Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    All set!
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  • CharlieWork is now looking to merge with a crew of about 8-10 focused players!!

    We are an active and growing guild of ~50 MIL GP, looking for players serious about taking a step up their game!

    What do we mean by this?

    We are active in all raids HPIT, HAAT, and IV-VSith

    We are currently seeking active players with a desire to grow their inventories and help the guild to flourish on the battle field.

    • Must have a minimum of 1 mil GP
    • Must be active in all guild activities (raids, TB, TW, ect...)
    • Must Produce 600 tickets per day
    • Ideally we would like to see HSTR teams, or showing the interest in farming required characters
    • Guild reset is 6PM CST
    • Discord is a requirement for communication purposes

    If you are interested or have questions please stop by our discord recruitment channel at:

    Or message me ingame 377-267-339

    Thank you for your consideration!!
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    Knights of Canada is looking to merge in a guild with up to 20 players.

    We currently have 30 players at level 85. Our guild GP is ~66M. Guild refesh time is 9:30PM EST.

    We are a casual guild that prioritizes fun. We want each member to enjoy the game and enjoy helping the guild. That being said we don't force any requirements such as characters, raid tickets, etc. However we want every member to help out and participate. If you don't want to participate in guild events like TW, TB, then maybe this isn't the guild for you.

    Our raid times are 9PM EST. HPIT and HAAT have a 24h join period and then are FFA. They are on easy farm as many members can solo them both. We are doing STR-Tier 5 easily at the moment.

    We are getting about 25* in both TB each time. Our TW record is 26 wins, 12 loses.

    Why do we want to merge?

    None of us want to leave this guild, we have a great thing going, we just don't have enough numbers to move up to the next level. We want to tackle HSTR. The only way to do that is to add 20 more players in who are at the same level we are. To advance in TB we need more players.

    So what are we looking for?

    We are looking for up to 20 players ideally with an average of 2M GP each who are ready to try to tackle HSTR. Players who want to join and participate in TB and TW. Most importantly players who want to have fun with the guild and realize this is a game. That doesn't mean we don't kick inactive players or players not participating in any guild events. It just means we know this is a game and not your life.

    Message me here or on Discord (excelzero#2095) if interested. Thank you!

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    Covenant øf the Force - 30 mil GP
    Starter/Training guild looking for beginners
    What we offer:
    ->Friendly environment for everyone to grow
    ->End game players with in depth knowledge about the game will be there to guide the beginners
    ->Capable of clearing HAAT and Hpit
    ->Discord mandatory

    DM: GeneralZod#5218
    Discord Server:
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    DontBBL8 Was Formed Day One And Is Still Under The Same Leaders.


    Our Focus Is On Territory Wars, Grand Arena and TB Special Battle Rewards.

    We Are Looking For a merge with 4-5 players With Well Balanced And Built Teams.


    *3.5 Mil GP+

    *Revan (or ready to unlock next time)

    *Chewbacca (or ready to unlock next time)

    *C3PO (or ready to unlock next time)

    *Earn 600 Guild Tickets Daily (this is monitored)

    How We Raid:
    All Raids Start At 5:00AM PST With Zero Damage Register.

    Sith open to attack at 6PM PST
    Tank open to attack at 7PM PST
    Rancor open to attack at 8PM PST

    Sound Like Your Kinda Fun?

    Message Me Here
    Or Discord Chat Sirwescot#6409
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    The Puppet Masters is looking for new members!

    We are a core group of seasoned HSTR players looking to fill our ranks in our new galactic home.

    We are currently able to accept groups of virtually any size, so reach out to us today to discuss joining the cause!

    Feel free to jump I'm discord to chat
  • Looking for a 20-30 player guild who wants to join the We Are Legion Alliance!

    We have 3 of our guilds looking to add players. One guild is HSTR, one is T6 STR looking to attempt HSTR very soon and our lower end guild is looking to fill several spots.

    If some of your guild is ready to take the next step but you don’t want to leave anyone behind come talk to us!

    Discord link:

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    *The Puppet Masters* is recruiting. We are a brand new guild made of a core of players seasoned in HSTR experience.

    We will be running HSTR asap, being as we only need about 10 players that are raid-ready, and mercs will be used as needed initially. However we have room for many more.

    Looking for active players to get in on some Traya shards. Larger groups are welcome as well as individuals.

    Between our current few members, not much help is needed to finish HSTR, so dont be afraid to reach out.

    Our leadership is well established, so any mergers will have join us.
  • Not quite ready to disband my guild as it is inherited. But very intriguing.
  • Looking for a group of up to 10 players to help push us to HSTR! We are getting very close and a few players who are at or close to being ready could easily push us over the edge.

    Revans Remnant
    94.2 million
    Looking for 10!

    Looking for people who are or are close to HSTR ready. 1.5 million or up. Lower could be accepted if close to HSTR ready.

    We run hPit and hAAT 2-3 time per week and T6 Sith twice a week at the moment.
    Never missed a TW for lack of participation.
    30+* in LSTB & DSTB

    We are a USA based guild but also have multiple international players in our Guild. Heroic raids running at 8 PM EST. Tier 6 Sith raid on auto launch.

    Guild requirements:
    1. Active contributor to all Guild events.
    2. Active daily to help generate raid tickets.
    3. Discord mandatory

    Contact me for any questions on discord at Rellim Cire#6096 or in game (438-658-111).
  • Swiss Garde active guild, 35 strong regular players, looking for 8-10 guild members to help us move past phase 3 in HSR. Currently run sith level 6 in 2 days. Pit and HAAT run 2-3x weekly with 24 hr delay so all members can join in. TB 32+ stars, TW must participate if you join, which is optional. Reset for raids is UTC 7pm, ET 1pm. Mixture of Swiss and American players, English primary language but all welcome. Looking for players with 3M GP, full JTR, and NS preferred. Must be able to complete a minimum of 2 M damage in sith raid.
  • Red5Rogue2 is looking for you!

    We are all gamers who enjoy working together for the overall betterment of each other’s roster. Very friendly chat environment and willing to help build squads with you. Using LINE to send announcements, raid alerts, strategy tweaking, and general communication!

    -Currently a 45 person guild with 91 million+ GP looking for more people to raid with us.
    -Using Line Chat with in-game name: PhoTime1982
    -Use of SWGOH.GG is optional. We are happy to assist you in setting this up if needed. Our guild account:
    Ally code: 187-815-362

    -Heroic Rancor: Roughly every 1-2 days with 24hr join starting at 3:30pm PST.
    -Heroic HAAT: Roughly every 2.5 days with a 24hr join starting at rotating times either are 8:00am PST and 3:30pm PST (rotating so it helps to seem like we have a raid consistently every 2.5 days).
    -Phase 6 STRaid, but may be able to do p7 on the next round of JTR arrival event!

    -TB Currently averaging 33 and 35 stars in LS and DS, respectively.
    -TW We have several members that have impeccable teams both for offense and defense. Holding our own but looking to bolster the ranks!

    With the 600 tickets daily, we ask that you play as often as possible but ask that you give us a heads up if you will be AFK for a time to prevent removal from guild.

    Looking for 5 person team to merge with!
  • My guild is looking for 10-15 players, preferably with a good resistance team. We are extremely close to heroic sith raid. If any guilds or players would like to join us and destroy the sith, we can work something out. If we do merge, instead of cutting the bottom half, I recommend making a JV, so our friends can still work on their progress and maybe step up to varsity when the time is right. We have 121M GP, other heroic raids are on farm, naturally. We do use line as 3rd party comms. If you're interested in knowing more, please feel free to drop me a PM. We would also accept those who want to get Traya on farm, but their guilds are far from getting there.
  • • My Guild's name is: Dipsiz Kuyumsun.
    • Guild reset time GMT +03:00
    • We want to start with Rancor.
    • Guild's minimum activity/participation requirements: No rules, whatever you can is ok.
    • This is a turkish guild, which prefers turkish or english speaking players.
    • Thanks.
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    Greetings all! We are the Select Few and we are looking to add 10-15 players to our guild! We will open up spots to fit you in if you are what we are looking for.

    Some info about our guild:
    check out our page here:

    How many players you currently have: 48 members

    Average player level and/or GP: 2,264,828

    The goals of our guild:

    -We want to be able to consistently beat heroic Sith. We just achieved our first victory in Heroic sith last week with the help of one merc. We are very close to being able to complete it without any mercs, so we are looking for players with good rosters that want to do heroic sith and can join our guild to do that!

    -remain competitive in TW. We have a good win rate and rarely lose in TW and we want to keep that up! If you want to do well in TW we have lots of skilled players that work well together so if TW is something you enjoy, please consider us.

    -We strive to keep the atmosphere friendly in our guild. Our goal is to keep things civil and semi-competitive. We are semi-competitive in outlook of the game being that we don't force members to farm certain characters but we do recommend which ones to work on. We don't boot boot people for not joining in on TW. We remove people only for the following 3 things:

    1) Failure to participate in LS/DS TB
    2) failure to participate in Sith Raids
    3) unexplained absences of 5 days or more or lack of generating at a minimum 500 raid tickets daily consistently. We understand people have real life responsibilities so as long as you let us know in advance that your activity is going to be limited/non-exisitant we will keep you in the guild as long as you are planning on coming back in a reasonable amount of time.


    1) Have a roster of 1.6-4 million GP with a couple teams at least that can do well in Sith Raids.

    2) be competitive in arena. we are looking for people with top 100 arena ranks in both ships or character arena. if you are both great! if just one of them that is good to. We are more apt to invite you to guild if you show you care about the competitive aspect of this game. If you are in the 200-100 range we will consider you and give you help to improve but we need to see improvement made to get into the top 100 while in our guild.

    We have a discord server set up for assisting people with raids, so we encourage everyone to join it when you enter our guild.

    We hope you can join our guild! If interested in merging with our guild constact me via personal message in this forum or on discord at Rabid Ewoks#8702. If you'd like to message me in game on my main account my ally code is 113-399-221.

  • WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse CSG
    Casual Starter Guild



    A new or existing enthusastic player who wants to grow your roster strong within the Ewokolypse Empire.


    A veteran or endgame player who wants to be placed into one of our many HSTH, high GP guilds.

    All rosters and levels welcome !!!

    Wanting to join a fun and knowledgable group of players.


    - Beginer & Advanced Strategy in all game aspects

    - Roster evaluation & farming advice

    - Potential placement in one of our HSTH, HPIT, or HAAT guilds.

    - And more...


    - 600 tix daily preffered

    - Participation in raids, TBs, and TW is highly encouraged

    - Bring 1, bring a group, all are welcome in CSG

    - Leadership positions available if bringing a large group or merger.


    In game chat: 665-777-517 (my alt)

    On LINE id: maxdcm85

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

  • 6l42m4t6gywg.png

    Imperial council alliance

    Is looking for new and active members ,looking for active players who wish to grow!
    Encourage both young and old players, supportive atmosphere, friendly officers always willing to give strategy and assistance.
    Very Strong guild with all types of players ,we are welcoming all,
    all the players are growing fast in our guild,
    We are all great players and at the same time great companions helping each other along we wait for you.

    Doing All types of Raids ,

    SITH T5,6

    Doing great in Territory Battles ,and Wars,big Prizes,

    All types of rewards all the time

    Exchanging Gear all the Time so all players grow faster.

    The only requirement is be active,and get 500 raid tickets min. no activity for 30 days without notice will get you removed.
    Of any inactivity ,tell oficers and no problem.

    75m GP and growing

    40 active members

    Contact me via ally Code: 753-587-876
  • Monstrar wrote: »
    Knights of Zem is looking for new members. Half of our guild decided to leave our our guild and start something new with more active members. We’re currently doing Heroic raids for Rancor and AAT. We’re looking for active members primarily to help us with Territory War minimum requirements. If you’re a lower level player, we can help you catch up. For the higher level players were about 2-3 months off from doing Heroic Sith. Before our guild split we were easily getting 30 stars on TB. Our raids have a 24hr wait, but usually only stay up for 6 hours at a time

    Guild name is Knights of Zem
    You can add me as an ally just send a message as well if you’re interested in joining

    Why on earth dont you just merge with the plothora of guilds looking for mergers. Folks dont seem to understand that there arecTOO MANY GUILDS
  • Bobbafetish is currently looking for 8-10 active players with gp of 1.6 mill min. We are in process of replacing last of nonparticipating members in preparation to start hstr next month. Currently run several heroic pit and tank raids per week and are completing tier 6 sith in about 36 hours with the 40 active members we have. Only requirements are 1.6 mil gp, actlively participating in sith raids, as well as TB and Tw. Discord is encouraged but not mandatory. Just communicate with in game chat. Send me a message if interested.
    Ally code 434-645-317
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    Monstrar wrote: »
    Knights of Zem is looking for new members. Half of our guild decided to leave our our guild and start something new with more active members. We’re currently doing Heroic raids for Rancor and AAT. We’re looking for active members primarily to help us with Territory War minimum requirements. If you’re a lower level player, we can help you catch up. For the higher level players were about 2-3 months off from doing Heroic Sith. Before our guild split we were easily getting 30 stars on TB. Our raids have a 24hr wait, but usually only stay up for 6 hours at a time

    Guild name is Knights of Zem
    You can add me as an ally just send a message as well if you’re interested in joining

    Why on earth dont you just merge with the plothora of guilds looking for mergers. Folks dont seem to understand that there arecTOO MANY GUILDS

    Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Everyone is afraid to loose their power, nobody wants to give up guild leader or officer spots, because lets face it, those roles are held by people who are active. Everyone wants a guild merger to get Traya, but nobody wants to cut half a roster of dead weight and move to another guild so they can form an even more powerful guild. The way I would do it, is have the lower half go to one guild the upper half go to another, that way there are 2 guilds still, an alliance, and each can grow at their own pace. Dedicated players can get Traya, and the casual do whatever they want.
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    Wir, der Starforge Verbund, suchen nach einer Gilde, die kurz vorm HSR steht, aber grade 10-15 Plätze frei hat. Wenn ihr dem Verbund beitretet, würden wir Eure Reihen auffüllen. Ihr würdet eigenständige Gilde im Verbund bleiben, in einer demokratischen Verbundsstruktur aber weiter selbst entscheiden.. viel Austausch und Hilfe, wenig Zwänge. Discord ist Pflicht, da nur dort die Verbundskommunikation stattfinden kann. Ansonsten würde der Name der Gilde sich ändern, der SF Struktur entsprechend.... Wenn das für euch interessant ist, meld dich gern bei mir.. per PN oder auf Discord unter Halx#0891
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  • My guild is currently looking for about 15-20 active members.
    We are sitting at 35/50 members but still have over 100M GP.
    We complete T6 Sith in 2.5 days, and get 30-31 stars each TB.

    We want to combine forces with another active guild to move to Heroic Sith and get more stars in TB.
    If you have 15-20 people you want to merge with us, please contact and let join forces to help us both improve.
  • mdnc94smvg3q.jpg

    ☆☆ Recruiting Team Players ☆☆
    !!!We are looking for 14 new members!!!
    Galaxy of Darkness – Alpha
    Omega Galaxy of Darkness
    We are a 2 guild team taking over the galaxy!!!

    Our combined 211 million galactic power, 86 members are looking for new members.

    Our goal is have 2 heroic level guilds.

    From time to time Alpha will call upon Omegas to climb the ranks, movement is possible.

    We want all members to be as active as possible, and notifying officers about extended absences would be appreciated.

    Galaxy of Darkness – Alpha is 156 million galactic power and is regularly completing all Heroic Raids.
    We are also gaining strength in Territory Battles currently at 42☆’s.

    Omega Galaxy of Darkness is 55 million galactic power and is regularly running T7 pit raid and is currently gearing up for HAAT and T6 Sith Raid.
    Train and grow with us here.

    We want everyone to be on our discord channel and have profiles on

    Join us through discord

  • GND looking for a guild who would like a family friendly atmosphere, with out the pressures that the game can bestow. Together we can take down the heroic sith raid and get traya! 121 mil GP, mid 30s for both LS and DS TB. Great group of gamers with a common goal. If you want to take the raids to the next level and are tired of waiting for the last "10 to !5" players to appear out of thin air, send me a message, we will try to work out a deal that works the best for everybody.
  • We are a guild with 97M Galactic Power looking to merge with another guild of around 10-20 players to get us over the edge to complete the Heroic Sith Raid.
    Our guild has been around for more than 2 years, so naturally we would have a few veterans that was here from the beginning among us.
    Important thing to note is we are NOT a US based guild, We are Star Wars fans half way across the world in Asia. That is why we our current raid level and times are:
    HPit, 11:00pm, GMT +8
    HAAT, 10:00pm, GMT +8
    T6 Sith Raid
    Both with 24 hours join time. So if you are a group of players with similar ambition, and most importantly, in a similar timezone.
    Please feel free to contact me. I'm sure we will figure something out.
    Ally code: 176-911-729
  • Greetings,
    If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and friendly guild alliance look no further!
    What are we seeking:
    We have no strict requirements other than to be active and helpful and have discord. We are a hard working guild but you won't find any elitist attitudes or power hungry officers.
    Alpha Requirements (Competitive):
    Discord and SWGOH Account
    Around 2.1M GP
    HSITH Teams
    Daily Active
    24/0 Raid Rule on HAAT and HPIT
    TB/TW Participation
    About Us: 136M GP, Full Heroic Guild
    Omega Requirements (Active, Low Stress):
    1M GP
    24/0 Raid Rule
    Beta Requirements (Active, Mixed lvl):
    Lvl 75
    24/0 Raid Rule
    If interested, please contact us on discord.
    Thanks, IronBorg
    Guilds: StarForge Alpha / Omega / Beta
    Discord Server:
  • Hi,
    Our guild is 36 strong and looking to take on new members. WE ARE NOT A FARM GUILD! and will not put up with that junk. We want to pick up new members that are cool and want to stick around.
    We are not part of an alliance and are not interested.
    We are looking to grow as a team and help each other achieve better stats.
    We are CASUAL and drama free. However looking for daily players to achieve goals.
    We want to qualify for every T-War and start crushing Heroic Sith. We need help to do so.
    We are mostly high level players and want the same OR those striving to get there.
    If this sounds like your jam lets chat and bring you/your crew on.
    ps, we are US based but that doesn't really matter. if you are rad and want to roll with a cool, mellow crew hit me up.
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    In Exile :
    Currently 106mil+ gp

    Looking to absorb 15 fun, active players 2+Mil GP/Resistance squad preferred. Willing to take smaller groups as well. With that influx we might be farming hSTR, provided that those players are active and willing to contribute. We are burning through T6 right now. Other two

    Raids are at 6PST/9EST

    We are a fun family-style guild with competitive knowledgable players that enjoy helping. We gladly welcome people who are active, communicative and enjoy having fun and contributing.

    Msg me at ally code: 456-536-599
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  • My guild needs 8

    Are you and some friends in a guild that isn't at your level? Want to hit those heroic raids?

    Then join us and complete our guild and lets take over the galaxy

    Do it

  • Exiled Sith Inquisitors

    We are looking for a group of 5-10, 1m+ GP.

    We are a 76m GP guild, currently working toward HSTR. We are fun group that loves this game, but still understands it is a game. We get 25 on TB, win about 85% of our TW, and use Discord with in-game chat to communicate, plan, and chat about the game.

    We have people in the US and EU. Raids switch between 12am UTC(7pm EST) and 4pm UTC (11am EST)

    Send me a message on Discord or here if you want more information. You can come to visit our Discord server and we can chat.

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