Developer Q&A - 11/01


  • Let the game work again please, we cannot login!
  • AdamBremley
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    The event calendar, Cantina, LS/DS battles, Galactic Wars, Raids, Stores, Daily events and much more haven't added anything new in a long time. There aren't any new events just player progressions. How much longer do you think the fans of Star Wars and this game will stick around if you don't add either new events or additional events to the events we already have?
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  • How many people are actually employed to work on this game?
  • QOL:

    In TW, I suggest giving officers the ability to issue attack commands during the setup phase. Similar to how in TB officers are able to issue commands a day ahead on locked territories.

    I hope we can all get over last month's issues. Looking forward to upcoming content!
  • Are there any plans to manage your mods without having to go through the character screen?
  • Is there a plan to remove the g13 wall to relics?
  • Any chance we will ever see characters from Canon Comics? Such as Aphra, 000, BT-1, Trios, Kirak Infil'a, etc.

    And how about the one character I have always really, really wanted from LucasArts Tie Fighter, Maarek Stele?
  • Are there any plans to address the frequent server issues, like the one that is impacting my squad and fleet arena climbs right now?
  • Can you fix the connection issues happening RIGHT NOW?
    Go Pens!
  • Are you able to fix the connectivity issues occurring right now?
  • What happens when we run out of excess gear to use on relics?
  • Maybe we can ask them about how we can get in to play the game cause it's down right now
  • There’s a connection error that’s a global issue right now... can we expect a fix anytime soon?
  • Is there a plan to remove the g13 wall to relics?

    you can't get to g14 without going through g13. Relics are just another gear level. no way will they ever allow you to skip levels
  • Will we see any mini events in the near future to add to content ?
  • NinjaChronicles
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    Are there any plans to increase the release of Marquee Events?

    I know that you monitor player engagement, and the data has shown that we like Marquee Events, and I (for one) really do like them also! Just not at a rate that is A) too fast to keep up with (say, 40 in a 6 month period) or B ) too slow to keep me engaged (say, 4 in a 6 month period)...
  • What’s going on with the server connection? Can’t log in going over WiFi or cell so it’s not on my end...
  • With LS geo TB coming out and assuming we will be alternating between DS and LS are there plans to double the shards we get for Wat and the LS counterpart? When DS Hoth we got double the rolo and IPD shards for a while.
  • AdamBremley
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    How do you justify people going all out to get General Skywalker and only get him at 5*? Most people don't like hoarding VERY hard to get material but my new toy is useless making me and others less inclined to chase the next event.
  • What happened to the Mythic Events that came with Legendary Characters that allowed all of us to replay the content in some fashion using those characters? I loved the challenge it brought trying to build teams to beat them.
  • So it seems like all new content is currently benefiting end game and y1 players. With the inevitable influx of new players, are there any plans to add a slingshot mechanic?
  • When is the Darth Malak event coming back?

    I used all my resources/zetas to be able to get this character and I wasn’t even giving the chance to play it before y’all took it down. No fair that’s resources I could of use to build up other teams if I knew it would take this long. Get it together CG it shouldn’t take two plus weeks to fix a small bug/error like this on a mobile game. Stop playing us we want answers!!
  • Can we please get more liberal GET1 and GET2 rewards? Lowering GET1 rewards for Geo TB is just wrong. Players should never be penalized for progressing to higher level content in the game. And receiving enought GET2 currency after to TB to purchase 15 character/ship shards then waiting two more weeks is painful.
  • QoL:

    One great QoL update I'd like to see is the game working again. It's tough to play when its down.
  • Can you please give us a sandbox to test teams for this barrage of pvp content we have.
  • @CG_SBCrumb I’m currently experiencing “connection” issues with the game but my internet is fantastic. Is there something wrong on the game server’s end? Thanks.
  • Which specific stats are transferred from a summoner (IE: GBA) to the unit it summons? Can I expect my brute to inherit stats like speed, offense, tenacity, protection, etc from mods that I add to the summoner?
  • Your game is broken...again...please have someone go back to work and fix it.
  • Is there going to be new job openings for developers as the current ones seem to keep breaking everything?
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