Grand Arena Megathread


  • Are we running the bug testing phase?
    Everyone in my guild is facing this problem. Won the match, game crashed.
  • Same for me 2 battles won. Two restarts. No points. Will wait till we get feedback.
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    We are aware of the error that is occurring after battles that is causing the client to restart and NOT count towards your Banners. Please hold off on battling in the Grand Arena until we get this fixed

    Perhaps remove the ability to actually start playing it while you figure it out. Unless of course the dangling carrot is a favoured method of annoyance... “oooh new game” **** it, just can’t reach 🙄
  • Exactly the same problem. I win, it crashes. It doesnt register banners.x69md13uialm.jpg
  • I am happy for those that are looking for this type of event. But this isn't for me.

    First the rewards don't excite. I don't need any of it. Yes I will gladly take it but it will be a while before I will have a use for it. The rewards just don't excite me. I am sure others will disagree and that is great. But I just can't get excited about the rewards.

    Second I like to collect. I want to 7 star everyone. I am a collector and it appears this game mode punishes those like me. So I will lose a lot. That is fine, but it means it isn't made for me. I am still glad they added it as I know lots of people live for the PVP part of the game, I don't. This doesn't stop me from collecting so I am glad they added it. But still It kinda isn't the best feeling knowing collecting is being punished.

    Third, It is time consuming. This game is already a huge time sink. I just can't get that excited by a new huge time dump. I can skip it I know and it isn't getting forced on me but I then I feel like I am hurting my guild by passing up even my losing rewards. Yes I know I will likely lose. I never focused on PVP so I don't have meta anything.

    Please note I am glad they released it. I know plenty of folks that love the PVP part of this game and it is great they have a new toy. I am just not fond of getting my rear kicked in yet another area. Still love this game and glad CG is make it better for many. I would like to thank them for that. I just wish I could get excited over it. I just can't.
  • @CG_SBCrumb Does this mean that even though I swept the territories I am now going to lose?
  • I’ve done 3 battles... just thought I’d get the poin6s after I cleared an area... that’s my own stupid fault. Not happy. Yet again something new that we get excited about... and it’s not been launched correctly.
  • O8c8h80 wrote: »
    I got a no show but I dont get points for "conquering" the territory which doesnt seem to be working correctly. I should automatically get the points for conquering the territory if opponent sets no defense.

    No show for me too, but my banners definitely went up. 270 from setting defense to 600 now.
  • Don't you never test new content ???
    WHAT A SHAME....
  • So you will fix this later and my won battles will not count ,opponent wins, i lose, Good Job...
  • tj5270 wrote: »
    @CG_SBCrumb what about us who attacked already and weren’t aware there was an update? I’m in 3 battles already, so my opponent can now win even though I’ve had 3 clean wins?

    This is my concern too.
  • Received an error after win, wiped the defense but it didn't count.
  • A lot of players of my guild are having the same issue. I would like to know when will be safe to play the grand arena without any “bug”, and, to the players affected by “restart client” or without their victories counted, will have and compensation. I prefer to wait until is safe to fight the grand arena event, and i Hope CG will have a proper answer to that
  • @CG_SBCrumb; @CG_Carrie: Is it worth resetting the grand arena? you'd reset the game by 30minutes, fix the bug and then let people play what we are all excited by. Clearly lots of people were ready at opening time to fight (myself included) and so to have nothing counted feels rough.
    Can you roll back the event? and reset the wins? (or better yet, award the wins as intended)
  • Open Alpha testing. I had already finished all nodes. Soooooooooo now what?
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  • O8c8h80 wrote: »
    I got a no show but I dont get points for "conquering" the territory which doesnt seem to be working correctly. I should automatically get the points for conquering the territory if opponent sets no defense.

    No show for me too, but my banners definitely went up. 270 from setting defense to 600 now.

    Ah yes you’re right. The banners are added automatically as they’ve not set defence
  • I've got this bug too. Not a great start. At least my opponent turned up though.
  • So not only is your communication cadence off, but you also seem to have a unit testing problem. An issue this large should never make it into production, let alone into production at 5pm on a Friday. I assume you will be hiring new managers shortly, let me know, I'll toss a resume. You clearly need some management changes.
  • Yep, the Grand Arena experiment is bugged and broken. Cleared all 3 teams and the territory and 0 points. System crashed after all 3 victories. Awesome....I think this is the worst launch I've seen for SWGOH since I've been playing day one.
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    Sry but this Grand Arena is the same joke like TW. Which algorithms you using to generates battles between opponents and guilds? And why everyone I’m losing teams of game crashes? It’s seems this game is only for whales. Sry DEVs but this Grand Arena is a huge disappointment.
  • An awesome beginning to Grand Arena. Check your internet connection, I’m just glad my progress was saved this time.wmr89mbwhhmw.png
  • Also note none of the Grand arena quests are getting credit. I certainly hope I don't end up with a loss on my record because of a game glitch. I didn't see the fields but took out 4/5 of his squads. Took one territory. Full health left on my attackers for 3 of those wins and mostly full protection and it seems to me that data is going to be lost considering when the restart popup happened.
  • yeah, I am disappoint as well... I've successfully cleared two battles in the same territory and the client crashes/restarts each time. Also, the prospect of rewards aren't all that exciting... What is going on EA?!?
  • My game crashed in the middle of my first run which was msrked as a loss for me. I tried again, won and got error 11 and crashed again.
    Also, my opponent is superior compared to me. I have no chances against them. They have at least 7 g12s (the ones in their defense) against my 2. Best possible team I can make using my best toons is 96k and they have 2 teams 110k+ on defense alone.
  • Oh, and it's a Friday too, so they are all probably heading home for the weekend and left us a broken/bugged event to enjoy all weekend long. They're probably fix it Monday.
  • I enjoyed it... it crashed after every single victory and I earned zero banners for clearing the whole board...but it was fun.
  • Go easy guys, it's no picnic for them either. Releasing new content and well.. They'll get it going.
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