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    This is weird. I hope it turns out well, but right now looks like it will just rip out lots of potential teams, making our lineups for def/off way worse.
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    We all know the dead people in Florida are going to be the deciding factor.
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    Ultra wrote: »
    I don’t like the idea of disabling a single toon but this was the idea that the community wanted “Can we ban Traya from TW she just got released two months ago and only 1% have it”

    “Can we ban Revan? No point in playing since other guild has 10 Revans and we have none”

    CG went ridiculously over the top with the idea

    I hope both sides can now shut up about banning specific toons after this

    You just trigger the complaining from the other side.
  • This is a terrible idea in my opinion, how can you have a vote on what to leave out on terrority wars. Why would some people not want part of their roster available when it’s a guild effort to use everything we have to beat the opponent. I personally don’t have revan but I’d imagine a lot of people will vote to leave out revan and I’d imagine treya is also on the chopping list. Just don’t know why you couldn’t bring back the toon bonus’s instead of this drunk idea you thought up at the New Year’s Eve party
  • @Ultra
    Cant wait for the Tusken / murder bear meta


    TW is so predictable. If Threepio/HK/T3/R2/BB-8 takes over TW with Tuskens & murder bears right behind them, I think that would be soooo fun, just because of the completely new challenge.
  • I like the idea. TW is boring. I don’t know whether this makes it better or worse in the long run, but in the short run it will at least be interesting for a while.
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    Shimrra wrote: »
    I don't know where you saw positive feedback...and what you want to do is probably the worst idea ever...
    If you want to see more people leave the game you probably go in the right direction...

    What I seen people asking for:

    More even HSTR rewards that are not so top heavy!
    Better matchmaking systems for better fights!
    Some help on the stun gun gear grinds!

    What CG hears:

    GA is awesome and the best idea we ever had!
    Sith Raid is perfect the way it is and must be made relevant even today by nerfing anything that makes it easier.
    People loved that Mace dominated TW for an entire month (This was more 50/50, some people loved, some people hated).

    So their next logical step is to make us ban toons in TW so we can neuter entire squads. And that was based on the positive feedback. lol.
  • Trolled and kept out revan and traya. Lol
  • Positive feedback from the clone wars era bonuses? Hmmm new to me, my guild, other guilds, most players and others had nothing good to say about the bonuses
  • Man y’all need to lighten up in a big way.
  • Terrible terrible idea, you now have given power to the players to decide ultimately that they don’t want to face revan and treya in tw. I don’t have revan but this seems massively unfair. We work on our toons to use all of them not just the ones that the majority vote on. Bring back toon bonus’s instead of this drunk idea at your New Year’s Eve bash
  • Bad idea, punishing people for investing in characters that the whims of the masses don't vote for.
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    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    Palanthian wrote: »
    If this change had been made last week, it would have been the worst change of 2018. Let’s hope it’s the worst change of 2019, otherwise I seriously dislike the direction the game is taking.
    Yeah, investing on toons is no longer good.
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    Hey CG will you look at taking Hera off that list? Without her, you negate an entire faction from working (Phoenix) whereas others will only be slightly handicapped by the lack of certain characters.
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    I love this game, but I strongly dislike this idea - I'd say it's one of the worst ideas I've heard.

    I develop toons so I can use them, not so they can sit gathering dust because the community has voted to use CUP instead this month. How are players supposed to decide how to develop their rosters now? And with some toons you're not just removing that toon, you're removing an entire squad that hinges on them.

    Also, if TW is now going to be the 'fun' mode and GA the competitive one, then the rewards need to be reviewed. You expect the competitive players to focus all of their efforts on winning 3 omegas a month versus 6 zetas a month (going off the January chalendar)?

    I can't think of a single way this makes the game more fun. If we were voting on toons/factions to give bonuses to I could get behind that.
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  • They are clueless....color me shocked.
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