Join the Empire! - get your R8 mats & KAM shards - multiple 300M+ guilds - multiple timezones



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    Officer of Empire Prime here, 2 spots are open for entry before LS Geo begins. ~300M GP, cPit on farm in roughly 8 hours. 31/21 TB stars, extremely KAM focused - come help us get our KAM and we'll help you get yours! No better place to be than in the Empire!
  • Oh cool an Alliance with Both high end guilds and Medium guilds looking for recuits to get KAM shards and Do CPIT. And some that dont fully care about having a GL right now. WHERE DO I SIGN UP
  • Today's a great day to join the empire! A few slots open, come on by
  • So you're saying that there's an alliance with spots for 3.5m all the way up to 9ms that can get 35+ KAM and nearly all guilds have cpit on farm, if not close to it. Crazy
  • Do you need R9 Droid Brains, we have guilds looking. Not big enough there, we have guilds who needs a final push through P4 of CPIT. Just ask and we'll look for a home for you.
  • Great group of people. Really knowledgeable. You will get some KAM and Wat shards as well as R8 Mats.
  • Observation: " If you are wasting your energy in translations for some moisture farmers or in a shop on the outskirts of galaxy, are skilled in combat and look for top gear and KAM shards look no further and join our forces"
  • Join the Empire and see the Galaxy!
  • Are you High 380m competitive, we got a guild for you. Are you Casually Competitive, we've got a 320+ guild for you. Are you diligently working for Cpit We got a guild for you. Are you casually playing a bit and dont care about Cpit. We got a guild for you.

    What im saying is the Empire has spots
  • Oh cool 400m guilds that are looking, thats crazy. I bet they have the coolest leaders too
  • Oh Boy 420mguilds doing RotE and are looking for members, maybe i should sign up
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