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Plz leave some feedback on these! Add whatever ideas you have as well, and maybe the devs will take a look and add these in the future!
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  • Sharing character shards with other guild members
  • Guild sparring. Would be nice to be able to test out teams and stuff with your guild mates.
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    Jawa salvage. You send your jawa out every day to find salvage gear. It can only be done once a day and takes 6 hours. The better geared your jawa, the better gear they tend to find.
  • Guild and ally mock/practice battles - for the 100th time...
  • Mod donation similar to gear exchange.
  • Got a new one for you guys:
    What if there were free raids that you could test your abilities in until you can fully solo it? The rewards would be small, like 100k credits or ship credits, maybe ever some omega mats, but the first completion should reward a zeta as a type of congratulations for soloing a raid for the first time.
  • I agree with and support all of your comments, BTW, so please feel free to hop in and throw your ideas out there. No shame on trying! Maybe your idea will be added in the future as well!
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    BTW, if your looking for a guild, I’m in a guild called ‘Lords of True Order’ for a limited time, so come and join me, it’s a guild of only 3 people, me and 2 friends, but I have 2.2 million GP, so I can help you! It’s also open to the public, so don’t be shy!
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    Hi guys, I’m a friend of Gman and leader of Lords of True Order, join if ya want, and most of my current ideas are about characters:
    -Obi-Wan from Episode III with his red Eta-2
    -The Negotiator flagship for General Kenobi that buffs Republic and Jedi ships and cleanses debuffs with a special that also grants target unit duffs and a bonus attack to the weakest enemy ship that deals extra damage(the only time that extra damage occurs)
    -Clone Commando unit
    -Guild ship raids(Death Star, Death Star II, Starkiller Base, etc.) that give blueprints for raid ships and characters(depends on the raid)
    -Death Star raid would give Pilot Luke Skywalker and Luke’s X-Wing, which would require that Luke and R2-D2, it would have a debuff cleanse from R2’s ability, Luke’s ability would be a Proton Torpedo Attack that boosts speed and offense, and there’d be a basic and possibly another special that are already in the ships abilities
    -Death Star II would give blueprints for a 7* Super Star Destroyer, Executor, Vader’s flagship, but would be commanded by Admiral Piett. Naturally it would be 7* because it’s such a major Imperial flagship and would buff Empire ships.
    -Starkiller Base would give the First Order Star Destroyer, commanded by General Hux. It would buff First Order ships
    -Event for a Seperatist flagship, commanded by General Grievous, either the Invisible Hand from RotS or the Malevolence from The Clone Wars. The Malevolence would be a Guild ship raid to get those blueprints if that was used that gives stat bonuses to using Republic ships, and The Negotiator would buff with the bonuses.
    -Death Star II character raid that gives Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker(RotJ look) shards that would have a kinda meh Part I, Imperial troops, etc, II is a fight with Vader, III is a weakened Vader, and once you beat Vader, you fight Palpatine. JKLS is another Legendary character, but you’re allowed to do it regularly as a Guild Raid. He’d have a Jedi/Rebel lead, and I haven’t figured out the rest yet.
    I’ll post more ideas as I think of them
  • Guilds would have a Co-Leader rank, that way if the leader is inactive, the Co-Leader could help more, and add, idk why I thought of this, but like a Guild Spec Ops kinda thing, where a Leader and Co-Leader choose a few members, including themselves, to participate in special territory events and raids that give huge rewards if you win, like say Gman and I with 3 other players were LoTO’s Spec Ops, we’d be able to see and participate in events only we know about, but when we beat them, the entire Guild gets rewards, and you can name your Spec Ops Group too, so that way each is unique. But you’d get high tier gear and stuff, that each guild member receives through mail, but only that group knows. The Leader and Co-Leader could also organize them to happen and such, and we’d also get to choose when Territoy Battles and Wars happen, instead of this randomized **** it is now, cuz I can’t work with that, it’s aggravating when I need those Guild creds for gear or shards and can’t buy anything because I’m broke.
  • They should add in an auto-deploy in the fleet arena and other ship events for when all your ships on the field get defeated so that they can elongate the battles and also give us the ability to at least give the battle our all.
  • How about you give us a Leia character frame huh? You don’t even show one for me to try and get!!!! SERIOUSLY? My favorite MAIN character for over 30 years and you don’t have a frame for her OR put General Leia in the game at all!!! **** LUCASARTS
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