CG strikes again... Celebration??!!


  • I mean I thought wow this is cool, anything clone wars could drop. NOPE 150 shards later and not 1 box dropped. Not that I didnt want anything to drop but after 3 sims of 10 each I was like wow just 1 shard to drop would be nice but nope. Again with a big prize dangled in front of us and no payout.
  • Really poor celebration.

    Over 900 energie and NOT A SINGLE Kenboi shard ...

    Thanks to the force I didn't buy the Energiepack with real money, otherwise I would be really, really upset ...
  • I could care less if its a kenobi or gervious shard. I was hoping for ANY 1 SHARD to drop. GG I wont be taking part in this |celebration"
  • Ok. We got fooled once again about one more "celebration" event.....
    It's not something new.... We are getting used to it....
    But since it was proved this event was a joke, why should moderators underestimate our intelligence and try to convinse us that we are wrong????
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    ThisYeezy wrote: »
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    Seems a stretch to consider Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight Guardian featured Clone Wars characters.

    Qui-Gon too, he died before the Clone Wars.

    So did jango and zam
  • It’s all RNG. You guys complain too much.i got a bunch of shards so far and even this one, which shows that it might be possible to get more than 1 shards per battle. I won’t ever complain about free things. ndt8xlwxan0t.png
  • I've been awake for hours. What a fantastic Celebration. 10 years old. Woo hoo!
    Lets Partay!
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    The best part about this is, did you guys not expect CG to celebrate like this? lol... Look at what just happened with Revanue, Like, Come on. Always have low expectations with this game and just be happy they gave us something free, even if its pitiful and the drop rate is non-existent. Meanwhile we still waiting for like 2 "make goods" from the past. Yes they worded it poorly to trick people, yes the celebration is terrible, but welcome to swgoh :D
  • I love the game I play it a lot and I continue to play it because it I’ve played it so long (month after release). I paid for CLS and didn’t mind that I had to wait for revan or jtr when they were released. My biggest gripe is that there are no r2d2 or tie fighter pilots anymore. Absolutely everything is behind a paywall and essentially the same paywall if you’ve been playing 3 years or 3 months.
  • Dudes just save crystals for hard node and cantina refreshes, it’s the only thing worth spending them on, this will never change.
  • that's why I didn't spend the crystals , really underwhelming xtra drops
  • It specifically said SELECT characters from the clone wars era. Instead it is every character from the clone wars era, and even some that weren’t, like Qui Gon.
  • Is this the first time youre playing an EA/CG game?
    Everything they do is about ripping off, including scamming.
  • arye4lzi8ql4.png
  • JDIII wrote: »

    Is that photoshop?
    I didnt get anything near like that.
  • JDIII wrote: »

    I dont believe those numbers. Must be fake news!!!
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  • 50 crystals, and that’s what I grabbed, woohoo!
  • That's only a taste how bad the 3 year anniversary stuff will be. Prepare your souls for that incredible spectacle...
  • My 3rd refresh was even better, I got 1 Clone Wars Chewie, and 1 Eeth Koth...
  • Ok, I know all you super players love the new event and love defending your besties that work at CG. But this is the nearest to nothing event i have seen in 3 years. Anyone remember double drop weekends? Stop trying to be creative and just give us an event that will actually help a little. I always take what ever they give for free and say thanks, and even I have given up on this event in the first 8 hours. Horrible drop rates for lame shards. Thanks for nothing, literally!
  • I dropped 150 Crystals the night before the boxs dropped I was other one who didn't read properly but guys make sure we misunderstood the message. I speak for most part of us who spent cristals on this deal either on energy bundle or doing refreshes we want our crystals back! wn909b5nqv8o.png
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