Cheating In Galaxy of Heroes [MEGA]


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    While I have seen one request handled, I have seen numerous players report on the same player without receiving a comment that the request was even received. It is so annoying it is to have a cheating player taunting you in vulgar messages. I'd really like to see a more proactive approach.

    I wouldn't put it past some people to simply say they are cheating when they aren't just to stir up trouble. After all if they aren't actually cheating they won't get banned but it will **** off a bunch of people when they don't get banned.
  • Bulldog and McMole provided a service to the SWGOH community. I would never have know to look for something like this on my shard. It is hard to report cheaters, if you don’t know how they are doing it. McMole and Bulldog have been great contributors and have influenced more than a hand full of players to pick this game up. EA/CG you have shot the messenger.
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