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  • @CG_SBCrumb By reducing the number of usable toons down ~28, does that mean that there will be less defensive teams needed per zone?
  • TW is alrdy the most **** game mode ever with its own RNG onlt to be followed by Solo TW also known as GA. If you keep doing (insert bad word) stuff like this, you will lose all of your old school base. I am || that close.
  • Hey you can vote multiple times on this PER BROWSER
    Maybe you want to re configure your poll
  • It's standard banned characters for certain pvp event. The only difference is that the losers of the polls get banned and you have to pick a group of 4 characters.
  • Fantastic idea. Just glad to have some developers trying to keep things fresh.
  • SandurzGoH wrote: »
    @CG_SBCrumb By reducing the number of usable toons down ~28, does that mean that there will be less defensive teams needed per zone?
    The end result of the polls is that 28 characters will not be available for use. anything not being voted on here stays available. the post really should be edited to clearly state this
  • Broxxor wrote: »
    The point about encouraging us to build rosters and invest real money in them - and then create a facet of a game mode to take away those characters is also ill conceived. And somewhat fraudulent imo.

    This. I’m a pay to play player and this has me seriously considering turning off the $ faucet. Why would I spend money on characters that may just randomly be banned from my favorite aspect of the game? It’s just as bad for F2P. Spent tons of time farming a character, gearing it, and making a viable team just to have it banned randomly???
  • Gorem
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    Its an interesting concept really, but doesn't really work in this game that sometimes requires one character to do something. Think of all those leaders in there.

    Not having the leader means the ENTIRE squad is pointless. Sometimes not having a support makes the squad useless.

    We will be losing access to entire squads just from missing out on one leader. Yet alone 28 potential leaders.

    That is peoples entire rosters being excluded. That is why a banning system like this does not work in this game. It could mean people will be able to set nothing.
  • Love the idea. So much whine going on. Lighten up people.
  • Fatzke
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    A little bit early, still three months until april...
    Simply don't vote...
  • Appreciate the attempt to keep things lively, but not a fan of excluding parts of the roster.
    Loved the thematic buffs from last time, would enjoy seeing more like that but on a single TW basis.
  • This thread is as confusing as revan's Kit.
    Is it good or bad? We’ll see in three months.
    Tag me if you reply to my comment so I know I should answer you!😀 My roster: https://swgoh.gg/p/842694912/
  • So they are trying to make TW less painfull....by making it more painfull. I don't get it. TW is already a horrible mode and now it's horrible with strange twists...
  • Nope, nope, nope.

    This just looks really really annoying. Not the way to do this at all imo. Let us vote for teams not core characters. Either that or scrap the idea and think of something else.
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