Cannot create in-game ticket

Hopefully someone can help me with this.

I've reached out to EA support and they have asked me to create an in-game ticket. This used to be doable via:

Settings -> Help

Which would redirect you to a website.

However, this is no longer possible. It appears the game code was updated such that you are now directed to an in-game chat room with a bot. And the option to create a ticket does not appear.

I'm unsure what is happening here. Have I accidentally got upgraded to a version of SWGOH that is not supposed to have this different support behaviour? (Not sure how this would occur, I only update through google play store). Or has support not been updated with new instructions on how in-game tickets are created? Or is there some other menu item somewhere that I can not see.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


  • wildnz
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    I can confirm if you type your issue someone / something responds and you get a ticket number. I had an issue and created a ticket via the web page and was told to create one in game, same thing you describe. I persisted and got a reply , and contray to many who trash them they helped and were very good. One tip is pick your time and stay in the chat , I had many hours delay between messages as I quit and came back , usually having to restart the conversation as the person replying had changed.
  • Thank you for this tip. I sent a message in this in game help chat box. About 12 hours later I got a reply. Sadly, they said they would not give me a ticket :(

    I'll keep asking, maybe they will tire and give me one to get rid of me or something? :)

  • Got another update from the in-game support. They said they cannot open a ticket for me.

    So I have EA Web Site, asking me to go in-game to open a ticket.
    Then I have in-game saying they cannot open a ticket.

    So I'm stuck here without help. This is very distressing :(
  • Shaddess
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    What do you need fixed? Or are you just trying to make a ticket to ask if they can lower the hard mode entry req.
  • Shaddess wrote: »
    What do you need fixed? Or are you just trying to make a ticket to ask if they can lower the hard mode entry req.

    No, crystals went missing from my account. I went to the EA support page and filed a bug report with screenshots/etc. They asked me to also open in game so they could get client specific information.

    Sadly, the feature to create tickets from within game is gone, replaced with bot/chat support. And this bot/chat indicates they cannot open a ticket.

    So I'm in a bit of a fix. Told by one CSR to create a ticket, and another CSR that they cannot create a ticket. Meanwhile, my crystals have gone bye-bye :(

  • wildnz
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    Did you use an autoclick on bronziums by chance. The pop up adds now open in that screen and your clicker takes you to a pack page .. and clicks away. Now have 3 ppl I know get burned by this. One was even doing it himself while watching tv and didn't notice he was clicking away on a dark trooper pack.
  • I don't use auto clicker. But I do know that that screen is really misbehaving. You have to back out and back in sometimes to get it to work. It won't scroll. It won't accept a click until you scroll or back out/in. And the tiles seems to move back and forth on their own accord.

    Only in that screen mind, the rest of the game's UI behaves.

  • I noticed my EA Help Ticket was closed off as a duplicate, but no mention of what it was a duplicate of. Just a status update (not even any text to describe they were doing this, nor any e-mail generated).

    So I'm in a situation:
    Cannot create in-game ticket.
    EA Help ticket getting closed without resolution/notification.
    No response for ~ 1 week.

    I'm not sure what else I can do to try to get some help. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you.
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