Content Update 2/6/2019 [MEGA]



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    The update says the ship energy pack is available until the 13th, its 12th here and I dont see the ship energy pack (never bought it before but now I would).
    Is it a bug or they changed the date?
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    Hello, @CG_SBCrumb,
    The B2 that was released in the game was a pretty good character, but not to be confused with this model from the animated series, I was wondering if you can make the original model from the movie like this:latest?cb=20181227010829
    It is quite slimmer than its later models and has only one wrist blaster, armed with rockets. But he is still one mean tough droid.
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    I'm just wondering when the update is going to drop.
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    evoluza wrote: »
    How does Thrawn's Fracture interact with B1's Droid Battalion?

    You take 32 stacks away...

    Because that makes sense. 33 would be too much, and 31, too few.

    Thirty-three shalt thou not take away, neither thou take away thirty-one, excepting that thou then proceed to thirty-two. Thirty-five is right out!
    Legend#6873 | YouTube |
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    Why do I need a +250 healt gear to a character who cannot have more than 1 health?
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