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    I like how the mod optimizer does the separate window when optimizing, just wish that when you lock a character and didn't change mods, it would revise the list after the locked mods. Currently it wants me to swap 2 mods out, and it only gains me 8.7 mod set value. I don't think that is significant enough to change the mods. So I should be able to lock that character and have the mods currently equipped taken out of the mod pool.

    You can lock the mod set already existing on that character so those mods wont be moved.

    You can also set a %difference like say 5% so any increment of less than 5% wont change the mods much.

    I know you can, but you need to lock them, then fetch data to lock the mods on that character. Being able to fetch data requires an hour cool down. I think before, when a character was locked, it didn't use those mods when optimizing.

    I think he was pointing out the fact that the tool lets you lock mod sets (don't know about individual mods) on a character. No need to do it in game and refresh data. I've never had to refresh data to lock mods this way.

    But that was not what I was talking about, I had 2 mods on Bastila that the optimizer wanted to move. It resulted in an 8.7 set value increase and I wasn't happy loosing the protection. I backed out to the main page, locked bastila and re-optimized. One of the next group of characters showed 2 mods from Bastila, who was locked and her mods shouldn't have been selected. My point was that the optimizer was showing mods that it should not have been showing, and the only way for the optimizer to catch up is to refresh the optimizer itself, has nothing to do with the game or mod sets.

    That adds some clarity. Sounds like it might be a bug. As I said, I've never had this issue. Might be best to join the Discord server and ask:

    Not sure if it is a bug, but I guess I can drop him a PM. Just my luck that the optimizer is down on the day I try to change mods. lol
  • Is it still accurate that your mods have to actually be equipped to a character before this tool can detect and work with them?
  • Is it still accurate that your mods have to actually be equipped to a character before this tool can detect and work with them?

    They have to be equipped to be detected by the optimizer. Once they are in the optimizer then they can be taken off your character and still be remembered by the optimizer the next time you click "Fetch my data" so long as the "Remember existing mods" option box is checked.
  • Seems broke with the new g13 gear

    Hold ctrl and reload the page. I just tried it and it seemed to work for me.
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