Get this 100% Turnmeter coinflip mechanic out of this game!



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    Didn't read past the 1st page, but couldn't they rewrite Vader's culling blade and Thrawn's command to read, "give next turn?" What if they made it a different mechanic besides TM gain. You could have some abilities that grant TM and some that grant next turn. It wouldn't take a lot of extra writing to explain the difference and it would at least eliminate some of the randomness. It isn't going to resolve every TM tie, but you'd at least know those abilities were going to were going to work as expected.

    yes, they could, but they dont, so they dont and shouldnt work that way now.

    Why not just make it such that on offense u will go first. Rather than having a massive ffa party when 9-10 toons are at 100% tm (think rex cleansing against zep lead).

    Even **** things like using thrawn to swap tm with another 100% tm toon (eg cls) so i can dispel a taunt to fracture sion - but lo and behold it’s still thrawn’s turn! Can’t they just make it such that whoever thrawn swaps tm with goes next?

    Beacuse thats a huge advanatge for offense, really. And because the in game description shows thrawn swapping TM and not turns.

    When people/animals/things go on the offensive, they usually take the initative. Is it a huge advantage? Sure, but CG hasnt always cared about defense anyway.

    Did you just compare this game to a lion attacking prey? What a weird argument.

    I don’t see a lion anywhere in my post. What a strange thing for you to say.
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    Its been mentioned passingly a couple times but I've not read much about the idea of having the turn meter bar going over 100% as the tie break method. I'm curious as per the negatives to this as I'm struggling to see them.

    If you have a group gain 100% turn meter, which lets face it, is not uncommon, then essentially the turn order remains as is prior to the event. This would also work with the admittedly fudged mechanic shown earlier for wicket, where it gains 99900% TM. Apply the same to thrawn etc., and then their abilities work as described.

    With this, an exact match tie break would be much rarer. When it is present, leave to the coin flip as before; which is what that mechanic is best for - where both sides are perfecly matched.

    Incidentally, (if not implied as hoped), a finished turn would still empty the turn meter bar, it would just be for recording the order.

    Thinking some more, I guess repeated turn meter gain moves might allow it to be manipulated, but after all, isn't that the point of them? If it breaks STR, swap speed gain to TM gain. Or both (30 speed and 5-10% instead of 50 speed)
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