Developer Q&A - 8/1

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

When I sat down to read through all of today's questions, it quickly became apparent that the community is very focused on a handful of specific topics compared to previous Q&As. The top topic drivers were Grand Arena Championships and Malak and made up for over half of the total questions.

Because of this, we're going to try something a little different today. I've organized the questions into several groups for the team to answer instead of a thread for each person. I think this will be easier to browse for a specific answer than figuring out what each person is responsible for, but I'd love to hear your feedback on the format for next time.

We are just sitting down with the team to get started but feel free to start popping questions into this thread. Kick off in 10 minutes! Let's get started!
Closing this thread to stop gathering questions as we have plenty for today. We will be working through as many questions as we can and then I'll posted them here as they come in

Who is here today:
  • Nick Reinhart/Tophat - Live Producer
  • CG_Erik - Player Lifecycle Producer
  • CG_154M - Feature Producer
  • CG_Cyanides - Data Analyst/Lead Product Manager
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    TOPIC: Events

    Q: Why the recent decrease in the number of events? Is it possible to ensure some events are running each day?
    • A: TopHat - Ultimately, this is the plan for us. We want to have something running everyday. We've had some transcription errors that have resulted in holes in the schedule, but we're building out our process to make sure we have something everyday. Bear in mind that we also think of our Territory Battle, Territory War, and Grand Arena suite of events as padding the overall daily schedule.

    Q: Are there plans to add new difficulty tiers to older events as new characters are added and get stronger in general? Would it be possible to add some kind of "story mode" that allows us to relive iconic moments in the Star Wars saga? Is it possible to make events replayable or always available once completed? Especially the Legendary and Journey events.
    • A: TopHat - Our Mythic events are the attempt to do this. Unfortunately, they aren't free/cheap for us to make. We have to balance between creating new content, our current projects going on behind the scenes (Like Light Side Geonosis), and the maintenance of the game. We have tickets made to make Mythic Chewie and Threepio, but we haven't been able to get around to doing them yet. We want to do them soon, but we'll have to see when they actually make it to the table.

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    TOPIC: Characters

    Q: Have you felt particularly inspired, proud, or happy when working on a rework or a yet to be released rework?
    • A: CG_Prophet - There are two standout pieces of content that I am particularly proud of, but they’re more about the events around characters rather than the characters themselves.

      The first is the Flight of the Falcon Legendary event. It was the first time I worked on a piece of Legendary-tier content for the game and I got to have a lot of fun exploring what we could do to create a memorable experience for the players. Looking back, I might’ve made the event a bit more challenging, but I know the community was just as excited to see the A-wing, B-wing, and Y-wing as I was, not to mention getting to call the shots with Darth Vader as your fleet’s commander, all with some fun references and memorable dialogue thrown in! Having the chance to work on the event that showcases the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe? Yeah, I’m incredibly proud of that!

      And of course, Star Forge Showdown, a months-long endeavor of collaboration across disciplines to turn our interpretation of the climactic boss battle from Knights of the Old Republic into a reality. Working closely with Darth Malak’s character designer and our art team, I was tasked with taking what was little more than an outline of the event and crafting a challenging, memorable experience for our most hardcore players. Even better was that it released during Star Wars Celebration 2019! Getting to see our players react to the event in real-time at our booth (including the frustration!) was an unforgettable experience. And to the guy who cracked his phone’s screen while trying to beat the event, I still consider that a badge of honor and love to tell that story!
    • A: CG_Fugitive - Working on Padme was challenging but very rewarding. I looked to Attack of the Clones and the first season of The Clone Wars for inspiration on her kit. Not only did I find a lot of material that formed her kit, I also learned a lot about her character. She has a lot more depth and complexity than I remembered, especially in the Clone Wars series. I'm very happy with how she turned out and the role she's been playing in the meta.
    • A: CG_Zeus - Indeed! In particular, I really enjoyed studying the narrative backgrounds of, and working on, Jango Fett, C-3PO, and the Finn rework.

    Q: Why only a select few of the Clone Troopers and not all of them?
    • A: Tophat - Couple reasons. We have plans for these clones in the future and we have the age old problem of limited time and resources. We couldn't do all of them so we picked the ones that would be the most impactful in the short and long term.

    Q: How strong are you aiming to get the clone reworks when they come?
    • A: Tophat - That's a really difficult question to answer because their power will change with time. You'll just have to wait and see.

    Q: With the Clone rework coming up, is there any chance we could see Delta Squad added to the game? They already have pretty well-defined personalities and skills, so it (probably) wouldn't be too hard to come up with kits that fit their characters well.
    • A: Tophat - Not any time soon. They've been on the table before in the past, but they get edged out by other characters. They are never too far from our minds. Fundamentally there are a lot of clones that are already better known/beloved or already in game. Comes back to the time and resources problem.

    Q: In the road ahead post by CG_TopHat," I slapped my head in disbelief"... lol. This was a hint at Jar Jar right? .
    • A: Tophat - It is not a hint about Jar Jar. There are no plans to make Jar Jar at this time
    • A: Crumb - That's just what someone who's working on Jar Jar would say

    Q: How long, from conception to implementation, does it take on average when introducing a new toon?
    • A: Tophat - Varies. Depends on the power level, interaction between factions, the problems they need to solve in the meta, etc. We have a conception of "the size" of different characters. On average somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks. It's not something we just turn around in an instant - it requires a lot of back and forth internally and externally as well.
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    I like the organization. Now lets see how this goes.
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    I hope they answer my question about a Jawa portrait this time. They didn't last Q&A.
    Edit: And I hope they say they'll be adding one.
  • After seeing Malak topic on top, I think I expect a good question and an answer. Everyone knows what the question is but I don't want to ask it again.
  • Didn't you say last Q&A that you would try and think of a new format of doing them, so we don't need to sit here for an hour constantly refreshing the page?
  • Alohomora wrote: »
    After seeing Malak topic on top, I think I expect a good question and an answer. Everyone knows what the question is but I don't want to ask it again.

    Malak will return when the SE team has some sort of viable counter. Probably for $$.
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    When will we get relief on the stun gun restriction? Gear crunch just seems to get larger and larger as new gear is added and no relief from old pinch points.

    You improved ship energy regen but removed the most needed gear from ship normal mode.

    Please address why you removed the gear from one of the few available places since normal energy is also needed for kyrotech and finishers.
  • GAC: Plans to alter feats so they generate currency instead of points? Current system basically forces the use of certain teams at certain times and limits players vs allowing them to battle as they see fit
  • WITHOUT leaving the guild they are in, how are players suppose to complete achievements & prestigious quests that are tied to both the light side and dark side Hoth Territory Battles when their guild is ONLY willing to do the Geonosis TB?

    Why are we limited to only doing a maximum of three prestigious quests at the same time. Why can't we do them all at the same time?

    Are there any plans for Galactic Bounty I/II events to happen more often then once every ~45 days (on average)?

    Some older toons are not available in any store. Baze for example. Since he and most of these older toons are not meta, is there a possibility that the energy requirements to farm them could be lowered (again, the ones NOT found in any store)?

    Many legendary events still do not have a Mythic version. Events such as, Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey, Rey's Hero's Journey, Legend of the Old Republic....are you actively working on releasing any of these or others as Mythics? Again, I am NOT asking WHEN, just asking IF it is coming out.

    Now that we have five capital ships and rumor has it, a sixth capital ship coming soon, will be able to assign ships to "squads" similarly to the way we assign characters?

    Have you ever entertained the idea of letting the fans of the game vote on which toon they would like to see next in the game?

    and finally.......

    At the moment, there are three prestigious quests that are tied to the ranking in the HAAT (Tank) Raid.
    Jedi Knight 4/4 - Earn rank 10 or higher 5 times in the HAAT Raid
    Jedi Master 1/4 - Earn rank 3 or Better 3 times in the HAAT Raid
    Jedi Master 4/4 - Earn Rank 1 in the HAAT Raid
    In the eventuality that the Tank Raid becomes simmable, will there be any special consideration for the players trying to do these quests or will each player have to ask their guild's leadership NOT to sim the tank raid up to 13 times? Perhaps simply designating everyone as 1st place?
  • Slewfoot wrote: »
    Alohomora wrote: »
    After seeing Malak topic on top, I think I expect a good question and an answer. Everyone knows what the question is but I don't want to ask it again.

    Malak will return when the SE team has some sort of viable counter. Probably for $$.

    It's all about the FUPU!!!
  • Are we going to see more Capital ships from different factions, with more fighter ships to form faction specific squads?
  • Is there going to be a way for us to get more MK 3 Carbantis and Mk5 stun guns? They are really hard to get.
  • Was the jar Jar reddit comment just some CG trolling ? Or is it another “we can’t comment on future characters at this time”
  • Hi! PvP with friends in a GA mode would be great what do you think
  • Sandbox: it is so unfair that some handfull of people have test accaunts and can try different team compositions, but the huge majority of us, simple mortals, can´t even use our own characters and try them out!

    Is simple justice to give everyone a test account, or a sandbox mode.
  • How much does it bug you that the community sentiment tends to stay so negative no matter what you do? Release new content, it's either too hard or too easy, give us more ways to progress and it's just a money grab, etc. Fors that bug you as a dev team, or do you somehow (I have no idea how) take it as passionate/constructive? Thanks for all you do! I've never played a game as long as I have this one.
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