GL Event Tickets

Today's State of the Galaxy announcement stated:
First off, this event will require a new kind of event ticket, which will be earned via existing game modes. These tickets will become earnable once a player has met the prerequisites and unlocked the event. We are still working out the specifics of where the tickets will be earned, but we expect players to be able to earn these tickets every day.

Do these tickets unlock the event tiers, or are they used up with every battle attempt ? If I enter the battle and fail, do I need to earn more tickets before I can re-enter the battle and try again?


  • If you had to save tickets for a week, only to be done in by some rng.. well, the forums will probably explode.
  • Palanthian wrote: »
    The number and variety of gates they’re putting in front of these two characters is extraordinary. They had better be utterly game-breaking, i.e. unbeatable on defence without another GL.

    Otherwise, what’s the point of making them so hard to get?

    I assume you're looking for an answer other than so they can make a lot of money from people spending to complete the event?
  • This honestly makes me really glad I didn't even try to gear up for this. Who knows what the final requirements will actually be now. All for Kylo or Rey? No thanks, don't care if they will be meta for a while. I'll just take my time getting ready for GL Luke.
  • Iy4oy4s
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    I think that they like to watch the forums burn...they light the match so often.
  • Just appreciate the hard work the artists are putting in .......
  • Ultra wrote: »
    Brown89 wrote: »
    Just to eventually have a character. Talk about whale milking and dragging out no content being released.
    I’m not sure why they are too hesitant of giving a full character unlock on day one, and keep trying to drag a character’s unlock over months

    ^^ this.

    These tickets do not sound so good. They don’t even know how they will be earned yet lol.

    Will wait and see but this just sounds bad, stupid, and disheartening.
  • My guess, they have no content planned for release, so all effort is going into how to make money selling gear, relics, and next - tickets.

    Acquiring characters is not content.
  • I'm sure you will need GL Kylo and GL Rey to get GL Jedi Luke. Calling it now
  • sb_stuartj wrote: »
    I expect each attempt will require tickets. Since they will always be available once unlocked, this is how they can slow down the acquisition.

    And/or maximize their revenue by selling ticket packs.
  • I wonder if we’ll get some actual playable content.

    I mean Raddus currently will take 12 months and 2 weeks to 7* for F2P based on a 2 week cadence which is unlikely
  • Maybe those tickets are to prevent people to retry the event 1000 times in a row like the GAS event until they get the perfect RNG to beat the event.
    Now everytime we fail we need to get a new ticket to try again...
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