Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Hey guys we got to the end of P3 in our current FIRST attempt and stalled out. Still have a few NS left for P4.

    Looking for either a small group of 4-5 OR individual people HSTR ready for P2 and P3. JTR not a requirement.

    Discord is EmperorNadebot#2845 or hit me up on here.
  • Midnight Collective is looking for ~10 active players to join and help us progress further.
    We currently have 39 members and are sitting around 55 mil GP, we run HPIT & HAAT & alternate between tier 5 & 6 of the sith raid. We win most of our TW and get around 22 stars in TB.
    No specified strength or character requirements, we just ask that you participate daily and generate raid tickets.
    We have a discord channel but it is not required you join it
    If you have a group of ~10 players or smaller and are interested in joining, lmk here or in game 222987496
  • Booze Junkies
    Guild GP: 51+ mil GP and growing!

    Looking to merge and create a larger family!
    We are a friendly, casually active group of new and veteran players.

    About Us:
    • Independent guild – and will remain independent, no alliances
    • We have 38 awesome members – can be adjusted, there are multiple side accounts
    • Guild is set in EST time zone (06:30 pm)
    • We have members from all over the world!
    • HPit: 24hr join period, 12:00 pm EST
    • HAAT: 24hr join period, 06:30 pm EST
    • Tier VI Sith: Free for all, starts immediately after
    • Territory Battles: LS: 18 DS: 21
    • Territory Wars: 21-7
    • Highly encourage 600 raid tickets daily

    • Mandatory to have fun, make new friends, and better yourself.

    If you have any further questions or want an invite, just let me know!
    Discord: A Cow#8458
  • Are you a group working hard towards doing Heroic Sith but stuck in a guild that isn't, and doesn't seem interested? Are you asking your guild-mates to coordinate and be more active, but getting no traction? If so, we are looking for a group like you!
    Force Users Anonymous (FUA) is an independent, active guild that is currently focused on Heroic Sith and is looking for either a merger partner with a similar core or to bring in a group of similar-minded players to help us get there. We are down to a core of 34 active members after slowly cutting those who weren't willing to communicate and/or commit to the Heroic Sith goal.
    We are a ~80 million GP guild who currently have:

    - 17 JTRs (some being geared still)
    - 10+ strong NightSister teams
    - 7 Revans (most need to be geared)
    - 6 90k+ Bastila's with 7 more in the 80k+ range

    We are looking for folks who have at least 2 Heroic Sith teams (JTR, Revan/Bastila, Chex Mix/Flaming Greedo/etc, NightSisters) either ready or nearly ready for doing good damage. Especially those with strong P3 teams.
    As a guild we bring a strong commitment to communication, coordination, and active players. We don't allow trolling or harassment of other players.
    Additionally, because we share the Dark Council Mortis server with 3 other independent guilds that are already farming Heroic Sith, we have access to good advice and a ready supply of willing mercs who can help out when needed.


    Heroic Rancor - 24-hour join period. Auto-starts at 7pm Pacific. 20 minute damage submission delay if you can solo 1 or more phases.
    HAAT - 24-hour join period. Auto-starts at 6pm Pacific
    Sith - T6 with no join period. Auto-starts at 5pm Pacific. Occasional Heroic Sith with merc help.


    1) Discord account and be at least a semi-active user (we do all planning and coordination via Discord)
    2) An profile
    3) Participate fully in all core guild activities (TB, TW, Sith Raid)
    4) Willing to work on other Sith raid squads as requested

    We realize that life takes priority over the game, so we ask that anyone who can't play just let us know and we will work around it.
  • Halx
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    StarForge, one of the strongest guild alliances in middle Europe is recruiting.

    We have 12 guilds with a GP of more than 1.8 Billion! Its german based with international players and integrated translation bot.

    Our newest wing Takodana is searching for a group of players or a small guild up to 25 Players.

    Officer spots for codetermination are available.

    You cannot better grow, as in a strong alliance, because we have a lot of content and help on our server with more than 900 members an a lot of highend players.

    Contact me PM, on discord Halx#0891 or join our server and ask for Halx

    Are you tired of having your core group of players held back by a majority of freeloaders? Have you been contemplating a guild-merger? Do you want to be a part of one of the game's largest and most successful guild-families in SWGoH? Most importantly:

    Do you want to be part of something great?

    If you're tired of all the false promises, and have had enough of the hype, send me a DM, here, or on Discord.

    My guild-family (United Without Limits) is searching for a dedicated group of end-game players, to bring into our fold, in order to solidify one of our top guilds, after moving some casual-members to our casual-guild.

    If your core-group of players takes SWGoH seriously, but, still wants to have fun, while being leaders in the community, and is desperate to advance, in end-game content, you owe it to yourself to consider a merger into UWOL.

    We're looking for a group of around 20 individuals. Your core group of players must have a minimum of 2.5 mGP each (preferably an average of 2.75mGP), must be able to "follow Territory Battles and Wars 'orders', be able to commit to 600 tickets daily, and have a working and recently synced, and, use Discord (heavily).

    This should go without saying, but, as a "hSTR farming guild" all members will need to have the relevant teams fully developed, for this vital raid.

    Those without these, would not be up for consideration.

    You worked hard to get as far as you have! Now, it's time to take that next step.

    Together, we can both be part of something truly great! You, and your hard-working core-group of members, deserve it.

    Please message me here or through discord at any time
    Discord : SOVER3IGN[UWOL]#04833vyqiwho3va4.jpg

  • Rebel rebellion arises
    we are looking for 10-20 members to join our guild. Currently, we are 50m gp running t5/6 HSTR, we also win most of our TWs and average 20-23 stars in TB. we are mostly US and europe based. we expect daily activity, event participation and players building towards HSTR but understand that RL comes first. if interested contact us at our discord link.
  • Galaxy of Titans 5 is looking for active and growing players.
    We are a semi-casual guild that knows life comes before the game. However, we are dedicated to pushing heroic STR and progressing through the game. We have a mix of players from all around the world and are looking for more Titans to join us in galactic conquest!
    We are part of an alliance of 6 guilds, 4 of which are currently farming heroic STR. All 6 guilds are in a single discord so that we can benefit from each others knowledge and experience.
    Currently in GoT5, we have the following on farm:
    25 Stars LS TB
    24 Stars DS TB
    Heroic AAT and Rancor
    Tier 5 STR cleared in 2 resets (currently attempting T6 with our new roster of JTR and Revan unlocks)
    Level 85
    1 Million GP or higher
    At least one Heroes Journey character unlocked (Revan, CLS, or JTR) If you have the requirements ready and just waiting for next pass, that is fine.
    Discord is mandatory, you don't have to be active in chat, just be able to read and follow orders, however, if you want to chat we are here.
    Want to know more or join our team, reach out to us on discord:
    Guild page:
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    Phantoms guard is looking for 7 players to put the guild into the next level.
    We are a 97mil gp that can take out teir 6 of the STR in 3 days.
    We are semi casual and do not use discord or anything like that.
    We periodicly change our raid times to make sure most get a chance complete it, but we are an American guild so afternoon into night est/pst.
    We usually get 29 to 30 stars in the tb
    If you have any questions please look me up.
    Ally code 658-966-138
  • fd0us71u78jp.jpeg

    Looking for 10 members to join a casual but committed guild. Expect almost daily activity. Must contribute to TW,TB, Raids. Currently T6 Sith.

    Ally Code 734-269-893. Message me. Fun guild that cares!
  • kel_katarn
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    We are a guild with 167mil GP and HSTR on farm, 43/45* in LS/DSTB

    Right now we have 2 spots open...but could easily take on a group of ~5 guys if the situation was right.

    We're a casual but hard-working guild. Come join us! We are part of a great alliance, very organized and focused on improving the group, not just individuals.
    Looking for: 2.5mil+ GP, team player, active daily (600), Discord mandatory
    Activity Reset: 9:30 PM EST (US)
    Raids: Our pit/tank raids alternate start 10AM / 9PM EST
    Sith alternates between 11am / 7pm est.
    Discord required, contact me. My ID: kelkatarn#6390
    My Ally Code: 728-516-622
    Contact me for more info if you're interested. We hope to hear from you!
  • Frankie_82
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    Looking for strong recruits! We are a friendly, easy going guild but we need to beef up our roster with some stronger players.

    Must be over 2 million GP and have a Full JTR team ready to go for HSTR.

    Can clear up to 20 spots if you have a large team that wants to merge.

    Frankie#5943 on discord if you want to chat or just join if we have space. We will try to keep a spot or two open at all times.
  • Guild Name: Our New Guild (doesn’t come up in the guild search for some reason)

    GP = almost 28 mil.

    Guild Leader = Tio

    Current members = 24

    Ally code = 155-158-963 (Tio) or discord:

    Looking for a 5 - 25 active members guild for merger.

    Player Requirements: We don’t have any specific requirements for players to meet but we do need players that are reasonably active and have at least one 7* character to participate in heroic raids. If anyone needs to be inactive for a time, please just let us know.

    Although our guild name is Our New Guild, this guild has been operating for over a year and a half. We have a few members that can defeat heroic pit on their own but to try and make things fair for all members, we rotate the lead to give lower level members a chance to reap the higher level rewards. We are very close to tackling HAAT and consistently run Sith at tier 5. If you would like to join us, please PM Tio in game at the above listed ally code or come on into our discord at Let’s start getting those Han Solo, Kanobi, and Traya shards together. :)
  • Filique
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    Vader Tots - a Death March Empire Alliance Guild looking for Casual Members to merge
    Death March Empire is a 4 guild Alliance

    Active Guilds
    DeathstarJanitors32 - 128M+ GP - 2 spots open
    Victory March - 141M+ GP - 2 spots open
    Anarchy Empire - 122M+ GP - 0 Spots open :(

    Casual Guild
    VaderTotsDME - Newly formed accepting mergers, new players, and alts - Plenty of room

    All Guilds require Active Discord
    Requirements vary per guild but everyone finds a home

    Contact @Funk Janitor Filique#6070
  • Sorak_Shadowlifter
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    Discord: Sorak#1398
    Ally Code: 371-348-276

  • 56 Mill GP

    Hello fellow Honorable Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Fans & Players I’m a very successful Guild Leader & Recruiter for awhile now & Lêgiøn Øf Êuropêans is a New Guild I started in LØFÂ. I’m already up to 23/50 at 56 Mill GP. I’m looking to Find Players or Small groups of Euro Players or US Players equal to the Players I have found to start a great European Guild in our Alliance. I would like to get players 2.7 Mill GP or Higher & HSR Ready or working on it hopefully by the time I fill it full it’s completely Heroic as our other Guilds in the Alliance, but will consider active Players with good Arena & Fleet Rank due to that shows me they have interest in growing faster. So here’s to new beginnings M8 hope to see more Players looking If you are interested please comment or send me a private message or find me on Discord.

    Raid Times

    Hpit 7pm GMT or 3pm EST
    Haat 8pm GMT or 4pm EST
    HSR 9pm GMT or 5pm EST


    1. 600 Tickets Mandatory
    2. Discord Mandatory
    3. Registered
    4. 24 Hr Zero Damage on raids
    5. We have a strike system in place if you have two strikes in the week you are automatically removed we are here for fun not to babysit
    6. 100% Communication & Participation In TB & TW On the HPIT do not post damage until 15 mins after the Officer has announced FTA this gives everyone the chance of running a few mins late to start at the beginning

    Lêgiøn Øf Féar Guild Leader & Alliance Creator
    Lêgiøn Øf Fêar Ally 711-156-777
    Lêgiøn Lêgênd Guild Leader Ally 257-972-458
    Discord Legiøn Øf Fêar#9639

    137M GP

    Looking for a group of players to join our alliance so we can backfill moves to our second guild.

    Heroic Sith - 2030 UTC
    Heroic Rancor - 2000 UTC
    HAAT - 2030 UTC
    No raids on a Friday or Saturday

    DARKSIDE - 42⭐️
    LIGHTSIDE - 41⭐️

    Very focused and strategic coordination
    Recommended not mandatory Farms

    2M GP account
    600 daily

    A wealth of in guild swgoh knowledge
    We run regular ‘Masters Training’ sessions

    If you are interested, please join our recruitment server at
  • Hey folks, Dragon Players is looking for 10 members.
    Current GP: 53MGP
    Current Players: 40
    HAAT, HRancor
    Level 6 of sith raid.

    We get 22ish stars in TB.

    We do have a discord account but it is not required.

    Our rules are:
    no activity for
    1. Level 1-49 3 days
    2. Level 50-64 5 days
    3. Level 65 and over 7days with event and raid participation.
    4. If you miss 3 territory wars in a row you will be removed. However, if you miss a territory war and you sign up for the following one it will erase the 1 miss. Setting 1 team on defense is required if able

    5. HRancor limitation: players with a 7 star Han Solo you are limited to 100K dmg in raid
    These no activity limits are assuming you have not communicated with the guild leader.

    6. Reading the chat is required.

    Please respond if interested.
    Ally Code: 932-678-269
    discord: Mol_Ean#7029
  • wmgye894comc.jpg

    Pit Crew / DeathByTheDozen

    Greetings holotable heroes! We are two friendly guilds looking to recruit 10ish members! If you are in a fractured guild, or a group of top players in a low GP guild looking to make the jump to HSTR; look no further! Between the two guilds listed here we should have a good fit for players wanting to excel in all areas of the game! The Pit is a competitive guild for end game players that are looking to succeed in TW and TB. Death by the Dozen is a relaxed requirement guild that is primarily focused on HSTR farming. The two sections below are snippets of each guild with a quick overview of rules for each and a summary of what both guilds can offer you.


    Pit Crew -

    Pit Crew is an elite guild focused on end game activities. We are fully heroic with Traya on farm and are very organized to provide maximum rewards for our members. We require 3M+ GP minimum with a focus on TB, and meta TW squads. We also expect full participation in all areas of the game and players embracing the simple rules below will be rewarded with a rich community of Star Wars and Galaxy of Heroes enthusiasts!

    HSTR launches 7:30pm CST and is open for damage 18 hours later at 1:30pm the next day

    • 162M GP
    • Fully Heroic
    • 42/44 TB Stars
    • Discord participation and registration required
    • 600 Raid tickets a day


    DeathByTheDozen -

    DeathByTheDozen is a friendly guild looking to expand a little bit and gear up so we can complete HSTR without the help of mercs from Pit Crew. We are looking for players that are around 2.5M GP or higher, are wanting to play TB/TW/HSTR daily and have a solid HSTR squad base. If you have really strong HSTR teams but are below 2.5M GP Don't Worry! We value participation and engagement over pure GP or skill. Though we consider ourselves easygoing, we do have a few things we require. Primarily, we require you to join and use Discord. Secondly, we value event participation. Daily activity in HSTR, TB and TW are required.


    We have a 24 hour raid join period. Our raids start at our refresh time which is 5:30 pm CST.

    • 125M GP
    • Fully Heroic
    • 39/41+ Stars in TB
    • Discord participation and registration required
    • 600 Raid tickets a day


    Please contact me here or on discord so we can get you invited.

    Discord ID
    • Nosirrahdrof#0363 - DeathByTheDozen
    • Slick Rick#3408 - Pit Crew
  • We are currently looking for a group of up to 20 that we can take in to fill our open spots across our alliance. If you are looking for a place where your guild members can prosper we will provide stability, advancement in the game and a family feeling you won't find elsewhere. Here is what we offer.

    The REPUBLIC is a vibrant, game-leading community with a rich history. We are a family of 11 guilds with diverse rosters all farming hSTR and 1 casual guild. We welcome players of all backgrounds and ages from around the world. We offer different TW and TB focused guilds including guilds in the top 100.

    Tired of losing TW? Tired of not getting enough stars in TB? Want an Active Guild which farms hSTR? Do you want to be in a progressive guild where the members help one another improve? Do you want to know all about new game content as it comes out? Do you want to reap the rewards of being a part of a winning guild? Stop by our discord server and have a chat, some of our guilds are even on the top 100 leaderboard in TW and TB. We are a fun and helpful community which strives to keep every member happy with the progress.

    Our minimum requirements are:

    1. minimum of 2.8 million GP

    2.The toons needed for LS/DS TB and toons required for heroic sith.

    3. profile

    4. discord account

    5. 600 tickets per day

    6. Fun and friendly attitude

    Guilds in The Republic:

    Naboo (US) 200+ 45LS/47DS

    Mandalore (EU) 200+ 45LS/47DS

    Korriban (US) 190+ 45LS/47DS

    Corellia (US) 190+ 45LS/47DS

    Jedha (US) 190+ 45LS/47DS

    Kessel (US) 180+ 44LS/46DS

    Endor (US) 180+ 44LS/46DS

    Scariff (APAC) 170+ 43LS/46DS

    Dagobah (US) 170+ 44LS/46DS

    Ahch-To (EU) 170+ 44LS/46DS

    Csilla (US) 170+ 44LS/46DS

    If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of, and thrive in, visit us at and let us know!

  • We have a 100m gp guild (at 35 members). Looking to get up to 20 more.

    Were looking for engaged and dedicated people. No specific GP requirements. We will be looking at the package.

    Guild was farming HSTR before the cleanup...
    In-game name: Deadhearth profile:
  • KoR Resilience are currently looking for 8 active players willing to contribute to the guild! We have all Heroic Raids on farm with raid times being in the US East time zone from 7pm-9pm. We are currently 42/45* for LSTB and 43/48* for DSTB.

    We require that you:

    Have Line app for communication

    Participate in TB/TW. If you don't want to play TW you don't need to sign up but if you do sign up, we expect full participation
    600 Daily Tickets

    We are a tight bunch willing to help each other develop rosters and enjoy the game at the same time. If Resilience isn't the right fit for you we also have a network of KoR guilds that may suit your needs. If you need more information you can contact me through discord at Sylanova#7528
  • Would you be interesting in joining us?
    Chairborne Rangers (currently ~68m GP with 37 people - got room for 13 people) want you to join us.
    We are active guild looking for active players.
    I am the leader of this guild and I am in EST but we have people from East to West Coast and we rotate the raids' times between EST and PST.
    We are doing tier 7 for HPIT & HAAT 2 or 3 times a week.
    We are doing tier 6 for Sith.
    We get about mid 20s in TBs
    We won 90% of TWs
    Requirements are to generate a minimum of 300 tickets, stay active, I track players with Daily Guild Activities and TWs/TBs
    Player's level should be in the 80s (can accept lower).
    Contact me if you have any questions.
  • h4sdjsmldhir.png

    Hey there! We are the Blackhole Bandits, an independent guild looking for 10 active players looking to tackle the HSTR. The core group of the Bandits have been around since the start of the game, and we're always on hand to offer help and advice to anyone that needs it :)

    We're attempting the HSTR again at the end of the month, so players with HSTR teams would be lovely, but not essential.


    Guild stats:

    106M GP
    Heroic PIT/HAAT
    Tier 6 Sith
    30+ Stars in both TB
    51-6 record in TW (lots of zetas)
    GMT Timezone


    1M+ GP
    Daily Activity (not too strict, we know everyone has other stuff to do sometimes)
    Line App
    Witty Banter


    If you're interested please shoot me a message. Cheers!

    Line: Darkshade3.0 | Ally code: 182-972-271
  • 4h5reirgxxk3.jpg
    Booze Blasters and Bounty is at 93 million GP and has 7-10 slots to fill.
    We require 400 daily tickets. Hpit, and Haat are run 2-3 times a week.
    Tier 6 sith. Last light side TB was 29 stars.
    Looking for active members with 2 million GP preferred.
    Message me on discord Biggs Fartlighter#7190 or in game 267-713-465 with and interest or questions.
  • RevanKoda
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    EatSithAndDie is a small alliance of 3 guilds:

    1. Masters of ESAD - 201 million GP
    2. Lords of ESAD - 167 million GP
    3. Knights of ESAD - 148 million GP

    With some recent lack of participation and misaligned players goals, we’re potentially looking at conducting a guild overhaul. We’re interested to see if there are 10+ players out there who are looking to merge to create a higher tier guild where the focus is on elite endgame content. Below is information about us, and what we’re looking for:
    • Guild raids are at 12pm EST
    • Guild reset is at 730pm EST
    • 45* LSTB and 47* DSTB (approaching 48*)

    What are we looking for?
    • Players with a GP of 3.9 or higher
    • Players focused on following the meta and working towards team composition and toons that provide benefit in TW
    • Focused on TW and TB
    • Committed to high end game content
    • Active on Discord with daily participation

    We have a great group of officers now and we’re not looking to merge into another guild. Rather, we’re looking to overhaul some of the players we have now and consider taking in a smaller group of players that want to achieve elite gameplay. If you have a guild that is a mixture of highly competitive players mixed with some more relaxed one, we can discuss bringing you in as 4th guild so as not to abandon your other guildmates, or risk guild disbanding. As you can see, we have a great foundation with successful, HSith clearing guilds.

    Open to discussion. Feel free to message me to discuss more: Duranged#2029 or RevanKoda#7128 or stop by our server:
  • Hallo zusammen,

    wir suchen aktuell 11 Spieler die unserer Gilde "SonneMondOrden" joinen wollen.

    GM 40 Mio

    39/50 Spielern aktuell

    Ranc 2-3 mal wöchentlich HC
    Haat 1-2 mal wöchentlich HC
    Sith 1-2 mal wöchentlich Ebene V

    Bei uns gibt es keine Vorschriften welche Chars ihr haben müsst, der Spaß steht im Vordergrund. Dennoch sind wir ambitioniert und konnten gerade im letzten Monate große Fortschritte machen....
    könnten dennoch weitere Unterstützung gebrauchen. 😉

    Meldet euch gern bei mir unter 567-858-228

    Eure Dany
  • Rebels Forever

    Is looking for a group of 12 to 16 playes (also you can come individually if you want)

    We are a over 88 M GP guild

    Very competitive

    Building teams and getting closer to HSTR (currently doing tier 6 easy)

    We offer:

    Nice and relaxed guild yet competitive

    We request

    Full participation in guild events

    600 tickets (not less than 500 to keep you in)

    Want to try?

    Take a look:

    Want to talk or ask something?
  • Stagger_Lee
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    LTDLStrikesBack is 105 million GP and we are looking for up to six active players...

    Our guild is making our final preparations for our HSTR runs.  We are lead by senior leadership from our parent guild and also have the knowledge of players from two other senior level guilds.  Advice and direction are given as needed but overall we are an independent group.  If you feel that you are ready for HSTR, or want to learn what is needed to complete HSTR; come chat with us (tap the Discord link below).

    Raid start times are currently 7PM PST and have a 24 hour join period.  We are looking for members that can collect at least 500 raid tickets per day.  Guild reset is at 2:30 PM PST.  

    The Discord app, communication, and a profile are required.  We recommend that you have at least one HSTR capable team and are at least 2 million GP.

  • Wrath of mando is looking for active members to run raids and a guild to merge with us. We non stop run raids there are always raids going on top tier! join and help grow our guild and help grow each other!we all have been playing for well over a year! We are experianced and would love to find serious players!

    My ally code is 883.919.545
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