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I cannot for the life of me beat Tier 3 of the new Rebel training event, its causing me a nightmare, any tips, guides, anything at all would be really appreciated


  • Focus on EP first, use R2 smoke to conceal everyone but Kenobi, use Leia invis ability EVERY TIME you can (yes even if she is already invis), that pretty much covers it.
  • Sewpot
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    Did you not pay attention to the teachings in tier 1 and 2 lol
  • Came up short, the moment the Stormtroopers taunt, I can't do a thing and it is literally only possible to EP to half protection by then, urghh
  • Also, use CLS "call to action" ability right away to get the buff and don't use it again unless CLS runs out of protection. Use CLS "use the force" ability right afterwards to either remove the taunt from ST or to disrupt whoever is giving you trouble on the enemy team. Best targets for "use the force" if ST is not taunting are: 1. Thrawn. 2. Palp. 3. Vader.
  • I got so **** close, Thrawn is just one shorting CLS, suppose its a lot of RNG as well
  • balance out your R2 smoke screen and Kenobi taunt to keep your team safe. Sounds like you are getting close
  • It's ridiculous, there taunts last longer, EP is doing 37000 dmg hits with his basic, Vaders cunning blade I understand when that one shots but come on Capital Games
  • Thank you so much for your advice, I'd been complaining to myself asking why they make such loved characters so difficult to get, my god do they have a steep learning curve, again, thank you
  • Well the event is designed to make each decision you make matter so you can learn the game mechanics of the rebels so you just have a learning curve
  • It’s impossible with the crap team they give you
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    Been getting my tail kicked 10 ways from Sunday. Not fun. I give up. That's a serious difficulty spike from tier 2 to tier 3.
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    I posted about this as well. The event characters you use suck. If I had my own team in there I'd probably do better. That's part of the problem. It is like they want to show you how badly rebels suck when they face Empire teams, especially with an EP lead.

    They need to buff that rebel team big time. My CLS was out of protection at one point and Vader used his basic and ONE SHOT CLS. One shot with a basic. Ridiculous. So, I feel your pain.
  • I give up. Most of the reward shards are 7*s already anyways. It doesn't matter how I go about this, I always get stopped with at least 3 standing. When I focus on stuns, my stuns magically no longer work. When I focus on taking them out one at a time, they one shot me to oblivion. No vids out on it yet.
  • Whatelse73
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    The Empire event isn't unlocked until you finish the Rebel event. Which is a whole 'nother set of events to do. Sorry to say.

    I did finally finish it, but it took about 10 tries and I still lost two of the five. I'm guessing the empire team vs rebels won't be nearly as difficult.
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    spread stuns

    This. It's not that difficult of an event with a little strategy. I stunned Vader first with Han's opening shot and then started spreading stuns from there. If a stormtrooper taunts, use CLS to remove the taunt. Try to keep Thrawn, Vader, and EP stunned as much as possible.

    I was stunning Palp/Thrawn first. When I stunned Vader first, I beat it with everyone but Old Ben still standing.
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    I tried it, failed. Then I came here, read to keep the **** stunned. Then it was easy. Thanks.

  • KKatarn
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    It is not that hard. You have three characters that can reduce TM(Luke, Han and Ben) and 3 that can stun them (Luke, Han, R2). Just make sure to keep Emperor, Vader and Thrawn never close to have a turn either by reducing their TM/Speed or stunning them.

    Got it right on the third try.
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    As others said, spread the stuns. Got it first try, no toons lost.
  • Naraic
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    Tok 2 attenpts. First attempt was blown by me making an obvious mistake. Second sailed throughwith all characters alive.
  • Just takes a few (well maybe several) tries until you get the right RNG.

    Switch your potential stun attacks between EP, Vader and Thrawn. Save Luke's dispel for when a ST taunts.

    I still lost Ben and Han on the match I finally won.
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    I beat it but without R2
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    If this mission can only be won with a particular combination of button presses, it is too hard and neads to be tweaked.

    Reminded me of this... :)

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    Spread stuns liberally, r2 was my mvp when i got it second try, just stun lock thrawn, ep, vader whomever. I killed off tfp, then ep, then vader, then the troopers then thrawn. R2 kept thrawn in check
  • Why do I get to I can only target the already stunned st
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    Yeah, I beat this event on the first try. Really not THAT difficult if you know how to use these characters. Lost Old Ben and CLS. Attack with Leia first (smoke screen before you use her stealth ability), TM and offense reduce with Old Ben, and just keep Vader and Palp stunned.
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    Why do I get to I can only target the already stunned st

    Is it taunting? You have to clear it with CLS.
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