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Hi! So, I’m still a pretty new player, though I did drop the $$ for the hyperdrive bundle (it made things so much easier). My question is: how expensive/hard is it to get characters to relic 5 or whatever is needed for a galactic conquest quest? I still don’t have any characters at gear level 13. I have a pretty good Jedi team right now, but I’d like to start upgrading characters to relic. How does it work and how expensive is it? How long should I expect it to take if I don’t spend that much? Thanks in advance for the advice!
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    Once you’ve gotten to G13 it is not too bad to R5 imo. I’m too far in to relate to your current position, but well under 6 months from Hyperdrive purchase if you are in a decent guild doing heroic raids and DS Geo TB. Also doing well in arenas is a big help (strive for top 100 or top 50 and move up from there).
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    Honestly... its hard for a new player.

    You have to choose between rounding out your collection and gearing other characters or pushing a relic.

    You will either have to spend money or give up gear for relic material.

  • can you post your swgoh gg account so I can help
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    can you post your swgoh gg account so I can help

    Here you go. I think I did it right.
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    Here you go. I think I did it right.

    Yes, that is right. Generally, it is decently difficult to get a gear 13, although it's a lot easier if you're in a guild running the Heroic Sith Raid and Geo TB. Relics 1-3 are super easy to get. They're basically free. 4-5 you'll need to put some effort in with Cantina Battles, but they aren't too bad. 6 and 7 are very hard to get, some of those relic mats need high level gear that isn't easy to come by.
  • Thanks fire the help!
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