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  • PS.
    The only thing I would NOT do with Exec is if at some point soon, you actually get it to 7*, you can probably hold off on buying some of the Top Tier, 150 Prestige, abilities.

    Not that you want to slack on it at all, its just that the final 2 tiers at 80/150 Prestige each will be EXPENSIVE.

    Sometimes when your resource starved it might be better to just bank for a bit & then if Malev or Home-1 eventually come on line for you, a single tier of 150 can pay for 4-5 tiers on the new ship.

    I maxed out my Tarkin & Ackbar ships & ask other cap ships got opened, I have constantly been prestige poor.
    You'll have to decide on each ability because some are quite good, but, if its MEH or just an ability that you rarely trigger, then it might be worth leaving it at L5/L6 for a while as you build up a nest egg & then decide later.
  • That is a very good point related to Prestige on capital ships. Normally I don't take to the max level unless it is a VERY KEY ability that is really needed, or a ship like Nego / Malev. My current Executrix on the alt is at basic (2), 1st special (6), 2nd special (7), ult (5), crew (maxed).

    At this point I don't plan on upgrading ANY of them any further than that, as I am stocking Prestige for Malev (I buy prestige from Squad store daily and have 415 saved). Once I get Malev and it's abilities to level 6, then I MAY go back to Executrix for upgrades.
  • Yeah, I learned my lesson w/ Ackbar & Tarkin.

    My Negotiator & Finalizer both have an ability level or 2 missing & my Malevolence has SEVERAL since its a back up still & the abilities are the ones I don't use often.

    My Endurance & Chimera are both L4 or less & I regret even giving them that much in a tired foolish moment, LOL.
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    @Intimmydation @Schwartzring

    Understood. The event happened to open up today, so there's no time to save up on any more crystals sadly. It's also only available in the LS nodes. I spent around 140 energy and received 3 blueprints. I'll try and invest in the 3 crystal refreshes for gold energy like I did during the Geo event.

    There is something which may help me balance my gold energy refreshes with my regular cantina refreshes though.

    I have managed to hit #2 in my fleet arena shard today. Don't know if I'll be able to retain this position until my payout, but if by some luck I do, I should get a neat 375 crystals. Even if I do lose it, I hope I won't fall outside the top 10, giving me a chance at getting 200 crystals at least. If I'm lucky, I should be able to strengthen my fleet fast enough to keep at this regularly.

    I'll keep your advice on prestige in mind. I purchased one from the squad arena to upgrade the crew ability, but I'll limit how far I go with it.
  • Focus your daily attacks in the final hour / 90 minutes before your payout.
    That way your not getting hit by everyone else who is going for #1 all day long.
  • @Schwartzring

    You're right and I've been doing that until now. I saw a fleet that I could take on at #2, hence decided to go for it. I lost on the first attempt and then tried again, which is why I've run out of attempts right now. I was at #6 before this and felt that it would be very easy for me to fall from there to #10 or beyond. This safeguards me a little.

    If I lose my position and there's still a chance for me to regain the #2 rank near my payout time, I'll invest in a refresh today.
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    @MasterSeedy @Intimmydation @Schwartzring

    My fleet arena shard has currently filled up with HDB players, and it's becoming hard to keep top 20, but I'm managing. The drops for Malevolence are quite low as you thought, so I'm mostly treating the event as a bonus.

    I did notice something however, which troubled me a little and I thought I'd check. There are two players in my fleet arena shard who are around level 60 or so. These players have fleets and crew that are weaker than mine (I checked their inventory), yet somehow are able to climb up to rank 1/2 every day while beating level 85 teams. I thought that it may be possible to beat those high level teams too, so I gave it a shot, but I could barely take one ship down, let alone five. I have no idea how these two teams are regularly beating the other level 85 players. It's not a case where the level 85 players are putting up a weak team for others to take down, so they're definitely not capitalising on that. Inevitably, I'll find these two near the top at a specific time of the day though.

    It's happening almost every day now and I have no idea what's allowing them to do this. Is there a tactic which I'm not using correctly? Or is there something else at play which is allowing these players to win easily in the arena?
  • Take a screen shot of the fleets they're using, maybe we can help. It's possible there's cheating going on, but it's also possible that they did something like you did but even more extreme and their fleets, while level 60, consist of ships with more stars and better pilots. Snapshotting what they're using can help us figure out what's going on.
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    @MasterSeedy 8xhq2xxojlis.png

    I've captured a set of pictures for one of the players. Am sharing them here. This is a series of pictures capturing his movement through the ranks + his inventory and that of his opponents.

    The player's name is Asarhaddon. I've also attached the inventories for two players he defeated on his way to rank 5 from 13. The Home One is one of his opponents' capital ships.

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  • @MasterSeedy

    He's currently sitting at #1. Have attached the inventory of the player he defeated to get there.

  • I've seen it happen, in my fleet shard I got dropped in pretty early so was making top 5 for the first few days even against HDB, and then top 10 as it filled up. Once I got to around level 70, it was quite easy to make top 10 most of the time. HDB players will float to the top early just because they have those 5* ships with g8 pilots, but MOST of them don't understand ships, so many pilots won't have mods, or will have bad mods (i.e. not 5* or level 15).

    Just keep following through with what we had recommended on fleet, and you will get to the top and stay there in no time. There are only a couple HDB players who can make top 10 in my fleet shard these days, just because the rest of us know where and how to focus.
  • @Intimmydation

    With all due respect to your experience, I have been tracking these two players for the last few days and I know they're cheating. I have reported them but it seems unlikely that anything will be done. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you're better prepared than other players but they get better results because they've downloaded a modded apk.

    Irrespective, I'll follow through on your advice. I hope when I'm able to unlock Sun Fac's SF, I'll be able to defeat the high powered fleets too. Thank you for your support.
  • They very well could be, we've had our fair share of cheaters in my main's fleet shard...in fact still have one that beats our maxed Nego fleets in 15 seconds sometimes, when their fleet gets full auto'd by ours in 8 seconds without taking a turn.

    Just keep reporting to CG_Leviathan and CG_LucifersDaddyMINI here on the forums. Problem is that you really need their ally codes, which can be a problem getting for some of these cheaters. If you have that though, will be easier for them to do something about.
  • @Intimmydation

    Thank you so much. There was another player who seemed to be cheating to climb up the ranks (their fleet GP was 30k). That ended up being the last straw for me and I reported all three to CG_Leviathan and CG_LucifersDaddyMINI. They resolved the issue and I haven't seen any of the three in the top 50 for the last two days.

    I'm at a fairly comfortable place in the rankings right now. Making top 20 is hard since it's filled up with HDB players, but I've started defeating a few of their fleets. All my pilots will be at 7* in the next 3-4 days and outside of Sun Fac's SF and Vulture Droid, my ships should be at 5* as well. I'll probably start climbing into the top 20 and beyond in the next 1-2 weeks. Thanks for all the advice. It really has helped.

    I had a question on the GET-1 tokens. I unlocked the guild events store a couple of days back and was uncertain on whether I should spend these tokens or hoard them? I have spent a few to get Sun Fac's SF to 3* since his ship is barely showing up in the GW store (it's only come up once in around 35-40 refreshes), but can stop that if it isn't advisable.
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    I had a question on the GET-1 tokens. I unlocked the guild events store a couple of days back and was uncertain on whether I should spend these tokens or hoard them? I have spent a few to get Sun Fac's SF to 3* since his ship is barely showing up in the GW store (it's only come up once in around 35-40 refreshes), but can stop that if it isn't advisable.

    Don't waste your GET. You will need them to buy shards for HY, Wampa, GAS and Malak. Once you move on to do the Geonosis TBs only your GET income will decrease significantly.

  • @Spacer What Waqui said above, just hoard 100% of both GET1 and GET2 tokens. Once you have enough to fully unlock something, that's when you spend them. GET2 will get you either the Malevolence or Negotiator, and between now and having enough for an unlock at 5* (40k GET2) you may change your mind on the direction you are going.

    For GET1 there are 2 legendary characters who require it to get the 6 & 7th stars (GAS & Malak), and then Hoda & Wampa who are needed for JKL > JML. There are lots of good gears there, but don't be tempted by them, just save all the currency until you can unlock and have your confirmed plans.
  • Agreed w/ the above.

    You have a good long while before you'll be able to unlock any of the 4 Characters & 2 Ships from this store so just start saving & saving & saving.

    The ONLY exception I would make is to spend GET-1 on Stun Guns if you get in a jam w/ those.

    You can only buy them in Shard Store & GET store so I've always used GET-1 on Stun Guns & have rarely had an issue with still building my bank of GET-1 for when I unlocked one of the rare characters.

    Its not a speed race to unlock those 6 but another slow grind, so just bank it all & make the occasional Stun Gun purchase when in need to finish off a Stun Gun for a character.
  • @Schwartzring @Intimmydation @Waqui

    Thank you. I'll keep that in mind going forward. You're referring to the MK5 Stun Guns as the gear I could potentially purchase, right?
  • Yes, M5
    M4 Stunguns are very common never purchase those.
    The M5 is needed at G8-12 and is in high demand with low availability as "core" item.
    They show up in Shard Store & GET-1 store occasionally on rotation.
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