Can someone help me, since EA/Capital apparently makes it so you can't actually get the help you nee

I'm referring to this post: DEV POST ABOUT ACCIDENTAL CHROMIUM PURCHASE <<< there's a link to a dev post; not sure if you can see it, in the preview it's invisible

Just now saw it, want to get those crystals back. But there is no common sense, obvious way to file a ticket in-game as it recommends. And when you got to the EA site, that's a convoluted nightmare. The options you have do not lend themselves to this topic/problem. (that's what sites do when they don't really want to have to deal with customers; they send them down convoluted rabbit holes, kinda like putting you on hold for an hour so you'll just give up and hang up)

So how the hell am I supposed to get those crystals back? Where EXACTLY do I go?

Also there was something in game about a 'portrait' I unlocked. Is that the portrait you see by the name in places like Arena? Because I also have no idea where to access those.


  • Liath
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    In the game, you go to settings (the gear icon) and then help. The options are the same as if you go to the site directly. You are supposed to select missing content, had content and lost it. Crumb responded to a question about this on a thread the other day.

    Portraits are the pictures. Click on your name at the top of the game and choose profile. You can select a picture and a title.
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