Beskar Mandalorian feats [MERGE]

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For December 25th's Galactic Challenge, don't lock 2/3 feats for each tier behind requiring a premium toon
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  • My feedback is this:

    - Galactic Challenges gives me motivation to make all of my teams decent. This is a very long term goal so it's hit and miss if I have the right team for the once a week event. Having the main reward being independent of the theme team is welcome, thank you.

    - All challenges that need me to do something like "hit n thermals" or "score n damage" before killing the opponents absolutely need to have a counter. Many times if there's a swarm attack or multiple hits I can't even count things manually and is beyond annoying to guess. These challenges also suffer from "counter intuitive game play" syndrome. It's not fun to remod characters or build loadouts to make a hitter tanky so it can hang out doing light damage but sucking up enemy attacks. It is a challenge, but a theory crafting one, that requires counterproductive use of characters. Thankfully with the lower tiers being awarded automatically with higher tier victories, these might be more achievable in future.

  • Lol nothing would surprise me.
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    Brownie wrote: »
    Lower drop rates than all prior chases (I know this isn’t a chase), a pack with all 5 toons (3 of which many people have done) that you can buy multiple times, 600 kyros in gear requirements and then two feats requiring said premium toon RIGHT AFTER you switch to crates, so no one can get the mod materials that you lock behind GC rewards. On Christmas Day nonetheless? The shadiness never ceases to amaze...

    Yeah this was all pre-planned

    The switch to crates, requiring Beskar Mando to deal a certain amount of damage (meaning he has to be at high gear), the absurdly high bottleneck gear required, christmas day

    There is a bunch of holiday packs datamined, which I don't mind

    My only issue is gating the new mods and an entire game mode behind whatever is new,

    what's to stop them from requiring marquee toons on GCs after they release in the future

    It'll just leave a bad taste for the players, playing this event and will ruin some of the fun of Galactic Challenges, for sure

    We got them to remove the gear reqs, so this is their answer, deal XXX damage with a marquee or legendary toon.
  • Eww ew ew, we were expecting Santa, but we got Krampus instead.

  • Stay tuned for next month's Sith and Galactic Republic feats: Deal 1m damage with Sidious/Mace
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    MikKro wrote: »
    Stay tuned for next month's Sith and Galactic Republic feats: Deal 1m damage with Sidious/Mace

    That would mean going after SEE did benefit some players

    So that part about needing Sidious can't be right
  • R8 Moff Gideon required for all feats
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    Wow @Kyno

    i was clickbaiting on purpose to attract dev attention :eyes:
  • Yes, let the hate flooooow
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    MikKro wrote: »
    Stay tuned for next month's Sith and Galactic Republic feats: Deal 1m damage with Sidious/Mace

    Nah, next month will be Mandalorians and require damage done by the Armorer.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
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    Merry Christmas

    Actually, with the hard nerf to "Galactic Chase" drop rates for IG11 and Kuill, "Happy Easter" would be more accurate.
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  • It's a Festivus Miracle!
  • We have galactic challenges live with bonus for ressistance and u guys ask as a feat requirement , mando beskar , a char that is in game from 2 days ago and he is a scoundrel not a resistance char.
  • Yes I see it. It's very bad from cg to do that...
  • Let's give them the benefit of the doubt here. I'm sure @CG_Doja_Fett will come along soon and tell us this was a mistake and wasn't intended; maybe even patched. Even CG wouldn't be this mean and underhanded, especially this close to the holiday period. They wouldn't want to throw away all the goodwill and positive community sentiment that they've so carefully built up in recent weeks.

  • FatalFrame wrote: »

    this is such an scam from CG - how can u ask for 1 char that cant be fully unlock?

    Well he can be fully unlocked if your willing to pay for it.. but yeah dog move
  • What a stupid thing to do - force a 7 star unlock, which many people can't get to as the necessary characters are just released to be "farmable" and then put 18 reward tickets in it....

    Thought nothing would surprise me any more... seems I was wrong
  • And who the crap thought it was a good idea to put resistance against geos?? I can’t even take a turn with relic 5+ on tier 5. It’s literally impossible unless you have GL Rey.
  • It's so the whales in TI and MAW get extra rewards. I guess they deserve it with the amount they contribute to the game
  • Leave it to CG to do something scummy disguised as something nice. The mando music playing in the game just feels like a slap in the face after this. This is just **** and in such bad taste of them.
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