Active Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    The Beginners Guide to the Galaxy
    84 million GP

    We are looking for players that are close to hstr as we have got a few players at that level and with more players at that level we can achieve it quicker and as a team. We are looking for gamers that are willing to put in the hard graft not just looked to be placed in a hstr guild a piggyback back off others. So come here and make a name for yourself.

    We get at least 30 stars in both territory battles and always get at least one zeta in territory wars.

    Hpit and haat is on farm
    We run t6 on sith raid.
    Hpit is 1900 after a 24 hour join period
    Haat is 1900 after a 24 hour join period
    Sith is FFA

    We ask for the minimum of at least 400 daily tickets

    All we ask is to be chatty and nice and helpful. We have got to the point we have by having like minded people who are in it for the guild.

    Discord and are a must as we are trying to coordinate for hstr so we can work better together.

    Join us to chat on our newly made guild recruitment server and chat to one of our officers or if you have any other questions come and feel free to ask
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    Who are we?
    Jakk U is a group of 36 people right now with an average of 2.8 mil. We get 31+ stars in the TBs. We are semi hard core and have not lost a TW sense March! We are completing the HSR with the help from a group of mercs we have a deal with so we are getting traya shards! We raid at 9 pm Est. We understand that life comes first! We are very talkative! We love to compete in all game modes!

    What are we looking for?
    We are looking people who love the game and love to progress. We can take up to 13 people currently! We are asking that you have at least 2(preferably 3) strong HSR teams! JTR, Chex mix, NS, Jedi. We are trying to fill up so we don't need to use mercs anymore in the HSR!

    How to contact us?
    Line: Cnic
    Discord: Cnic (Jakk Ü)#2066
    Discord: Valar (Jakk U)#6592
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    Sith raid on farm
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    Uncle Owen’s BBQ Bootcamp

    Looking for 10 highly active/dedicated/competitive players.

    2Million + GP
    600 daily tickets
    Daily raid/TB/TW participation
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    The Outer Rim

    Want OT Chewy? Want Revan? Want Jedi Luke? Want (insert unreleased OP toon here)? Put yourself in the best position to be ready for these potential Meta-Busters - just one of the perks of being a part of a large online community is access to TONS of swgoh tools and resources. Whether you are Super casual or F2P, guppies, dolphins. whales and Krakens all are welcome out here in the 'Rim. Tons of experienced players, many are Day One swgoh vets, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly bunch of people. We all work together to make each and every guild stronger, no one is left behind. Stop by today and see what you think, you won't be disappointed.

    Family Requirements :
    - Discord
    - A synced and public profile
    - A love for the game and the drive to succeed!!!

    Our recruitment team is available 24/7

    We currently have openings at all levels, so now is the time! Feel free to visit our website at
    and check out all of our guilds to see which one might suit you the best!
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    Primal Alliance
    117m GP

    We are a guild currently trying to beat the heroic sith raid, but we need some extra muscle to do so! Last attempt had us reach 50% in p3. Looking to bring in some able bodies in hope that we can beat it together! Our info is below....
    32* LS TB
    33* DS TB
    Rancor 7/10pm rotating
    HAAT 7/10pm rotating
    T6 Sith raid, no set time
    All UK times
    Our requirements to join are:
    Be active daily
    2mil GP minimum
    Swgoh. gg account
    Active in all aspects of the game
    Have at least 1 HSTR team ready and working on more
    If anyone is interested PM me. I will respond as soon as I can
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    Guardians of Light and Peace is recruiting. 95M GP guild, laid back atmosphere, looking for players who are 1.5M-2.5M GP.

    TB: typically 32 stars for LSTB, a few less for DSTB.

    Raids: Heroic Pit and Tank, T6 of STR and we are close to doing heroic. Everyone is working towards JTR and/or Revan squads, so after the next JTR event will be our next hSTR attempt.

    We have a kik chat but definitely not necessary to join, more just for everyday talk and getting advice.

    Our main goal is progression, there is absolutely zero pressure to spend money or go after every new meta when it comes out. We also understand that real life comes first and communication is one of the biggest parts of our group (guild chat or kik both work).

    Send me a message with your (or a summary of your inventory) if you're interested!
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    The GSF Alliance is a small 5 guild alliance that is looking for more players!
    GSF Alpha: 181m GP GSF Omega: 161m GP GSF Gamma: 147m GP GSF Delta: 110m GP
    All guilds run HRancor 3x a week and HAAT 2x a week, with a 24 hour registration period.

    Also, 3 guilds share the same daily reset time (8:30pm EST). Delta has a 10:30 EST reset. Raid times vary between guilds, please let us know what times you would prefer!

    The Alliance shares a discord server and movement between guilds is free flowing based on performance and daily contribution, so as your roster progresses you'll have the opportunity to move up, and if you need to take a break we have a place for you as well! We merc within alliance to give everyone the opportunity for Traya shards!

    To join, check out our discord server (
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    Join the Knights of Dromund Kaas!

    New guild looking for active players
    Minimum level 70
    No GP minimum
    No required toons

    Daily Activities completion (especially raid tickets)
    Participation in raids and events
    No inactivity for longer than 3 days
    Chat with your guild mates! (:

    Hope to see you!
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    Time Zone: United States EST

    We are a friendly FTP guild currently looking for good players to fill our numbers.
    We're happy to take on a mix of levels as long as you're are active. We offer a friendly, supportive, drama-free environment!

    What we do expect is the following:
    • Communication! When possible, let the guild know if you aren't going to be available.
    • We use Line and recommend it.
    • A 400 ticket average but really looking for 600 most days. Most of our members manage this.
    • Active participation in all guild events.
    • We expect members to remain active and grow their squads.

    • Guild GP: 78m
    • Average GP: 1.9m
    • Territory Battle: Mid 20's starts
    • Territory War: 90% win rate at 64m GP

    We run Heroic Rancor and Heroic Tank raids about 2 times a week and currently doing T6 of Sith Raid.
    If you’re interested please feel free to contact me
    • Ally Code: 584-593-357
    • Line ID: matthias74_swgoh
    • Discord: Matthew#7929

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    sup guys. We're the Thugs in White Armor and we have room for exceptional players to join our ranks!


    We are a bunch of immature old people from all around the world that have been united by our passion for Star Wars and our dark, wicked sense of humor. Some of us have been playing together for years in various games, such as Star Wars Commander, where we dominated the global leader board. We have a diverse group of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and we're LGBT-friendly.

    We have Heroic Rancor, Heroic AAT, and Heroic Sith Triumvirate on routine farm status; our Sith rules ensure everyone has a fair chance for the top 20 gear rewards. Territory Battles is our current focus; we’re 44/45 in Light Side and 46/48 in Dark Side battles with the ultimate goal of accomplishing 100% in both modes. As such, new recruits should be prioritizing appropriate TB teams and inflating their Galactic Power as high as possible (starring, leveling, gearing, and modding one’s entire roster). We’re currently asking new recruits to have a minumum of 2,500,000 GP prior to joining, but exceptions can be made for exceptional players.

    Moreover, we’re also competitive and enjoy defeating guilds in Territory Wars for the three zeta reward and max potential rewards), but we do emphasis PvE over PvP as a primary guild focus.

    As for the social element, we use the free third party communication app called 'Discord' to share strategies and coordinate for Territory Battles, Territory Wars, and raids. Ah well, who am I kidding? Mostly it's for sharing gifs, videos, and venting our frustration over broken mechanics.

    is mandatory to be part of our guild; you can keep notifications off and keep chatting to a minimum, but we need to be able to get a hold of you outside the game. You’ll find that most of the guild is very friendly and helpful.

    We also require everyone to get 600 raid tickets daily. Sometimes this isn't always possible, but consistency is what we look for. Just communicate with us if you have any problems due to real life such as work, injury, vacation, and so forth. More raid tickets = more raids = more rewards!

    So, if you are the social type and share our passion for Star Wars, then you might fit right in.

    We are looking for highly active players who:
    • can follow basic directions
    • are willing to farm and gear necessary characters to promote progression
    • will bring in their 600 tickets daily to ensure we can raid as often as possible
    • are willing to download Discord
    • are willing to learn and improve
    • have a certain long-time commitment to the game and their guild

    We respect that everyone has a real life and this is just a game. Nevertheless, we strive to play at a competitive level and expect our members to do so as well. Not everyone can give 100% every single day (which is totally fine), but if you can't even consistently spare the 30 minutes required to complete your dailies, then you don't need a guild.

    Overall we are a very helpful bunch and don't mind helping new people. But it's a big plus if you know what you're doing and don't need us to hold your hand all the time.

    We generally don't like to moderate our members and we especially don't like drama. That being said, we also don't censor/moderate swearing or profanity. So if the f-word makes you pee your pants, you might not want to join this guild. Also, the only kids in our guild are those who steal their parent's iPads, and we'd like to keep it that way.

    If all of that sounds like it might suit you and you want those juicy Treya shards soon, then hit me up via a PM or leave a message on this thread. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


    • Guild Galactic Power: 165+ million
    • Rancor Raid: heroic on farm status
    • AAT Raid: heroic on farm status
    • Sith Raid: heroic on farm status
    • Territory Battles: Light 44/45, Dark 46/48
    • Territory Wars: Strong strategy with zeta x3 rewards wins and max potential rewards, but PvE prioritization over PvP
    • What we require: daily 600’s, full participation, thick skin, and communication on the free third party chat app ‘Discord’


    Message me wat tambor 435-771-229

    (updated 11-27-18)
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    153mgp (at 49/50)
    42* LS/44* DS TB

    ROLO shards: about 90+
    IPD shards: about 50+ (and increasing each time)

    Guild reset: 6.30pm central

    HRancor/HAAT: 8pm central
    HSTR: 1pm/8pm central
    We also try to ensure that multiple raids are not on at the same time so everyone has the chance to participate.

    We’re looking for:
    An active daily player with approx 2.7mgp+
    A sufficient roster that can contribute to TB
    Participation in guild events
    A public profile
    400 tickets minimum daily (though most do 600 so we can raid more)
    Line app mandatory for communication

    Check us out on

    Get in touch via PM or Line, search for: sarith2017
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    Fragments 0f the Empire
    UK/US/International guild
    Raids are 19:00 GMT ALL HEROIC
    22:30 GMT Ticket reset
    44/46* TB

    Focusing now on TW

    Looking to replace 1 temp member after TW


    3M+ GP
    Able to clear all/most TB battles
    willing to help focus on teams for TB/TW
    Top 200 Arena (preferably 100) there are exceptions to this

    DM me or apply at the website below pbmaxg26v1q9.jpg
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    The Imperial Eclipse

    Looking to accept 1 or 2 active players with +1.5MM gp

    +80MM gp
    25k daily tickets
    Hpit HAAT and STR t6
    Active and laid back
    Many users on discord, NOT required
    Undefeated in TW since merger 12-0

    Discord MNMike#7689
    Ally code: 953-347-629
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    Knights Watch Elite - 122M GP – 43/50 Members

    We are looking for 6 new members with:
    -2M GP minimum
    -No specific ticket requirement but we do prefer that you get at least close to 600 tickets per day profile
    -3 of: RJT, NS, ZBastilla, chex mix
    -Active on Discord and in game
    -No Arena Requirements

    About us: We are an active NZ based guild with some international members. In the last 10 territory wars we have won 9/10. We recognize that sometimes RL can get in the way however members are removed if they go 7 days of inactivity without any communication. We are looking at another HSTR attempt in early January.
    -T6 STR completion in about 1.5days as no real time constraint
    -LSTB = 38* and DSTB = 39-40*
    -HAAT and HPIT starting at 7pm and 8PM NZT respectively

    If you are interested send me a message in discord: Freakyspace#3398 with your profile link and why you left your last guild

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    RAvengers, a 120m GP 46/50 guild looking for 6-10 raid ready 2m+ GP individuals to take us to the next level. We use discord for communication.

    Currently clearing T6 Sith raid in 1.5 days, just looking for a few more active players to move on to the heroic version.

    The ideal candidates will have one or more of the following:
    JTR/Jedi/Chex Mix/Nightsisters teams that are HSTR ready.

    Guild requirements:
    600 raid tix daily
    TW/TB/Sith raid participation

    Heroic Pit/Rancor auto start at 12PM EST when tix are available, 24 hr join period then no limits. Sith raid starts at 9AM EST.

    Reach out to the following if interested

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    The Dread Masters are a quickly advancing, fully heroic, highly active and social guild with 113m GP that takes progression very seriously. We've just conquered our first Heroic Sith Raid attempt, and are looking to fill a single opening. We are currently seeking an active player of 1.5m GP or above, able to contribute to HSTR, with plenty of fleshed out squads for territory wars and battles.

    The Dread Masters are an independent guild that will NEVER be a part of a guild alliance, and NEVER tell our members which characters to grind or play. We expect our members to contribute to the best of their abilities, but realize that it's a game and understand that Real Life takes priority. We run HSTR every 4 days at 7pm EST, HAAT twice a week at 8pm, and hPit three times at 10pm, each with a 24 hour join period and no restrictions once open. We boast a 39-13 win record in Territory Wars, each war typically having 48+ active participants, achieved 39* last dark side territory battle and 37* last light side.Though it's not required, we highly encourage members to use our discord server, but also have a very active in game chat. We track contributions in TW and TB to make sure our members are pulling their weight, and though we have no strict ticket requirement, we typically get 27k+ daily.

    Don't miss your opportunity to join this newly heroic guild which truly achieves the balance between casual and serious. Leave your stagnant guild for greener pastures by contacting me with your account via PM on the forums, or on discord at crewmeister#9587.
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    Vietnam Hero Group
    123m GP

    * About us:
    :) All heroic raids (sith,rancor, aat) starting time: ~02:00PM UTC, ~24h for joininng.
    - Guild reset activities time: 11:30AM UTC
    * Requirements for new members:
    - Have profile and discord
    - 600 tickets/day (can be less if u notice about absence).
    - Have time to do TB, TW.
    It is better if u could:
    + Gain over 1.8m GP (can be less if u gain high rank in arena/fleet).
    + Teams for TB.
    + Top100 arena and fleet.
    Thanks for reading.
    DM me if u are interested via discord.
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a mixed nation guild, very kind and helpful and we are recruiting again. All heroic raids are on farm. No alliance guild. We have 145M+ GP and 42* last LS TB. 44* on last DS TB.

    We are looking for active players, level 85 and good GP (~2,5M). We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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    EU 90K GP guild looking for two players to help us get closer to HSith

    We are PTA SWH and we're around 90 M GP. We belong to a community (not alliance) of more than 400 players. Here you will always have feedback about the game and other things in life in general.

    We have:
    - HAAT (2xweek) and HPIT (3x week) on farm and STR tier 6 (2x week)
    - Discord to communicate
    - 28K raid tickets produced daily
    - 2 Spot to fill (needs to be 1M GP+)
    - 30 Stars in TB's
    - Kenobi Shards, Solo SHards, Rolo Shards and IPD shards
    - Always a minimum of 45 members participating on TW

    · We need:
    - 500 to 600 tickets a day unless real life don’t let it
    - Good communication on discord (just be kind to everyone)
    - **Paticipation in all guild activities (TB, TW, Raids)**
    · Raid info:
    Raid at 9 PM GMT / 10 PM CET
    Direct message me here or on discord Marqves#1287
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    We are Aunt Beru's BBQ Hut a HSTR Farming Guild
    with 150+ Million GP and TRAYA!
    Looking for 1 active member.

    We are looking for 3 million GP (or more) 600 daily energy is important. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit on all raids. We get 39-42 stars on both TBs. At least 2 zetas each TW, win or lose, guaranteed!

    Aunt Beru’s is a family. We’re chill, fun, chatty, and helpful. We like memes and poking fun at each other. If that sounds more fun than where you are, and you have the following skills, read on to apply. We use group me chat app, so come talk to us and see if we are the right fit for you, communication is important to us.

    Click here to join:
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    7 Deadly Sith
    Heroic Raid farm.
    US Eastern based, guild reset at 4PM EST
    39* Dark Side 37* Light Side Territory Battles
    40-12 TW

    We are looking for one or two players 2 million GP minum who have at least one HSTR team, preferrably phase 3. We prefer 600 tickets a day, but understand that it is not always possible. Active in all phases.

    PM me here or join our discord to join.
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    SHINING FORCE - We are an active guild looking for an active player - to fill a spot. Come get Traya shards with us!

    Our GGP is about 139 M. We request new members who have a minimum of 2.5M GP to help us clear the Sith Heroic Raid.

    We have 24 hour join periods in the Heroic Pit and Tank Raids, and HSR. Start time for these 2 raids are 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm Pacific Time respectively. We just started beating HSith, looking for a couple of new members to help us beat it faster.

    We get about 34 stars in Territory Battles. We have a winning record in most Territory Wars, earning 2 zeta materials in most wars.

    We are a friendly and helpful group, but will remove you if you do not stay active, or participate in most guild activities.

    We use LINE for voting and sharing strategy, but it is optional. My line ID is brian92610

    If you are interested in joining us, please send me a note in game chat - my Ally Code is 518-518-222

    Thanks for the interest - Hope to see you in the Game!

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    **Holocron Knights**
    125M GP

    **3 spots available. **

    * EST guild with daily reset at 6:30 p.m.
    * All raids heroic. Raid times 7/8 p.m. EST
    *40 DS/41 LS
    * 1.5M+ GP
    * 600 raid tickets daily.
    * Solid teams for TB and TW.

    **Profile on and joining Discord are required for guild coordination and strategy.**

    Come join us!

    **Contact me on Discord: Garglemel#7229**
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    The Alliance of Rebel Knights a 178M+ GP guild is looking for new and active players at 3M+ or smaller if a focused roster. We are a high-performing yet relaxed guild. No requirements to spend as we just ask you are active and participate in TW, TB and get your 600. Please contact me at Usethefourth#9531 on discord

    **Guild #1: Alliance of Rebel Knights**
    Leader: Brownie (Discord: Brownie#8501) Recruitment: Discord: Usethefourth#9531

    **Current Stats **
    • GP:178M
    • LS TB Stars: 44
    • DS TB Stars: 46
    • Territory War Record: 33 wins; 10 losses; 4 Ties

    **Raid Times **

    All Raids: 8:05pm and 1:05pm EST rotating

    **Requirements for new members / recruits**
    • Do your 600
    • Be Active
    • Don’t be an **** •
    • Minimum GP: 3M GP+

    SWGOH Profile:
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    Knights of the Saber is recruiting 2 members. Join our family!

    Knights of the Saber is friendly end-game focused guild that is built on helping others and having fun! We are currently look for more members to grow with us.

    About our guild:
    • 91 million Galactic Power
    • HAAT - 2/week
    • Heroic Rancor - 2/week
    • Sith Raid VI - 2/week
    • 24 hour join period for Heroic Rancor, HAAT
    • X-4 in Territory Wars
    • EST Time Zone

    1. Level 85
    2. 500 ticket contribution daily
    3. Mandatory participation in Raids, Territory Wars, Territory Battles
    4. Communication through Discord

    Want to join the Knights of the Saber Family?
    • Send me a private message here
    • Discord: MuttonTheChop#1059
    • Ally Request: 142-171-957
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