It’s time for changes on GAC and TW!

I hope CG will see this post and will pay attention on it!

It’s not a secret that GAC and TW most important game mods for guilds and players, and we need fresh changes in this modes!

When TW started? 2 years ago? we got so many new toons, galactic legends, new ships and Capitals, but TW still the same
Add new zones, new map, new bonuses for TW....guilds starting burn out because it’s all the same from months to months, from year to year....

About GAC, we need more divisions!
Why players with 4.5-5m GP playing in same divisions with players at 9-9.5m GP?
It’s not fair for leaderboard!

Pay attention on this please!
It’s cool to have nee PVE modes, but PvP is what letting to old players not quitting this game mode and having in this game great guilds like MAW, CAW Patrol, sL Vanguard, Wolfpack and others top GP guilds
Thank you!


  • 200% ok
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  • 100% agree
  • 300% thumbs up
  • Would like to add the GAC matchmaking became over months (if not even a year) very frustrating. I play against the same 15-20 players since over a year. The last months about the same 4 players every GAC round.
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  • I agree 100% the game is stale and needs updating. Unfortunately this thread won’t last long.
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  • Nikkel says absolutely the right things, we all hope that CG and EA will not leave this without attention! Do not give us a reason to say - well, as usual, this is the voice of the crying in the desert ;-)
  • 100% agree! )))
  • Agree, GAC need more divisions for players 4,5+gp!!!!
  • 1000% on the TW. Need to add higher divisions, with better rewards and expand the map by at least 50 ground teams at the top.
    GAC not only needs higher divisions, but a more teams as well.
  • 100% agree
  • k
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    100% agree
  • Yeah allowing more zones doesn’t allow guilds to cheese as much because when you place essentially 4 teams of 50 you have enough to beat them all with easily because TW should stretch your roster enough to where you can’t always clear. Now everyone clears no matter the board just about.
  • Absolutely right, pvp needs a work over and why stop at divisions? How about new tw maps? And please eradicate 3v3 gac
  • 100% needed . I agree
  • TW needs more zones; like 2-4 more squads and another fleet.

    GAC needs more divisions. a 9mill kraken and a roster sandbagging 6mill shouldn't be in the same division, they aren't even the same league. there are an absurd number of lower GP divisions, having one division for the top, what, quarter? half? of the active game is not good.
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  • I agree tw and gac needs changes
  • we need more options on PVP both TW and GA. Please please please :(
  • 100% agree
  • We need new maps for TW and GAC. We also need new divisions for TW and GAC. The top guilds in the game are around 430mil+ GP and the map is boring now. The additional fleet in GAC was great. Let’s set more ground teams too at the higher GPs. Same with TW. 200 ground teams is way too few with the rosters we have currently. Why at around 9mil GP are people setting the same amount of defense as someone who is 5mil GP?
  • Agreed
  • Absolutely agree! CG wake UP! Ppl with 1/2 the GP play a completely different game than the higher GP players. More divisions. More divisions . For GAC and TW , The way the game is set up now, supports a cheese defense and over killing for high scores. If you’re going to sell us new toons. Expand the game!!!!
  • Yes, please give it a refresh
  • Definitely time to split the Divisions for GAC!
  • I completely agree with this post. GAC is a tremendous game mode and the main reason I continue playing but it’s growing stale. It needs a revamp on divisions, number of squads deployed, maps and additional new wrinkles to stay healthy and keep the game alive. Kudos to CG on developing such a cool game mode, but it’s beyond time to refresh and enhance it. Please take action CG!
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    100% agree. So many players enjoy PVP aspects the most, and board sizes are so outdated. 5v5 GAC should have 9 teams and 2 fleets. 3v3 GAC can easily support 13 teams and 2 fleets. TW Maps need drastic changes, things are way too small all around and it's making their best modes boring and repetitive.

    +10000000, fix this.
  • This is the most important thing for all of us, absolutely agree that there need to be drastic changes!!!
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    +1 Nikkel, thanks for posting.

    More divisions in GAC won't change matchmaking, which occurs on a much more discrete level. But increasing the number of divisions would easily allow for larger boards in the top 1-2 division groups and we need this change.

    A larger TW board would also represent a big step forward in light of the volume of character introductions over the last year or two. Some complexities would arise in terms of managing the attack phase time window if the board increased by too much, but that's a discussion we should have as a community.

    CG could also improve TW by truly randomizing matchmaking. Let's get rid of the rotation and have truly RNG matchups while caring for matchup recency and GP similarities.
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