Cheating In Galaxy of Heroes [MEGA]


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    It's come off of the rails at this point. The only thing keeping me playing is that I have invested nearly four years into the game.
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    They didn't ban DarthMicro for showing the mod exploit which is also considered cheating, why isn't he banned?
    Exploit is taking advantage of a bug in the code to your advantage aka bad game design

    Hacking is using third party tools to gain favorable advantage that is not allowed such as infinite crystals, credits, unlimited turn meter

    Hacking and exploiting are different things

    CG is to blame for the mod exploit, bulldog is to be blamed for intentionally modifying the game with unauthorized use
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    What exactly are we supposed to be looking out for? Apparently the only people that showed us got banned and their videos taken down, are we not supposed to actually be told how people are cheating? Kind of seems backwards, "look out for people cheating and report them,"
    "Okay what do we look out for?"
    "You aren't allowed to know that and we'll ban anyone who tries to tell you."

    I don't watch any YouTubers play this game or anything so I have no idea what the bulldog and other dude did, but it sounds like they just showed us what to look out for, is that not right? Is there anyway of finding out what they did so we actually know?

    Or is this going to turn into just report anytime you lose because you don't know if they cheated or not?

    I only heard the audio but sounds like bulldog might have made the mistake of posting too much info that would allow more people to choose to cheat. If that was the case a slap on the wrist might be warranted. McMole just shined the light on what bulldog posted and got a 28 day ban(overkill)
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    C'mon CG, make it better. Contingency: Release logs of battles. Long term: Develop a way to identify this.
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