.

    Now to strip my Phoenix of their borrowed mods and suit up my empire/sith squad
  • This guide helped me a lot! Did it after 4 tries!

    This was my lineup with the most important stats:

    Ezra - G 9/5 - All Omega - 219 Speed - 186% CD
    Hera - G 8/5 - All Omega - 191 Speed - 46% Potency
    Zeb - G 8/5 - All Omega - 180 Speed - 48% Potency
    Kanan - G 8 - All Omega- 120 Speed - Full Protection Mods = around 23k HP and 25k Protection
    Chopper - G 8/5 - All Omega - 230 Speed - 50% Potency

    Tactics and Kill Order:

    Dispell Stormtrooper with Chopper or Ezra -> Taunt with Chopper or Kanan -> Always put Protection Up Abilities and "Backup Plan" on Taunter or whose Health is the lowest -> Focus on 1st Death Trooper -> 2nd Death Trooper -> Stormtrooper -> Commander -> Commander -> Thrawn.

    Try to use Ezra's "Watch and Learn" Ability on Zeb, so that he assist with his basic and daze the opponent. If it is Zeb's turn, he can stun this target immediately.

    When all Allies of Thrawn are dead, it's easy to defeat him. Permanent Stun of Zeb, Expose of Hera and Insane damage of Ezra.

    Good Luck to everyone.
  • Looks like I'm out of luck, all seems like omegas, omegas, omegas are key.

    Something I can't resolve. Level 82 is too far out of reach. Good job I'm using their ships or I'd be rage uninstalling.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Yeah I have everyone at gear 8 except Ezra is gear 10. Every omega is on them but I did not focus on speed as much as getting Kanan and Zeb with as much protection and health as possible and added some to Chopper and Hera where I could. Speed was Ezra at 193, Chopper 173, Kana 95, Zeb 150, and Hera 132. Did the same kill order and left Thrawn alone until the end. Was able to get backup plan on Kanan before Hera died and basically sacrificed Chopper in the beginning. At the end Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb were basically full health and protection.
  • One other note even though I only had Ezra at 193 for speed his CD was at 186% with health over 20k and protection over 30k. He was the key.
  • So no one has completed this without level 85 squad right? Because I've completed both Yoda and Emperor at levels 70 and 74 respectively.

    I did it at lvl 77. See my post
  • Just wanted to post a reply here saying a big thanks for the tips! I got 7* Thrawn today using g8 Pheonix with minimal omegas but lots of modding. I was able to hit the stat goals for the most part, and with a little luck in the final battle I was able to beat Thrawn. Thanks again!!
  • Hera (Gear 8) - Kanan (Gear 8) - Zeb (Gear 8) -Sabine (Gear 8) -Ezra (Gear 10) all 7*, full Omega with some modding. Speeds and mods are: Hera 191 (CC-Health-Potency), Kanan 133 (Health x3) - Zeb 123 (Health x2, Potency), Sabine 215 (Speed-Tenacity), Ezra 195 (Speed-Health).

    Took 2 tries.

    Buy this man a beer!

    Thanks, was completely stuck until I followed this!

  • Congrats. This event’s key is not a gear. It’s mod.
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    Just remember that:
    1. you must enter the last level with all non-base attacks ready, so do not auto previous battle, unless you auto on base attacks ONLY;
    2. your very first move is to debuff the taunting stormtrooper, after that focus on a single death trooper and only ever debuff with chopper if a stormtrooper gets taunt, otherwise ignore;
    3. kill off the second death trooper, and keep watch over health, use Hera's skill to make sure if someone is below 50% health he will revive if enemies manage to kill him;
    4. the stormtroopers go next and at this stage, use chopper to taunt as much as possible so you do not risk losing Zeb;
    5. Left against solo Thrawen, keep stunning and staggering with Zeb, at this stage forget anything else and you will win. If you are down to chopper and Zeb, just taunt and basic attack with chopper so he buys time for Zeb. If you have any non-chopper and Zeb or 2 toons plus Zeb you have already won.
    6. People may not say it, but for Zeb pick 3 potency mod sets with secondaries on speed AND potency, if Zeb is fast enough to both do often solo attacks as well as land stuns often, you have a much easier time.
  • Wearesyke wrote: »
    Just beat 7* Thrawn with this G8 Phoenix team. Just in case someone is looking to see if it's possible to not sink 5 stun guns into them lol

    Hera (lead) 85 G8-omega leader
    Zeb 85 G8-omega unique
    Ezra 85 G8-all omega's no zeta
    Kanan 85 G8-omega unique
    Chopper 85 G8-omega taunt/unique

    I put my absolute best mods on them. Here were the final important stats:

    Hera: 195 speed and 51% potency
    Zeb: 180 speed and 55% potency
    Ezra: 210 speed and 186% CD
    Kanan: 140 speed and 48k H+P
    Chopper: 226 speed and 48% Potency

    Auto-basic until the last round. This ensures all cooldowns are ready and it lets Ezra power up over the first 3 phases.
    Kill order was: Deathtrooper, deathtrooper, stormtrooper, commander, commander, Thrawn.

    I did not attack Thrawn at all until the end. His counter does too much damage. I focused on one person until they died.
    Taunted with Kanan right away so he got fractured. Then put back up plan on him to bring him back. If anyone got weak I would toss the taunts between Kanan and chopper. Ezra hit Thrawn (while exposed from Hera) for 17k. That really brought him down fast. And the winning shot was an assist by chopper on a Zeb basic. It was poetic.

    Hope this helps! I can answer any questions if you have them
    it didn’t help because I used 5 omegas u wasted more and i didn’t farm health mods so no collection of the great health sets. But lucky 5 dot with emphasis on health and protection is all that was needed not speed because g8 just need to survive they don’t hit hard enough for speed to be much use anyways.

  • Thanks to this guide/discussion, I managed to unlock 7* Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    I was really struggling and becoming frustrated with repeating the battle again and again to no avail. I kept trying different tactics, and this is what worked for me. Hopefully it might be of help to someone else.

    • All Phoenix characters were level 85
    • All Phoenix characters were at Gear 8 (Bare minimum, none were close to Gear 9)
    • All Phoenix characters had all their Omega ability levels unlocked
    • I did not have any Zetas (I didn't want to waste them on this team)
    • For Mods, I used the "auto assign" feature, including assigned Mods, and made sure they were all upgraded to Level 15
    • I left Kanan out when selecting the squad (an odd choice, as people usually leave out Chopper or Sabine, but it worked)

    1. I did auto battle basic until the final confrontation
    2. I removed the Stormtrooper's taunt with Ezra
    3. Defeated the Death Troopers
    4. Defeated the Stormtrooper
    5. Focused on Thrawn instead of the two Commandos, using the Phoenix squad's assist abilities to get multiple attacks in a turn (only because every time I left him to deal with last, his counter was too powerful and it would kill my remaining team--having everyone there when I was focusing on him was really helpful to eliminate him quickly)
    6. Finished it off by defeating the Commandos (they didn't do much damage to my characters, which were pretty much on their last legs at the time)
  • Grats!
    Leader: Grey Area 51
  • Ezra 80 g9 (attack omega)
    Zep 80 g8 (Unique omega)
    Hera 80 g8 (Leader omega)
    Chopper 80 g8 (no omega)
    Kanan 80 g8 (Unique omega)
    All average mods but maxed to lv 15

    Tried 3 times and failed. Then found this page beat at 1st try with only Kanan dead (following the kill order worked like charm). Thanks for the post!
  • I've failed 3x following this & have a bit more than the above does.

    6 Omegas, Ezra/Zeb Primarys + Everyone but Choppers Unique.

    Profile =

    RNG is certainly being a pain, twice I lost Zeb before I had the adds dead.

    I can't seem to have either of my Dispellers up & ready with TM for the Taunter & the 1 time I did Thrawn had him recast so I end up having to nearly kill the Stormtrooper before I can get on the Deathtroopers.

    Thrawn resists 3/4 of the debuffs from Zeb/Hera.

    I've got L15 Mods on them & gear ranges from 8+3 (Hera/Chop) to 9+5 (Ezra).

    Still have a couple pieces of gear in the bag waiting as well as enough Omegas for Chop's unique & 1 other ability, but was hoping to save those for Thrawn or my Jedi.

    Please let me know if you see anything that stands out as flawed & needing fixing or if this is just going to be an RNG painful weekend.

    Thanks :)
  • Well it took some of mods & leveling of new mods but a couple more tries and its done!

    Didn't have to add gear or omegas, just added some speed to Ezra, Chopper & Kanan.

  • I’m still having trouble with this tier.

    Here is my profile, I don’t seem to get the right mods to align with the stats folks are saying to have above.

    Can someone help?
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