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  • I was listening to Bulldog's video, i guess I've been ignorant of the whole cheating thing...I've only reported 1 cheater in my 3 years of playing and it was a member of my own guild who was posting insane numbers in hsith without a viable squad. So how rampant do they think this hack could be? It seemed hard to tell because a couple of points difference in GAC is not much of a red flag...
    Are public battle logs a possibility?
  • So in the interest in transparency and to build confidence in the statements around investing more in catching cheaters, how about publishing regular stats (biweekly or monthly basis) supporting this?

    Perhaps something like the following:

    - cheaters detected
    - cheaters reported
    - percentage of reported cheaters that banned
    - percentage of detected cheaters that are banned

    - number of accounts banned
    - accounts reinstated
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    Darthmicrotransation and others that made videos about the GA mod cheat not banned?
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    Jordylee24 wrote: »
    @Ultra bulldog did not gain anything for cheating. Why are there always those who feel the need to make comments like yours?
    Fame, views, because he can. Look up the history of Morris Worm, the first worm in the history of computer

    There are for-profit hackers and there are hackers who exploit for notoriety
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    This is, far and away, one of the biggest non-responses to an incredibly serious issue I have ever seen. While we the player base are happy to help police, we are not nor should be your first line of enforcement. Your systems should be adequate enough to detect these issues by and of themselves for the very generous investment of money many players make. I have spent thousands on this platform, but no more.

    So here's my simple request. Find an adequate and accurate way to combat this problem, and communicate that thoroughly to the player base. Until that point I will no longer spend a dollar on this game. If no further action is taken I will also seek recompense through the proper channels with Apple.

    Get it together CG/EA, or players like myself are finished financing this defunct venture.

    Their plan to suss out cheating is basically identical to what they posted on June 18th.

    They also included the 30% increase in cheating "detections" and punishments which means nothing without raw numbers, and certainly doesn't indicate that those detections were the result of internal mechanisms versus simply more reports/cheating itself.

    Oh, and they did add the clearly personal first few paragraphs to provide pretext for the banning/suspension.

    That took them ALL day to put together. A 4:57PM post, and then the bans. There was a Crumb comment a little after 5, so hopefully he gets to clock some OT on that lol. I thought we would get a pile of eyeroll-inducing corporate-speak. Somehow we got something worse.
  • No amount of money can beat cheaters. Spend a $1000 dollars in crystals, cheaters would just get $1100 for free. CG and expecailly EA prefers damage control and public image everytime to actually fixing a problem. Anyone remember battlefront 2? EA never changes and hasn't made a good game for a long time that doesnt require hundreds of dollars to spend. Their new game just looks like a better graphically forced unleashed. Look at all the sports games they release? Spend what 60$ plus about 300-500$ to stay competitive just for the next year game to come out
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    This is the time to crack down on cheaters! Not the time to crack down on exposers of cheaters for violating some non-published or extremely difficult to find users agreement.

    Shame on CG for attacking the whistleblowers!

    If only CG listened to players....CG has always viewed the community as dumb or hateful. RyDiggs blew up here before, Carrie was pretty careful, but her tone sometimes. I don’t think for a second CG cares what we think, say or do...unless spending decreases.

  • I feel duped... I feel like their message to us about cracking down on cheating and their new “tools” was meant to foster the idea that they were actually trying to do something about the rampant cheating and keeping the game’s integrity. I feel like it was lip service to keep me gambling... er... spending...
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    These actions may discourage spending.

    Horribly bad PR while the game is in bad spot is a huge mistake. Fix this CG, I don’t want this game to end!!!
  • Be careful. This thread might mysteriously disappear like the others that got purged.
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    Daihas wrote: »
    This is, far and away, one of the biggest non-responses to an incredibly serious issue I have ever seen.

    The main post really didn't tell us anything new, the reason for forcing youtube to pull the video is laughable, and the action to ban bulldog is severe, especially given what he actually did and his past contributions to this game. This has been a known exploit for years yet little (at least publicly) has been done to combat it. Hopefully the public exposure causes CG to address it more effectively.
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