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Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes forums! Below you'll find a clickable index of information to get you started. This index will change and populate with further info as the need arises. Cheers!

  • Guides Index- Confused about a certain part of the game? The Guides Index links to various dev and player submitted content to help you along.
  • Game Update Glossary- A breakdown of the different types of Game updates to expect and their content.
  • Game Update Status- When a Game update is upon us, this is the post to monitor to get a general idea of how soon that update will go live.
  • Event Calendar- A monthly listing of upcoming in game Events. These posts can always be found in Dev Announcements and News.


What's the New Player section?
  • New here? This is the place for members new (and returning!) to ask questions and get help on various aspects of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Where should I start?
  • If you're checking out this Index in the Academy, you're in the right place! Be sure to check out the Guides Index next.
Why was my topic moved/deleted from General Discussion?
  • As a rule content is never deleted. Please see our post here for more information on where mods move player threads and why.
Where do I report Bugs?
  • If you are experiencing an something you believe may be a bug or technical issue, please visit Answers HQ.
What do I do if I've been banned in the game or suspect someone of cheating?
  • If you want to report a potential cheater, please send a forum PM to @CG_Leviathan or @CG_LucifersDaddy with details on why you think someone is cheating, your ally code and the name of the suspected cheater.
  • To appeal in in game ban, please contact either @CG_Leviathan or @CG_LucifersDaddy in a forum PM.

What do I do if I've been banned from the forums?
  • First and foremost DO NOT make a new forum account! Please note temporary bans are not subject to appeal. If you feel that you have been long-termed banned incorrectly, please contact us at or submit an email to
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