My deck to get Yoda

Firstly I am thinking of using the cousular. I know he’s bad but I’ll drop him when I get Yoda as he is only 20 shards of 7*. Then I am thinking of unlocking ballista Shan, Jedi knight anikin and obi one kenobi finally I don’t know who else to get. Any suggestions? I need to farm them to 7* to get Yoda but I don’t really know who to try and farm first. Any ideas?


  • Ravens1113
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    Ezra is a solid character for Jedi early game as well as in a Phoenix squad to get Thrawn.

    Use ZBastilla in the lead with Ezra, Old Ben, Cosnular and JKA in support.
  • Magruffin
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    If your question is who to start farming first I'd say Bastilla Her lead will help out tremendously in arena as well
    Ezra is a decent jedi attacker for earlier in game that I still find use for if you haven't gotten him up yet.
    That would set you up with a Bastilla lead, ezra, yoda, anakin and old Ben (edit I forgot gk is only unlocked from raid, it's been a while)
    As for unlock, consular, ezra Bastilla old ben and jka should be sufficient
  • Yado101
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    To get Yoda 7* I used some pretty weak Jedi at gear 6-8. I used windu even though he’s completely terrible and Ezra to take the bonus protection off gmy which makes the event really easy.
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    Had to reread the title and was disappointed. I was hoping my first read was correct.
  • Monel wrote: »
    Had to reread the title and was disappointed. I was hoping my first read was correct.

    you’re an odd one, eh?
  • 1. Use whatever you have to get Yoda to 5* now. Its a super easy event.
    2. Get Bastila open asap, but don't worry about having her at 7* just for Yoda, any Jedi can get you Yoda.

    My Yoda line up was.
    Cantina Battles = Ezra & Old Ben
    Cantina Store = Qui-Gon
    Arena Store = Kanan
    Free / Bronziums / A little gold/red node farming = Consular.

    That was over a year ago, today, I would have gone for Ahsoka instead since Padme team is a thing now.
    But use whatever you have, heck the free 4* Mace is useful if you get him to 5* quickly just to open Yoda.
  • When u get Yoda is he a 7* and when you get an 80 shard character what shard is he?
  • UdalCuain
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    He is a 5* unlock, requiring 145 shards. You have to beat the first five tiers, which requires 5* characters in order to unlock him. 6* characters requires for 6* Yoda, and 7* for 7*.

    Unlock levels:
    10 shards - 1*
    25 shards - 2*
    50 shards - 3*
    80 shards - 4*
    145 shards - 5*
    230 shards - 6*
    330 shards - 7*
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