Join the Empire! - get your R8 mats & KAM shards - multiple 300M+ guilds - multiple timezones


  • Empire C0ruscant, the European branch of the Empire, has 10 open spaces! Got 4.5m+ GP and looking for European raid times? We have space for you!
  • Matze
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    Vacation digitally on the beautiful beaches of Scarif. They won’t be closed down at any time!
    Dew it! - Sheev Palpatine
  • nmelcer
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    Amazing community and yes, we do have the droids you're looking for!
  • Drinks are free on the beaches of Scarif
  • Join the Empire! Rule the Galaxy!
  • Bekseido
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    Stop being bored and feeling lonely - join the Empire for a great community!
  • Hello, Heroes, look at your account, now back to mine, now back at your account, now back to mine.
    Sadly, its not mine, but if you took your 600 daily tickets and brought them to The Empire, it could be geared like mine.
    Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in the raid, with the account your account could be like.
    Who's in your squad, back at mine. We've beat it! It’s time for Prize Boxes with that item you love.
    What’s on your characters, empty gear spots? Look again, the gear spots are now Green Pluses.
    Anything is possible when bring your 600 tickets to The Empire.

    I'm on Geonosis!
  • Matze
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    Get all the gear you want from donations in record time! Join the Empire NOW! We take care of each other!
    Dew it! - Sheev Palpatine
  • Matze
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    Grab your cocktails on Scarif!
    Dew it! - Sheev Palpatine
  • Matze
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    Join the Empire today and destroy the rebels with your shiny new TIE bombers!
    Dew it! - Sheev Palpatine
  • Bekseido
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    If you like your steak medium rare or you prefer it well done, or even if you don't like steak, there's a place for you in The Empire.
  • Mahl_Jhong_501st
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    edited June 2020
    Tired of bulls eyeing womprats on a dead-end planet in the Outer Rim?
    Want to get away from the politics of the Inner and Mid Rim?
    Feel the need to crush some Rebel scum and restore order to the galaxy?

    Join the Empire today!

    There are currently multiple openings around the galaxy including but not limited to:

    - Enjoying some sun and protecting vital research facilities on Scarif!
    - Living the city life and defending the capital on Coruscant!
    - Enforcing Galactic law and order with Vader's own 501st!

    Come join a close knit community comprised of multiple guilds with knowledge across all aspects of SWGOH. When not playing the game, chill out one of the many Discord channels such as the Galactic Lounge, share your best G-PG13 memes in the meme channel, even show off your culinary or mixology skills in our Food and Beverage channel, and proudly display any furry friends in our Pets channel!

    If this sounds like a future for you, what are you waiting for? Join the Empire and see the galaxy!
    Co-GL, Empire's 501st
  • It's fun to be the bad guys! Come join a great crew.
  • kcden
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    This is a really great alliance. A ton of SWGOH knowledge, active and entertaining discord. Join today, crush the Rebellion tomorrow!
  • Join the Empire today! We have really cute pets!
  • Sinatra once sang:

    "Fly me to The Empire
    Let me play among the stars
    Let me see what fun is like
    On a, guild of The Empire
    In other words, hold my Wat shards
    In other words, here's some Kam"
  • The Empire is awesome. Great guild. Joined earlier this year and have grown over 2 mil gp.
  • My how the times have changed. 22 LS geotb stars and 15+ kam shards in some guilds, cpit on farm, and a guild pushing 320 million gp.

    2.5 million gp and up please apply for placement amongst our various guilds.
  • If you want to crushed the Challenge Rancor and a couple cocktails! Join the Empire today!
  • Best alliance out there. Great Guild Leaders. Entertaining Discord. The game itself is the worst part of being a member of The Empire. Join Today!
  • So apparently there's a new challenging PIT Rancor? Well yeah not so much - beat that thing with the Empire.
  • A friendly environment tackling end game content without any pressure to spend and a focus on minimizing time spent in game on the raids and tbs and tws.
  • European division (Empire Coruscant) looking for 6 new members. Great alliance full of friendly, helpful people.

    Our raid times are 19:00 GMT/UTC.
  • Cpit on lock. Multiple 300+ million guilds. Multiple raiding times. Leave your underperforming guild in 2020 and join the empire
  • We also get Kam shards.
  • New year, new you, new guild
  • Deanmoriarty1
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    edited January 2021
    As dsgeotb comes to a close join a guild where you can clear cpit and r8 your toons
  • What a great guild! If you are look for a fun group to take your roster to the next level, these are the folks!
  • Have you taken into account other factors, vis-a-vis guild leaders? Is your GL funnier than I am? Does he even have a girlfriend? Because I have two, basically.
  • Give yourself the gift of being in a guild with cpit on farm with mercing opportunities for more rewards, a winning tw record, and a positive atmosphere
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